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The essence of marketing is to create original content which can advertise your company. In this digital world, you need to produce articles, make posts noticeable so people will buy from you on the internet and in other channels too. Large companies would hire writers who write blogs or social media for SEO purposes that are more likely going to be noticed by their audience than if they were doing it themselves – but with an individual touch!

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or just starting out and don’t have the budget to hire a copywriter for your blog content then it is likely that you’ll be writing some of your own posts. The downside with this approach can often mean time consuming work when trying to think up ideas each week – which in turn means more wasted time as well as not having enough quality information on tap should something come up outside of the scope of what was planned ahead.

It doesn’t take long before even an experienced writer starts feeling like they’re doing too much themselves! And if there’s one thing successful bloggers know; great blogs need great content written by someone who knows how to do it best. In today’s article we at NoCode Journal discuss some of the tools out there to help you create better content.


The ills of the world are often solved by entrepreneurs. ‍Stop struggling over words and let AI do the writing for you so that you can spend your time elsewhere. is a new tool that creates your content for you, giving small businesses and startups alike an amazing chance to be editors instead of writers in their business journey! 

Smaller companies now have access to this technology as well- even copywriters can benefit from using it as they become better at what they do while saving time on tedious tasks like writing articles or blog posts themselves. It serves not only as a go-to-market strategy but also works with other existing marketing platforms such as social media sharing buttons so that all company needs are fulfilled right there within one platform – how convenient?

No more staring at blank pages! With just a few clicks, you can create high-converting copy for all your marketing campaigns. With over 90 tools and templates, you can produce content more efficiently. You just have to choose from headlines, blog intros, product descriptions, and more.

In addition to these awesome features, can also create your copy in a myriad of languages within seconds so that you can focus on other areas of your business! You just have to choose from over 25 languages that can read and create a copy. Super easy, right?

With, you can create Digital Ad Copy, Social Media Content, Website Copy, eCommerce Copy, Blog Content, Sales Copy. Just enter the name of your company and a few sentences to describe your product, let do the work for you and you’ll get 10 results at a time. If you are not satisfied with the results, the tool allows you to run again and provide you more ideas. No need to provide a credit card and explore those 90+ tools and templates for FREE for 7 days! And once you find this tool helpful, you can check out their full pricing list and push for that success in your business!

Copysmith AI

In today’s digital sphere, it is important to generate and share your content over the internet. Copysmith does this extremely well by making the process quick and results-driven. With its integrations from external sources, you can create campaigns and optimize your content all within your Copysmith interface for even greater productivity rates.

Copysmith understands your struggle to try to brainstorm copy and can be frustrating and time-consuming. Worry no more because this tool uses state of the art machine learning to help you write high-performing copy in seconds. It lets you write copy for ads, product descriptions, social media posts, landing pages, blog posts, and more. 

And if you’re looking for the best AI-powered content creation software for eCommerce, look no further than Copysmith. By using this tool, you will have AI-written product descriptions from your Instagram ads to landing pages instantly. Also, you can collaborate and brainstorm with an AI copywriter that learns your company’s style and tone and never experiences a mental block again. 

To streamline content creation and launch processes for large marketing teams, Copysmith is integrated with popular platforms such as Shopify, Google Ads, Frase, and WordPress. The tool AI writes word by word so it means it is original. The tool is best for Marketing Agencies to draft ad campaigns, social media, on-site content, and more. The promise of this tool is that it is 50 times faster than copywriting!

Copysmith AI key features include:

Start your 7 days free trials now even without a credit card required! And if the tool is helpful to you and your business, then check out their full pricing list.


Instead of staring at a blank screen for hours, get blog posts, ads, social media content and more with just a click. With over 150 tools, niches$$ bots will do all the work for you, and speed up your writing speed 10x faster than before.

You can use their blazingly fast AI-powered long-form editor to generate unique long-form content (500 words or more) in seconds. Just plugin a few variables, and they’ll take care of the rest. They are also adding AI powered templates and commands every week to give you the best writing experience you’ll ever have!

Some of their tools are:


Creating copy can be time-consuming and frustrating. With Headlime, you can save yourself tons of time by using artificial intelligence to turn your thoughts into words! This way, you can focus on what’s important: running your business!

Headlime enables anyone to create professional marketing copy. It has hundreds of professionally-written copy templates and the power of AI, you will never type another headline, landing page, ad or email again. 

You can over 1700+ pre-made templates to instantly create better copy for your products, services, emails, and more, and is available in 11 languages. All you have to do is to fill in your information through this tool and save your time because their templates are designed to be generetable, so no need to start from scratch. 

If you’re a busy person, whether you are a business owner, developer or just someone who doesn’t want to spend too much time writing content, this tool is perfect for you! 

Headlime automates the process and generates high-quality copy for your business or clients, leaving room for your personal touch.

It allows you to get access to thousands of real-life examples of great copy from the best copywriters all over the world. You can also manage your marketing copy in one place and share it with team members to contribute to creating successful marketing campaigns.

By using artificial intelligence powered by GP3 from OpenAI, the writing is done for you- whether it’s for Facebook ads or headlines with a clear goal to produce a text that will increase conversions in your business.

You can try this tool out for free, even without a credit card or check their pricing list!


Imagine never having to leave your writing program to do research again. With Writesonic, you can quickly find the information you need and get back to what you love- writing!

Trusted by over 300,000+ marketing teams, agencies and freelancers, Writesonic is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps businesses, e-commerce brands and agencies compose high-performing marketing content within seconds.  

Key Features of Writesonic includes:

It’s like having a copywriter in your pocket, ready to help with any kind of content you need – from Facebook and Google ads to landing pages, product descriptions, blog posts, summaries, and more. it can also generate ideas for your next startup or growth hacks to take your business to the next level or even titles for your YouTube videos.

