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Acompany’s management must pay close attention to every detail and implement

reliable procedures in all areas of company operations. Many Ops teams within

companies usually use a temporary system of spreadsheets and haphazard

documentation to keep work flowing. With NoCode, there are better solutions to handle these business operations and workflows as your team expands.

So it is the moment to develop your internal tool set! But how can you solve that if you are not an IT expert? Easy answer: NoCode Internal tools!

The beauty of having a NoCode Internal Tools management and creation means you

don’t require any code or developers to produce apps or software for internal use. Little to no assistance from the developers is needed for these systems during or after the development of the workflow optimization tools. Also, they are more controllable and less expensive than Excel sheets and a combination of productivity software and CRMs.

Though we agree that an Excel sheet is an excellent tool, and we at NoCode Journal

believe it is the first of the NoCode tools, it gets much more difficult as you expand and more people join your team. Therefore you must manage your data in an automated, controlled, and error-free manner that is scalable and easily deployable across remote units and geographies.

With the help of the online database and automation platform Beezr, you can create

highly configurable data-driven web apps to run all operations and workflows within your company. The best part is that as Beezr is purely NoCode, all of this is accomplished without writing any code.

Isn’t that too technical? Let’s clarify it in more detail.

Beezr is a unique and new perspective on the enterprise world that aims to serve SMB

and mid-market managers who probably need an IT department to handle internal and

technical issues. Whatever your company’s requirements, Beezr, the internal tool, will

help you start building your own ERPs or your CRMs, and with just one click, it

automates your existing manual workflows and processes straightaway.

So, why should you use Beezr if you are a business owner?

  • It makes your work simple: In the past, creating a web application required

designing the database, creating the UI, hosting the data, and ensuring

everything functioned properly. Building your application using Beezr is like using

Legos because they have simplified the process and divided it into manageable

blocks. As a result, making adjustments and adding new features takes an hour.

  • Excellent Customizability: The internet of today provides more and more

options for almost every conceivable specialty. Nevertheless, you will need help

locating the ideal match for your needs. Instead of trying to fit your needs into

someone else’s solution, you may tailor your app to do so when you construct it.

  • It offers BPA (Business Process Automation): Business process automation,

in a nutshell, it binds together processes to carry out a specified activity with

minimal human involvement. BPA has been a staple of the enterprise for a long

time, but Beezr helps put the same power in the hands of mid-level managers

without procuring an IT team to create the automation. Automating repeated operations will reduce human errors risk and save time, cost, and


  • Reasonable pricing: Beezr has solved one of the most common issues that usually face business owners. Only one application that can save you time and costs with a really reasonable budget.

Features :

Beezr has everything you require out of the box, saving you the time and effort of

creating your internal system from scratch.

  • Drag and Drop designer: build your creative ideas from scratch using all Beezr features.
  • Secured access: You can easily protect your data and choose who sees it.

Beezr is a trusted tool that gathers all your spreadsheets in a secure place.

  • Automate Business: Beezr allows you to trigger activities and schedule

workflows depending on your requirements automatically.

  • Structured data: Ascertain that your data is connected and that your team has

access to the required data.

  • Generate Documents: To automate your business documentation, use pre-

made templates for contracts, pay stubs, and sales orders.

  • Work anywhere: Constantly linked and reachable from any device, ensuring

your business can operate anywhere.

Now you may ask yourself, what if someone else is a business owner? How can I benefit from Beezr?

Let’s imagine a small scenario, You are a teacher currently using an Excel sheet to

manage, and you also have a workbook with multiple sheets inside. And you wish you

had software that looks like that.

And that’s what Bezzr does! You can upload this workbook, click Next two times, and

it’s instantly transformed into a cloud application. And you can automate, manage, and integrate it with other interactions, applications, and so on!

The story behind Beezr’s success 

Beezr has a touching story to tell. It was initially founded in 2016  by Mr. Ahmed Elbadry and his wife, Ola Shawky, inside a tiny store where the founder’s mom struggled to keep everything organized. Beezr was first a little Android application that functions somewhat like a CRM for supply chain management, completed with dashboards and other tools. Nevertheless, It became a startup idea designed for   small and micro companies, with a universally applicable platform.”

Even though the Middle East was new to NoCode Tools. But by 2020, when Beezr was introduced to the market, people genuinely embraced it, achieving some significant successes.

Why is Beezr a good choice? 

Beezr has served many businesses in generating their internal operations and handling their data in a scalable, controlled, error-free, and automated way.

We will share in our journal one of the various successful milestone results that Beezr has made so far.

An example is The property management company located in UAE, focusing on managing houses, apartments, and villas for short-term rental by tourists, residents, and guests of Dubai. 

Though they extended the size of the business to another level, they still relied primarily on Spreadsheets to manage their records, creating contracts, invoices, and reservation forms, and sometimes their team even used manual methods to do that 

this caused them considerable problems in their long-term performance and took a lot of time and effort from the whole team.

Here came the power of Beezr, where they created a platform that functions as a customer relationship management (CRM) and property management system (PMS), enabling the team to have a centralized records system and access services that can automate many repetitive tasks to boost the company’s productivity.

Beezr astonished the team within 24 hours, allowing them to use their platform immediately. This platform included Automated reports, allowing staff to produce 16 reports per hour rather than just 3, a real-time service provided for customer demands, and a management insight screen with a clear picture of the company. And until now, the company has been using the Beezr platform to develop and improve its application using the NoCode technology.

Another successful case is one of the most effective organic forms in the UAE, which has been fully busy for the past few years until Beezr built its entire ERP in only six days. The application included everything from holding the seed in their palms to its inventory, harvesting, cleaning, wastage, proper packaging, delivery, maintenance, and procurement tasks.

In short!

NoCode tools are designed to help you create working applications from scratch without writing a single line of code.

Beezr is a platform for NoCode development that enables users to quickly and easily

realize their ideas without writing a single line of code!

Beezr wants business users and innovators to have the right tools to bring their ideas

into the world without coding knowledge limitations.


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