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 All about Caboom, An Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a world-wide interest which led to people getting curious of its feasibility. It is googled that artificial intelligence or, also known as AI, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. It is a concept or idea that people can question a lot and give its opinion. Here, is where Caboom website came into picture.

Caboom is a product that they are incubating at Leapfrog Technology that produces AI-based recommendation systems. They are teams that compromises with product thinkers, ML engineers, marketers, developers, and designers. They are the one who works hand in hand to revolutionize the pathway to AI products. Caboom is a recommendation system that is trying to help you decide in minutes all without charges! This is precisely the application that aides in guiding you step-by-step in creating your recommendation system proof of concept. It also helps you to find out whether you have the right and exact data and extract value to build the recommendation system.

It is a fact that understanding the technology and engineering of AI recommendation systems, is a heavy bag to carry. That’s why people in Caboom aimed to do the heavy lifting for everyone, so they can focus on what’s important. 

People have a lot in mind in terms of Artificial Intelligence, that is why Caboom wanted to help you put that ideas into life by creating your own recommendation systems. Caboom, together with its novel no-code interface, anyone can present recommendation with just a few clicks. Their goal is to make a simple, easy and fun way for everyone who can use an AI recommendation system to achieve their goals.

Founder’s story

NoCode Journal was able to interview Bimal Maharjan the co-founder of Caboom. Before being stumbled in the no-code interface, they started with a company that creates concept for the healthcare marketplace, and other company all of it at once. Maharjan described running a startup in Nepal as “running a marathon barefoot” as it was no easy feat. Prior to the birth of Caboom, came first the 11beep which is a mobile-only social network that does not keep any of your digital history. His biggest challenge was getting the team together and believed in the philosophy that everyone must be allowed to speak their minds. Through his experiences in building the perfect team for 11beep, now comes a new challenge birthing the Caboom ai.

Still for Maharjan, it was a struggle start to visualize and get involved with Artificial Intelligence and no-code since they were questioned for its feasibility, funds, possibility, and data. Maharjan mentioned that it was embarrassing to launch it since they lack Market, Customers and Deliver knowledge. Caboom is a Technology services and consulting company, which makes it difficult to present to people.

Maharjan believes that AI is a revolutionary tool, a game changes in todays modern world. As stated in Caboom’s Mission statement, they plan and hope to make AI Recommendation System available to everyone and be of big help to our part in democratizing AI. Everyone, whether you are an AI engineer or not, can use this powerful tool.


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