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Change is the only constant in life. We all face different changes in life, sometimes it’s a simple change in the weather or it is an expected change of seasons. Each one of us will react to it very differently. Similarly, the businesses see a new normal, where each one of us had a drift from the usual routine culture of work shift into digital work from home. Most of the people were not very comfortable working with Code. That’s when NoCode obtained its growth and popularity. The mass population completely shifted to work online that gave utmost importance to the tech industry resurgence. Today with everything online,one can learn, develop and create every idea in their mind without leaving their house. Many individuals took the right opportunity to begin their startups and bring their ideas to life!

NoCode made software development open to anyone, anywhere in any part of the world. It brought out an individual’s creativity and thoughts through various different apps,websites and more.

We at NoCode Journal present you with this great opportunity to know more about the various trending tools and their uses of the NoCode and LowCode. As it is rightly said, “No age is old to learn something new”! Likewise we are here to make it an even more simple affair to overcome your challenges, and to learn more about the latest NoCode Tools.

Educational Resources in NoCode:

  • NoCodify
  • Makerpad
  • Visual Dev School
  • Zeroqode
  • Nucode
  • HelloGuru
  • NoCode MVP
  • Bubble Academy
  • Coaching NoCode Apps
  • NoCode MVP
  • Ottho
  • Webflow University
  • NoCodery
  • Without Code
  • NoCode Tutorials
  • NoCode School
  • Shnoco
  • NoCoders Academy


If you are thinking of building an app for your business or personal learning through NoCode, enroll your team now and become a NoCode developer with Nocodify. 

Nocodify offers over 110 guided courses to help you build your app in a matter of weeks. With expertly curated videos and lessons, you can explore any feature or implementation you need. With 1-on-1 expert help and custom support, Nocodify has everything to help you create your dream application.

Some of the courses offered are:

Chat Messaging – this course will focus on how to add in-app messaging to your app, including setting up your database, creating messages and handling chat threads with two or more people.

Mobile First Apps – Intro – Through bubble, learn the foundations of how to construct a mobile-first app and then distribute it through various mobile application stores.

Stripe Payments – In this course, you will learn how to set up and use Stripe. It’ll go over one-time payments, subscriptions, marketplace payments, webhooks, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using Stripe’s hosted payment system versus fully customizing it for your own brand.

Furthermore, Nocodify focuses in building apps on because it is the most innovative and reliable platform. It allows you to easily construct your app by dragging and dropping elements into place, utilize Bubble’s convenient in-house database and create complicated logic and workflows.

So, enroll with Nocodify to become a smart developer and kick start your business today!


Building and scaling with NoCode became easy after Ben developed a resource to educate businesses and entrepreneurs. Presently, Makerpad is one of the primary NoCode resources in the community. In an interview from Webflow,“Being a maker means you are curious and tinker with tools to create something,no matter what the hurdles may be. The best makers find their way around obstacles. Most of the time I aim for 80% done. Which means I ask myself: canI build the 80% version of my idea without code, using the tools I know or can learn in minutes and hours, vs days and weeks?” Ben explained what “maker”means.  

Here are a few ways to use their site. They’re all easy, so don’t worry about it!

  • Search

You can use the filter feature to help you find articles or businesses that relate to your interests.

  • Learn

Check out their educational content, and once you’re done, try your hand at some projects. If you can’t focus, they also recommend ‘silly’ projects for you to try and explore!

  • Share

Show the world what you can do! When you share your work with friends, they’ll be amazed. And when you encourage them to learn too, everyone benefits.

  • Stories

Success stories from entrepreneurs who utilized no-code to create their businesses.

Makerpad designed a free curriculum for those who want to learn how to build an online presence without code. It’s perfect whether you’re hoping to create a business, develop an app, or automate processes. They have specific learning paths such as:

  • How to Build a Website
  • Building with Databases
  • Building with Automations
  • How to build a Mobile App

Also, they are developing additional ways on how to help you with your NoCode journey. Some of this includes: hiring an expert, student directory, and many more.

Visual Dev School

Want to build a website? Mobile App? Web App? Visual Dev School bring out special courses to educate all non-technical Nocoders. The vision of shaping the future of non-programmers, where you will be trained on how to build a full framework of building successful NoCode. You will be able to confidently launch your project using any NoCode tool or platform. 

The instructors are Lacey Kesler, who is passionate about teaching NoCode. She is presently working for US clients to help them build solutions from websites to mobile apps. Another expert fromVisual Dev School is Matt Varughese an expert on developing SaaS tools to build production-ready NoCode apps for brands like Chance the Rapper. Matt is also the founder of Websterpeace.It is an agency that helps prominent brands and artists with web design,development, and e-commerce operations. Lastly, Ben Parker, now a Visual Developer and a well known name in the industry since 2001 he has been working with code, building for the Web and WordPress themes. 


Did you always wish to develop your own startup but lacked the so called technical background? Yes! You’ve stepped in to the right place. Zeroqode Course is one of the great sources for anyone to learn how to build web and mobile apps without code. It provides you curated resources for building your startup right from scratch. It offers hacks, template tutorials, and builds specific components using the NoCode tool of your very own choice. 

Some of the courses they offer are the following

With “JavaScript Basics for No-Code Beginners” tutorial, even someone with no coding experience can learn how to add custom functionality to their Bubble apps.

Find out how to create an app like Uber or Postmates that can be accessed on demand using Webflow and Bubble.