Free tools available are:

You can try the magical content generation with your own hands, which gives every new user 10 credits for free to generate landing pages, ads, product descriptions and more.  See full details of their pricing.

AI Content Bot is the first AI Content Plugin in WordPress using OpenAI’s GPT-3 autoregressive language model. It creates amazing human-like content snippets for your product or blog with the click of a button. 

ContentBot can be regarded as a new member of your team who helps you generate content and build your business. By providing services that help entrepreneurs create new and consistent content, ContentBot will help you set new records for your company and fuel your growth.

Key features of includes:

Take ContentBot for a free test drive and upgrade to their premium plan here.

Jasper AI

With Jasper at your side, you can create blog posts, social media updates, promotional emails and more with ease. Even if English isn’t your native language or you want to translate content into other tongues – it’s all possible with this helpful tool! 

After all, it boasts an impressive 25+ languages in its repertoire. With Jasper by your side, the world of writing is waiting for you! Jasper is equipped with 50+ skills that have been taught to him from real-world examples and frameworks. 

From writing email subject lines that will grab attention, to creating original fictional stories sure to engage your readers – Jasper has you covered! Get the job done quickly so you can move on to other important tasks.

Some features of Jasper AI includes:

Enhance your writing and inspire new concepts in no time with more than 50 tried-and-tested templates. Five times faster, five times better!

Create lengthy pieces such as blog entries, reports, emails and tales that captivate your audience.

Experience the power of Jasper first hand in your business and create compelling content at a faster rate. You can request a demo today!

Unlock the potential of AI to create content rapidly and effortlessly, with a user-friendly platform built for natural dialogue.


Make writer’s block an issue of the past! With a few clicks, get creative and compelling content for your blog posts, emails or ads that resonates with your target audience in multiple languages. 

Simply select the use case you need to address then provide some context – before you know it, you’ll have a fresh new copy ready to go.

Rytr use cases includes:

Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence to come up with catchy and creative topics for your blog posts, articles, and essays. AI writing assistant makes brainstorming content structures easier than ever before!

Captivate your readers with fascinating introductory and section paragraphs for your blog. 

Create a unique, captivating name for your company or brand that’ll stand out from the crowd.

Empower your business ideas with a powerful AI that helps you craft an exceptional startup pitch; one that is sure to draw attention and engagement!


Grammarly Business enables teams around the world to communicate with customers and colleagues in a professional, efficient manner. Grammarly’s powerful AI-powered advice will improve your word choice, refine your tone, make sentences more comprehensible, and fix any grammatical errors you may have missed. 

With over 50 000 companies utilizing it today for better communication at every touch point of their business – why don’t you join them? Let Grammarly Business take care of your team’s written communications, so that all their emails, articles and other documents accurately reflect your business image with panache and professional precision.


Anyword offers comprehensive solutions to all of your copywriting or creative writing needs, such as online ads, blogs, emails, social posts and landing pages. Anyword also provides advanced functionalities such as optimizing existing websites and executing real-time campaigns for website visitors.

With Anyword at your disposal, you can leverage its cutting-edge features like Predictive Performance Scores to understand how each version of the copy will fare, and who is most likely to interact with it. 

In addition, this groundbreaking technology also provides specialized services such as landing page text optimization and custom integrations for greater flexibility.

Anyword is committed to making its revolutionary copywriting technology available for everyone and has various plans you can select from so that you’ll start experiencing results immediately. 

Anyword offers a trial with absolutely no strings attached – not even the need of a credit card, if it’s your first time trying the tool.  Try Anyword free today and see what they have in store!

You can also check their other plans here revolutionizes content creation by blending the expertise of copywriters with AI-driven technology to help you produce superior writings. 

With this revolutionary platform, you can create a library that reflects your preferred writing style—be it simple, confident or inspirational! Now, you can unleash your creativity and produce compelling content in no time! 

With one click, you can choose a style to match the topic of your choice. This AI-powered engine has been trained with over 100K+ pieces of content so that it understands what resonates best for any audience. Create persuasive copy quickly and easily on your own – just pick a subject, click, and write!


Leveraging the innovative power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Scalenut is a content research and creation solution designed to fuel your original long-form or short-form material with higher rankings. 

This AI technology unites a streamlined writing process that generates copy that surpasses competitors in quality. 

You can utilize this platform to magnify the success of your content, and take advantage of more than 40 different use cases, from product descriptions and video scripts to review responses – all designed for maximum readability and yield!


Outranking is an AI-driven tool that optimizes content and propels earnings, offering unparalleled data-based guidance for planning, creating and improving SEO optimized ranking content with remarkable speed. 

With this sophisticated platform, you can craft your marketing plans with confidence – allowing you to stay ahead of the competition in terms of visibility!


Unlock the potential of your content to easily, quickly and effectively create organic-rich material that not only is rife with great ideas but also minimizes errors. Take advantage of optimization AI to maximize rankings on Google’s first page and quadruple your chances for success! 

This powerful tool picks up where other content marketing solutions fall short. At INK, they believe in forming authentic relationships with the right audiences who are searching for your content. Forget cumbersome scores, outlines and keyword stuffing – make meaningful connections that you can be confident will engage!

Novus Writer

Novus Writer is a revolutionary content creation program – creating blog posts that usually take hours to produce can now be done in only minutes! 

With the text and images created by their software, you will have your blogs ready for publishing quickly.

Artificial intelligence and content marketing seem to be coming together in a way we never would have imagined. With the development of killer content being made easier with AI, it is clear that these two are meant for each other!  NoCoders, are you ready to write? Start now and save time using one of these AI writing tools! 

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