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Spreadsheets are the ultimate business tool. A spreadsheet is a document that allows you to store, analyze and visualize data in an organized manner so it can be easily accessed when needed. The first spreadsheet was Excel by Microsoft which was released for Macintosh computers back in 1985, but today’s spreadsheets have more functionality than just storing data since we’re dealing with complex information such as large amounts of unorganized or siloed datasets along with easy to alter formulas, values, or dependencies without being detected. This makes them particularly useful to businesses. At the present time, businesses tend to look for less effort and time to spend when collecting and analyzing data. Airboxr conducted a research last year on the usage and frustration of businesses in using spreadsheets.

They gave out 976 surveys to spreadsheet users and spoke to over 100 companies to understand their usage of spreadsheets and frustrations.  Here were some of the findings from the survey

  1. Google Sheets users are 72.5% while MS Excel 68.68% in terms of frequency of using of their spreadsheet software.
  2. The users of these 2 platforms look over first-order formulas, index matches, and conditional formatting. 
  3. The primary frustration of the respondents is the time and effort they were expending in collecting and cleaning data. It is difficult to analyze data spread across multiple sheets with different formats. 

At their website you will be able to view the full report Airboxr Sheet Works 2020 Spreadsheet Report. Saptarshi Nath and Shubham Kaushal, the founders of Airboxr, believe that spreadsheets are not going away, and with matured and established practices around data warehousing business users will continue to depend on spreadsheets. Businesses all over the world have been using spreadsheets for decades to help them analyze and visualize data, providing insights on how well their business is currently performing. Spreadsheets can also calculate potential effects of changes they may want to make in order to improve performance or increase profits.

The exporting to CSV will continue to be the most popular button in SaaS and business intelligence platforms. CSV is a simple file format used to store tabular data, such as a spreadsheet or database. The advantages of this format is human readable and easy to edit manually, processed by almost all existing applications and compact. 

The result from these surveys fortified their idea idea to build Airboxr. It is a NoCode analytics tool for spreadsheet users to import, analyze, and enrich data within their spreadsheets. Airboxr resolves the following frustration:

  1. It will speed up your decision-making without worrying about the data.
  2. You will no longer have to download CSVs from Hubspot, Google Analytics, Shopify, Stripe, or Salesforce.
  3. Run VLOOKUPs and IMPORTRANGEs to any source you want without being constrained by the limitations of your spreadsheet.
  4. Search from their proprietary data sources to find sales leads and their contact details.
  5. It lets you add 1,000-row calculations noticeably faster and the analysis is auto updated. 

Follow these steps to spend less time collecting data and enhance your business. 

Click a button to add all your data sources or add your own spreadsheets as data sources. You can get the data from all the sources you frequently use like ad channels, CRMs, LinkedIn searches, enrichment services, without ever leaving your spreadsheet. Integrate your data from these platforms. 

Import data from your internal data sources or query our proprietary data sources.

Save your queries as “Hops”, and run them on demand with a single click.

Airboxr fuels your spreadsheets with additional juice to make those 1,000-row calculations noticeably faster.

The platform provides different services in Marketing, like marketing managers can pull live data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, and more sources and create dashboards on Google Sheets that update automatically.  It also helps in Operations and Finance, where finance managers who work with invoices on Xero, attendance records on your HRMS, and projections you just have to pull data from all your spreadsheets in seconds and save your analysis to run on-demand with one click only. Ecommerce, connect and analyze data from any spreadsheet without worrying about data mismatch, copy-paste mistakes, and formula complexity. Sales, you can now enrich LinkedIn profile links with real data including emails, names, positions, and organizations. In Recruiting, Airboxr will help recruiters search bulk passive candidates through their interactive UI inside of Google Sheets. 

Airboxr offers 14 days to try their features for free.  The Basic plan with Google Analytics integration is always free.

The pricing starts at $5 per month which includes importing data from any Google Spreadsheet WITHOUT code, connect up to 5 Google Sheets, save up to 5 hops, run on-demand with one click, connect your Google Analytics account and 50 queries a month. Check out the other pricing options and frequently asked questions here

Airboxr wishes people never had to deal with spreadsheets, but they serve a very critical need for businesses. Spreadsheets need a change radically. Try this NoCode tool now before you lose your mind


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