This guide will show you how to use to create your first app, step by step. It’ll cover specific tools and functionality so that you can get started quickly and easily.

All of these and more, Zeroqode has everything you need! Also, with Zeroqode, you’ll not only learn new skills, but you’ll gain experience that will be valuable down the road!


With more than 7,510+ makers and experts onboard building products with NoCode tools and a wide range of different tools such as BravoStudio, Bubble, Carrd, Glide, Webflow and many more, you will never get bored. Available on their site are easy to understand and user-friendly video tutorials on all NoCode lessons that are made especially for you.

In addition, they have a community where you can interact and discuss with other makers and experts.


HelloGuru got its inception after Felipe worked in Latin American Unicorn, Rappi and figured out non-technical solutions for his colleague. As he made it easy and workable for his very own colleagues using NoCode solutions, he knew NoCode tools could perhaps be the future of the tech industry as seen on a larger scale. The very first step was released in March  and it spoke about  focussing on step-by-step and written methodology.

HelloGuru helps people reach their potential by giving them the ability to connect, organize, and sync their data with other systems. They have dozens of recommendable tools for landing pages, making a mobile app, or creating a CMS for your company.  Exploring the NoCode tools and learning with HelloGuru, you can build your product to look as sharp and as a thorough professional. 

Another advantage of HelloGuru is that you have the option to choose schedules to learn online and practice at your ease. They will be launching a forum where you can check out for HelloGuru users and connect with the community, ask questions, learn something new, and help each other out.

NoCode MVP

Connect with more than 800+ members who have been utilizing the mindset, process and NoCode tools from this very robust course, to quickly mold your thoughts and ideas into a first product that you can test with your real customers, all withNoCode! 

With this course, you’ll get:

  • Instant access to all the material
  • Digital and printable worksheets
  • Assignments to try out your new skills
  • A reading list in every chapter
  • 9 easy-to-learn no-code tools
  •  Step-by-step guides on how to build 6 real-life NoCode MVP’s
  •  Personalized feedback on your idea that you can put into action
  • Private student community
  • 5.5 hours of practical, curated knowledge 
  • 42 5-20 minute videos that are easy to digest and proactive
  • And finally, a certificate of completion that guarantees you $500+ worth of software deals to jumpstart your new career!

This course is for anyone who’s looking for a hands-on and pragmatic approach to kickstart and validate new startup ideas:

  • Startup Entrepreneurs
  • Product Managers, Marketers and their teams
  • Corporate Innovators & Intrapreneurs
  • Innovation Managers & Directors
  • Small Business Owners
  • Students
  • And yes, developers too!

Bubble Academy

Bubble is a leading platform for building web apps with NoCode tools. With over 1 million users worldwide, Bubble now has an academy to learn NoCode and easily navigate through no-code tools like an expert. The platform has videos, practical courses, and coaching for better learning.

Learn lessons such as: 

  • Saving data
  • Building a sign-up system 
  • Building a slideshow
  • Sending data to pages and many more.

Coaching NoCode Apps

If you want to learn how to start automating using NoCode tools and platforms, Coaching No Code is the perfect solution. Here you will find out how to get started with a NoCode app so that you can take advantage of new revenue streams. 

The YouTube tutorials conducted by the organization are easy to understand for beginners and guide them through NoCode development essentials.


Ottho is the leading provider of NoCode development solutions for the French-speaking community. Their training material is designed for users with both technical and non-technical skills. Eighteen mentors are leading students during the whole journey, helping to solve challenges and practice NoCode development.

Webflow University

If you want to create powerful websites and apps without breaking the bank, Webflow is the perfect platform for you. They have an extensive library of lessons and courses called Webflow University, where you can learn and practice NoCode web development.

Some of their featured course includes:

You can also check their trending courses, just visit their website and everything is in there.


Complement your NoCode education by learning from leading experts and creating your own projects with NoCode tutorials and courses.

Without Code

You don’t need to spend boatloads of money on developers in order to get started on your own project. With Without Code’s detailed video tutorials, you’ll learn how to build mobile applications and websites without any prior technical knowledge or skills required.

Here are some of the trainings they offer:

Quick Start Training

Complete A-Z Training

NoCode Tutorials

Connor Finlayson, a well-known name in the NoCode community, is now releasing helpful content on developing and automating without code. The videos are engaging and easy to follow, so that you can learn painlessly. New videos are added regularly to the site so that you can stay updated on emerging tools.

Some of his latest tutorials include:

NoCode School

Design and development have never been so fun! Dayton Pereira will be your coach and trainer, teaching you how to build your app or website to validate your idea with minimal budget and no coding required.

You can register in their courses here


Shnoco is a platform that offers its users an extensive knowledge repository on everything NoCode. Whether you want to learn how to build digital businesses or find out the tips and tricks of NoCode tools, Shnoco has got you covered. 

With Inspirational examples and recommendations for NoCode Tools, this will be your one stop shop for all things related to No Code!

NoCoders Academy

The NoCode universe is full of helpful content to equip the Spanish community who want to create without code. This NoCode resource provides tutorials, learning materials, and over 200 free resources on various tools. NoCoders Academy is also a supportive community with mentors and tutors, as well as an upcoming academy.  

These listed resources for NoCode are accessible by everyone online. Anyone can learn and build instantly.  “Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.” John Holt, an American writer and educationalist.


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