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oCode is an exciting place to be nowadays, as new tools and innovative projects are launched almost every week. We at NoCode Journal have cataloged more than 250 different companies. We break them down into categories like Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Landing Pages, Payment Apps, etc. The group with, of course, the most number of entries is Web Apps.  And here, we are adding one more called as Dorik, a worthy addition because it challenges all the existing Web Apps in terms of both unique design elements and affordability.  

Founder and Founding Story

Dorik is founded by Mizanur Rahman and Anwar, who has been a designer for web and mobile applications since 2008. Mizanur started work as a freelance Web Designer, and in 2014, he started building website templates and selling them on marketplaces. He also sells the rights to his HTML templates to WordPress companies to make WordPress templates. On the last count, over 100K websites use Mizanur’s templates in some shape or form. One of the landing pages templates he created was the best selling template on Themeforest marketplace.

This experience is where the idea of Dorik was born. A true reflection of a startup having customers before they build. Many of Mizanur’s clients were asking for NoCode based platform where they could use his designs and edit it without having to sift through CSS. Hence Dorik was started by Mizanur and his Cofounder as a side project to see how far they could get on this path. And boy looking at Dorik today, we have to say the NoCoders and non-technical makers are glad that this side project is now an incredible NoCode platform.

With his experience building and selling on marketplaces to developers, they already had a subscriber emails of around 30K. But to understand the right product-market fit, Mizanur wanted to go beyond this group and market Dorik to folks who have not heard about him or used any of his templates before. The hypothesis was, if he can convince strangers to trust him with their website on Dorik, then he knew he could persuade his existing subscribers eventually to sign up. 

Dorik’s launch and features

The true north for the founders of Dorik when building the platform was to be pleasing on the design aspect (like Webflow) but still very easy to use (like Carrd). Looking at the platform they have done a remarkable job with staying true to their vision. When Dorik’s landing page was released, the founders promoted it on platforms like IndieHackersTwitterReddit, and others. They got excellent user feedback and started giving access to some of the users who signed up but also had many in the waiting list. This also gave them better insight into what they needed tightened before more users came onboard as well as what to park for future product roadmap.

Dorik allows makers and non-technical users to build responsive websites faster with an intuitive Website builder. Without having to worry about changing CSS, or worrying about SSL and hosting it gives users a quick way to have a website up and running. Currently, it is a single-page website with many templates to choose from for the design. Users can host their website on Dorik’s reliable server and they can bring their own custom domain name. The user also has control to work on their SEO as well, and Dorik will take care of making the web pages speedy and technical SEO aspects. They have a contact form and a subscription form, which will integrate with Mailchimp, Zapier, and Integromat. Some other integrations which are in the works are MailerliteMailjet, and EmailOctupus. Future months will come with Payment Integration as well as AMP pages if requested. The remaining roadmap items coming in are multi-page websites, automated CDN with servers across the globe, and blogs.

In terms of growth, the platform already has excellent traction with waiting users who recently got access. Dorik also launched the Lifetime deal, which was a roaring success based on the IndieHacker post here. 


For Starter Plan, you will pay $3 per month (billed annually at $36). You can publish two websites, Connect Custom Domain, Premium Templates, 120+ UI Components, Free SSL/TLS Certificate, Remove Branding, Integrations, SEO and Social Settings, and Contact Form.

The Premium Plan is worth $5 per month (billed $60 annually). You can publish 5 websites get the same features as the Starter plan, add Subscription Form, advanced integrations, and export HTML/CSS/JS. 

The Lifetime Plan has a pricing of 49 USD give the same as the Premium Plan for one price for the lifetime but 3 websites instead of 5.


NoCode Journal believes that Dorik will do wonders for the category of Web Apps within the NoCode space. Also, coming from the lovely country of Bangladesh (the friendliest people in the world), they have kept the price point in line with what clients in South East Asia, South Asia, and Africa will find very affordable. When you go through the templates on the platform, you can see the founders’ design chops and their years of experience building and selling website templates.

Please do let us know if you have any comments or suggestions based on your usage of Dorik, which you would like to see highlighted in the article here.

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