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Adalo and its founding team is a firm believer in that everyone should be able to develop an app irrespective of their skill sets in software engineering. Hence they created Adalo, a platform that makes creating apps as easy as putting together a PowerPoint presentation and can be done by everyone. What WYSIWYG squad (WordPress, Squarespace, and Weebly) have done for websites, Adalo plans to do it for mobile apps.

The company’s name Adalo came from Ada Lovelace, widely considered to be the world’s first computer programmer. Adalo hopes to carry on her innovative spirit and usher in a new era where anyone can create computer programs and solve problems once thought to be impossible. Their mission is to unlock the world’s creative potential so that anyone can bring their ideas to life. They want to create a world where everyone can innovate everything. Adalo founded in 2018 by the team of Jeremy Blalock leading engineering, David Adkin leading design and Ben Haefele leading product and operations in St Louis Missouri. 

Adalo helps turn real-world ideas into Apps without writing a single line of code. They have beautifully designed drag and drop components, including lists, forms, payments, buttons, and navigation, which are reusable building blocks to create your app’s interface. It allows you to set up dynamic actions like linking pages, push notifications, login, and permissions as well as Native device actions and third-party integration like Zapier to bring your app to life. Finally, it is all about creating a repository or database for your app, which can be as simple as spreadsheets set relationships between entities, manage user data as well as integrate with external data sources to create fully functioning data-driven app.

Adalo has a straightforward pricing plan, where you can start for free. Here are the different tiers for the pricing.

·      On the Free account, you can build unlimited apps, but it will just be on the Adalo domain and will have theAdalo Branding on the app with up to 50 rows of data.

·      On the Pro Plan, with 50 USD per month and ability to publish directly to the Apple and Google store along with a custom web domain with 50GB of data with one seat.

·      On the Business Plan it’s the same as Pro Plan but in this case has five seats

When we at NoCode Journal have used Adalo for a couple of sample projects and are hoping to use the same for some significant projects in the future. I am a React Native app developer, so I do have the ability to write code, but the flexibility of using a product like Adalo is very visible. The best attribute is to see how soon we can get a first look of functioning app in a client’s hand without having to hunker down and code for a long time.

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