NoCode And Lawyers

NoCode platforms are on the path to be the future of application development in all sectors, and the legal industry is no exception.  In this article, NoCode Journal delves through some of the platforms and products within the industry which lawyers can start using today:

Neota Logic

One of the award-winning no-code AI automation platforms is Neota Logic,  which provides professionals with a wide range of easy-to-use tools to build applications that automate any aspect of their services. The functions that Neota supports are Client Onboarding, Triage and Routing, Self-Service Legal and Policy Advice, Document Drafting, New Business Intake and Analysis, Expert Decisioning, Business Process Automation and Data Analytics and Reporting. 

Neota Logic is a secure, cloud-based software where you can start prototyping and publish your apps at the click of a button from the Neota Workbench. Analyze and enhance through monitoring the usage through data analytics tools and apply enhancements to your apps. You can automate professional services with Neota with different industries, such as Legal, Audit and Tax, Financial Services, and Insurance. 

  • It provides an AI automation platform that allows businesses to deliver affordable, scalable, and convenient access to professional services. These are the benefits:
  • You can get more work done by automating high volume, low complexity tasks.
  • It allows automation for your experts to focus on more complex advisory services.
  • It also allows 24/7 Accessibility; therefore, your clients or business partners to access your professional services any time of day or night.
  • You can make sure your clients and business partners receive accurate and consistent advice.
  • With services powered by Neota applications, you can attract and retain new clients.
  • Help your customers and business partners to remain compliant with expert professional advice at their fingertips.


Bryter, a leading NoCode platform to automate decision making and helps experts to deliver fast and efficient knowledge. Bryter provides a real NoCode platform that offers all tools necessary to turn know-how and tasks into digital, scalable, interactive applications. 

Bryters’s focus is on complex legal tasks, workflows, processes, and decision-making (reasoning). Bryter includes all the features necessary to automate recurring problems lawyers and other business experts face in legal departments – all without the need for programming expertise.

Bryter’s team has been successful in solving many impediments within the Legal Operations including

  • Obtaining structured data through Intake Tools
  • Scaling legal services through self-service apps and chatbots
  • Measuring legal operations efficiency and continuously improving


VisiRule, an easy-to-use LowCode and NoCode graphical tool that enables lawyers to capture their years of experience and deploy their knowledge as self-service legal expert systems or intelligent chatbots or lawbots. Designed by lawyers for lawyers, VisiRule is quick-to-learn and extremely easy-to-use.

Opportunities to use VisiRule include:

·      Create new self-service applications for clients to use without intervention from the law firm

·      Perform automated and intelligent legal document review taking into account the risk factors with contract analysis tools

·      Provide decision support based interactive Question and Answer Intelligent ChatBots  to engage clients, give customized information and guidance on issues, and help increase demand for more complex legal advice

·      Generate legal documents through interactive questionnaires with links to explanatory texts

·      Develop and deliver situation-specific advice systems to help ensure regulatory compliance 


Josef, which is a tech company for lawyers and their clients who want legal services to be more accessible, efficient, and seamless. Lawyers designed it for lawyers to help them connect to expert legal knowledge because the majority of people who need the help of lawyers within the US, the UK, and Australia don’t seek legal assistance. 

Josef provides services such as building bots to handle client interviews, triage, or FAQs anytime and anywhere. They also create contracts from letters and ensure instant automation of document drafting. Their legal software allows you to get immediate information and insights, and it’s easy to brand, integrate, and update your bots on your platform.

Josef saves time and improves the client experience to help focus the lawyers on what matters.

Berkeley Bridge 

Berkley Bridge enables domain experts to make their specialist knowledge available without the help of computer experts or programmers. The legal sector is changing at a rapid pace. Significant trends are, for example, increasingly more demanding clients, rates under pressure, rapidly changing (and complex) laws and regulations, and growing competition

At Berkley Bridge, its founders believe that sharing knowledge is the foundation of a legal team’s success. It achieves this success by successfully automating and digitally transforming some of the core processes within any legal firm including

  • Legal knowledge and advice systems
  • Document automation
  • Client intake process

Community Lawyer

Last on the list is the most potent NoCode Development platform for legal service professionals called Community Lawyer. Using Community Lawyer, you can

  • Create electronic documents with apps that dynamically generate Word documents, PDFs, and emails.
  • To intake clients, collect relevant information from clients using online questionnaires that automatically send the data to your CMS.
  • Create client portals, and you can build your own branded web portals for clients and customers to access through custom libraries of legal apps.

You can add Stripe, LawPay, Clio, Google, or Zapier and many more integrations for payment processors, case management systems, and a lot more. It aims for legal innovators to forget about coding and build for free an app that gives you a platform that has the power of a team of developers. You can discover apps made by other legal service professionals from Community Lawyer.

These companies, which we have listed in this article are in no way a comprehensive list. This article is just our first stab at understanding the NoCode and LowCode market space within the Legal Industry. These tools not only help the Lawyers and the Legal firms but also makes client interaction smoother by reducing the back and forth and making the document handling more automated. It is much more accessible to those who require legal counsel. The benefit of it is it can speed up the development process, make applications easier to maintain once deployed, bring lawyers closer to the tools they use, making them more likely to provide better service. 

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