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Visualize live data in elegant ways. Everything is dynamic in BRICKS.

Owners of business often want to stand out from their competitors and give potential customers an interesting way to view their products or information, which is where setting up a kiosk or digital signage often comes in handy. For instance, they need to change the design or their overall approach to serve the customer better. Another issue is that they might ask the developer to call an API or backend server to receive data, perhaps a message in the code to go to a database. As a result, they will call an API or kiosk app to handle the peripheral device like a thermal printer, cash machine, or barcode scanner and the cost will be variable. Developers will also have to update or upgrade the device remotely and they must continue running the machine management system to check that the device is still online or in good condition. And to make sure their memory stays, or to remotely screenshot their phone. And lastly, they need to have one platform to upload photos or videos, such as advertising and educational media. They need to download all of these. Basically, with standard coding practices, a project could take up to 2 to 3 months, by four to five people, but by using Bricks, two people, one developer and one designer, can finish it in just two days. We can cut about 60% of the work, thus now saving time and resources.

What is Bricks?

Bricks is a NoCode PaaS tool that provides solutions for large-scale commercial applications such as Kiosks, Dynamic Digital Signage, and Vending Machines. In addition, there are pre-built components that can be used to develop solutions quickly. Based on Bricks’ powerful cloud computing capabilities, you can quickly create your own signage from scratch by simply dragging and dropping components into place. Bricks offers users an easy way to build enterprise level commercial applications without writing code! 

Bricks was founded in 2020 and aims to offer a completely NoCode interactive solution for designing Designer-Friendly screens. The company is led by three Taiwanese entrepreneurs, Pepper Yen (CEO), Tiger Chi (COO), and Jhen (CTO). 

They believe that through technological innovation we can trigger an environmental revolution. They have developed a software product that will allow us to do just that. Bricks is a NoCode software, meaning you don’t need any coding skills to use it. It is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use so anyone can create their own digitized signage and start building their brand online in a matter of days! The possibilities are endless.


We can use this tool to remotely deploy the application and perform stitching. Using Bricks, we can present real-time data to the commercial end users, along with a station screen where digital signage designing takes place. You can do any size or any rotation of display units or any variety of signs and run a single application here. Moreover, we can get all sorts of DevOps solutions including process and management tools for the processes. 

It’s very easy to customize your design and change the look of the screen, just like using a PowerPoint. You can also use animations in between screen transitions. and you can check out different stitching configurations. You can track the screen position and even rotate a display.

Next, with Bricks, you can perform a real-time database integration and execute HTTP requests using GraphQL. There is no need to write code to use Firebase.

Depending on your design or desired outcome, you can stitch up to 60,000 screens with a single Bricks server. And the latency is just 23 milliseconds. And this is just a software, you don’t need any special equipment to get it to work.


  • Full stack Edge Display Solution
  • Provides WYSIWYG Editor for Ui designers
  • Full managed launcher to show
  • Bricks content and support live update
  • Can help manage deployment, managing, and multimedia caches.
  • Use blockchain technology to keep systems and displays safe and worry-free.
  • Real-time Data Integration
  • Allows animation and transition
  • They can stitch with any type, amount, or size of screen. and work seamlessly, with ease. 
  • Cross Screen Application (no hardware needed)
  • Up to 65535 screen stitching 
  • Sync latency only 23 millisecond
  • Runs on Mac,Windows, Linux, Android and iOS


Bricks has three subscription plans to choose from.

Experience Plan

Cost per Month: Free

Features: Basic experience plan

Unlimited use

Ads included.

All devices will display full screen advertising by chance

Target: Anyone

Media Box Storage: 1GB (4.99USD/month for every 100GB storage required added)

Permission Control: None

Offline Mode: Up to 3 days offline

Application Plan

Cost per Month: Single plan 14.99 USD/month

Features: Single Application license plan. 

Unlimited use

Assigned application is ad-free

This plan is limited to deploying on two assigned devices, which may include an experience plan on any extra devices.

Target: Small Retailer & Maker

Number of device allowance: 2 Assigned devices,

additional device will pay 3.99 USD/month

Media Box Storage: 1 App + 10 GB (4.99USD/month for every 100GB storage required added)

Permission Control: None

Offline Mode: Until subscription expires

Workspace Plan

Cost per Month: Single plan 99.99 USD/month

Features: Workspace plan is for multiple applications usage users. 

Unlimited use

Assigned application is ad-free
Applications in the assigned workspace are all licensed.

The plan can deploy on two assigned devices, extra devices will be set as an experience plan.

Target: SI & Enterprise

Number of device allowance: 2 Assigned devices,

additional device will pay 3.99 USD/month

Media Box Storage: 1 Workspace + 100 GB (4.99USD/month for every 100GB storage required added)

Permission Control: Custom Permission Setting 

Offline Mode: Until subscription expires

Massive Used Plan

  • Up to 100+ Device = 1200 NT /every year per device
  • Up to 1K+ Device = 1000NT / every year per device
  • Up to 10K+ Device = 800 NT / every year per device

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BRICKS is a NoCode PaaS for Building Commercial Interactive Applications. It provides a WYSIWYG editor for UI designers as well as a full stack edge display solution. BRICKS has a desktop application to show bricks content, and it can support live updates. It makes it easier to manage deployments of smart cache multimedia resources. This technology employs blockchain to make it as reliable as possible and to have everything be visible to make sure the user doesn’t need to worry. Other than that, any component in bricks can have animations applied to it, even real-time data. The BRICKS supported multi-screen application. You can seamlessly connect screens at any angle and work seamlessly together.  

Bricks is committed to making every designer’s life easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. It offers a complete set of tools for visualizing, designing, building and testing without writing any code at all.  This will help you build your own personalized digital signage with zero coding experience. By offering a powerful platform with simple drag-and-drop operations, anyone can create an interactive digital signage reducing 60% of the usual workload and manpower. You just need to choose what you want your signage to look like, add beautiful designs to it, and you can also do data integration on top of it! If you are not familiar with programming or if you have never written any code before, don’t worry! This tool has been designed especially for non-coders who want to learn how to create beautiful interactive electronic billboards without learning how to write code.

Use Bricks and let your customers see the value.


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