NoCode June 2020 RoundUp


une 2020 was an interesting month with respect to NoCode. It’s gone now, let’s take a look back on what happened with these highlights. 

NoCode Journal publishes new articles each week. This month we have released 5 articles. 

  1. Process Automation NoCode Tools
  2. The Best NoCode Newsletters
  3. The Best NoCode Podcast
  4.  Your Tools: PrestoAPI
  5. Your Tools: Amazon Honeycode

Time to explore! NoCode Journal is currently updating our NoCdode tools to update the State of NoCode. Shout out to Drew Thomas for a huge help to keep track of these tools. 

  1. Honeycode 
  2. Wonda VR
  3. Instadeq
  4. Web-CAT
  5. Railsware
  6. Grapedrop
  7. Databread
  8. Tribe Community Platform
  9. Universe 
  10. Heek 

What’s new? Learn more about the product updates of these tools: 

  1. Bravo Studio’s fully automated process to sign your app before publishing in App Store and Google Play.
  2. Parabola’s new users will now have an even better first experience with our updated onboarding.
  3. Glide now has a location component, allowing users to log their current location with a toggle and conditional visibility options to entire tabs.
  4. DappHero: Automatic HTML Generation, Support for Matic networks, Backend smart contract read providers (use on any platform) and End-to-end encrypted in browser database. 
  5. Crawlers by Bannerbear: a new way to pull data from websites to auto-generate images.
  6. Unstack: you can now reuse a section you already built within the same page.
  7. Pory: free subdomains for their NoCode Airtable to website builder.
  8. Adalo: Custom Actions beta, all paying customers have been upgraded.
  9. Zapier’s gmail integration improvements: improve labeled email support, include default email signatures, and add more than one attachment to a draft
  10. Universe: product and inventory management to their storefronts

We updated the article Your Tools: Notion VS Coda, the features and improvements are last updated June 29, 2020. 

Important news about NoCode that you might missed:

  1. AWS launched its NoCode tool, Honeycode. 
  2. Adalo’s “The Future of No-Code Report” Summarizing over 1,400 community responses and 12 expert interviews. 
  3. Bubble celebrates it’s 8th anniversary and the founder shared their origin Goodbye, Tech Cofounders: The Bubble Origin Story
  4. Forbes: How No-Code And The Democratization Of Application Development Are Helping Businesses
  5. PR Newswire: No-code Platform, EasySend, Partners With KPMG to Transform the Way Financial Service Enterprises Deal with Paperwork

After Gorge Floyd’s death, it woke many people about this issue on Racism. The code community makes use of its platform to help gain more awareness of this ongoing issue, Black Lives Matter in America. Here are some of the products that were released: 

  1. Sarkis Buniatyan hosted NoCoding Racial Justice, an event for founders and makers from around the world creating apps for racial justice and exploring how we can use NoCode to create impact on these social issues. He also launched a website #WalkWithUs to support the condemn of racial discrimination.
  2. Michael Gill made a site #MakeChange in order to help makers use their abilities, resources, and platform to help those who are fighting against racism.
  3. A black owned NoCode app builder for Shopify called Sandbox Commerce

This sums up the month of June. NoCode Journal wishes that every day of this new month of July 2020 brings you lots of reasons to smile and to celebrate your progress. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media to get the latest updates about the NoCode community.

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