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Fulcrum is the leading cloud-based mobile forms software and data collection app that enables organizations to build custom forms easily. It is a product of Spatial Networks enables organizations to build custom forms using the company’s drag-and drop builder. Field workers can easily collect geo tagged data accurately and efficiently without internet connectivity on their iOS or Android devices with no coding necessary! This is beneficial for more than 4700+ companies across 180 countries who use it in order streamline workflow efficiency while maximizing how they leverage all those valuable bits stored within the organization’s databases.

Fulcrum is the best way to design and capture information on-the-go. With a hosted mobile forms platform, you can build custom apps in seconds that work with your organization’s needs from anywhere at any time.

Fulcrum has a drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to design forms. The app also enables users distribute mobile devices for data collection, with the option of capturing images/videos and recording audio while completing your survey form; or geotagging all fields when filling out an offline version. Basemaps can be used from various sources such as Google Streets. Fulcrum also offers integrations with solutions such as CARTO, Zapier and ArcGIS Online.

Fulcrum automatically deploys updates in real time so managers can assign tasks or work orders at their convenience – no need wait until field staff are back online if something needs immediate attention.

Fulcrum provides its services on a per user per month basis. Native mobile apps are available for iOS as well as Android users and support is provided via community forums and online guides.

The company behind Fulcrumapp

Spatial Networks Inc. (SNI) is a privately held company based in St. Petersburg, Florida. They have been collecting, analyzing and managing ground collected geospatial data in challenging areas for 17 years. SNI has helped answer some of the toughest questions needed by private businesses and aspects of the US government and continue this mission today.

Their results help customers understand the environment before and often without ever, setting foot in the area. Their extensive human capital network lives and collects data in the problem areas. These individuals bring SNI the unique local and intimate understanding of the environment over any outsider.

Companies ask them for data ranging from commodity prices and hours of operation, to traffic patterns and tariffs or taxes. They also provide information for due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, settling insurance claims and quotes, and similar data required to make acutely informed decisions.

They developed a mobile data collection platform called Fulcrum to create forms on mobile devices, gather data and store in a Postgres database. There are over 40k commercial users gathering and managing their private content. SNI uses Fulcrum to manage forms for all the human capital, to store and track data, and deliver to customers.

Fulcrumapp’s Features

Features are displayed in alphabetical order.

Access Controls/Permissions
App Management
Appointment Management
Archiving & Retention
Audit Trail
Barcode / Ticket Scanning
Code Enforcement
Collaboration Tools
Compliance Management
Customer Database
Data Analysis Tools
Data Capture and Transfer
Data Collection
Data Management
Data Verification Dispatch Management
Distributed Capture
Drag & Drop
Failed Inspection Tracking
File Management
Forms Automation
Forms Creation & Design
Forms Management
Full Text Search
Image Capture
Offline Response Collection
Process/Workflow Automation
Question Branching
Remote Access/Control
Remote Data Capture
Report Templates
Site Intercept Survey
Skip Logic
Subcontractor Management
Support Audio/Images/Video
URL Customization
Version Control

Fulcrumapp Pricing Overview

Fulcrumapp’s pricing starts at $22.00 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version. offers a free trial.

Other pricing details:

Essentials: $28/user/month (billed monthly) or $22/user/month (billed annually). Professional: $38/user/month (billed monthly) or $30/user/month (billed annually). Contact Spatial Networks for Enterprise pricing.


Get flexibility and power without code. Create custom apps that run on all popular browsers and mobile devices. Reduce clutter by showing fields only when needed. Make fields mandatory always, or only under certain conditions. Define custom statuses. Filter data views. And do it all code-free.

Capture rich data, share rich outputs. Use sophisticated data types like video, hyperlinks, and signatures as easily as basic text and numerics. Keep things consistent with choices and categories. Annotate photos right on your phone. Share the results with custom-formatted reports, CSV, JSON, and more.

Leverage location – effortlessly. Tap into second-to-none location-based data collection capabilities. Use custom map layers, even when there’s no network connection. Know exactly where every photo was taken, and record collected with automatic geotagging. Get maps from and share data with Esri™ GIS products.

Create without code. Make digital collection apps, tailored reports, and workflows with if-then rules, email and text alerts – all without programming.

Adapt faster. Change what you want: Add inspection items, adjust pick lists, alter which fields are mandatory, add a workflow. Then push your altered apps to your team’s mobile devices in seconds.

Shave off steps. Push a final, formatted report to stakeholders in less time than you currently spend driving to the office to transcribe your paper form.

Cut the cords. Leverage the cloud for easy and continuous deployment – without synchronization cables, installing desktop software, or asking IT for help.

Organize. Use geotagged, timestamped data to assess work requirements and match available resources to work orders.

Streamline. Trigger automated workflows simply and visually based on data in the records you collect.

Optimize. Continually fine-tune workflows to achieve constant process improvements in the field.

Alert. Make sure that everyone knows what actions they need to take as inspections take place.

Get the data you need. Create digital apps that collect precisely the data you need to understand your safety and inspections processes.

Make it interoperable. Store and serve structured data in open standard formats that are useful for typical and specialized geospatial applications alike.

Make it available. Provide access to data views to connect AI algorithms, analytical platforms, and visualization tools.

Get to the points. Use map embeds and Esri ArcGIS™ integration to understand how location affects your organization’s inspections.

Get location-aware apps in a snap. Create location-aware apps in minutes, without involving your GIS specialists or programmers.

Make apps with maps. Guide field workers, increase confidence, and assure accurate information with on-device digital maps.

Get the best possible GIS data. Improve the quality, consistency, completeness, and timeliness of the data that goes into your GIS — without programming.


A new era of inspections has arrived. Fulcrum automates the process to ensure a safer, higher-quality and compliant outcome for facilities by giving non developers tools they can use in minutes without coding skills. Fulcrum streamlines this process by making it easy for non-developers and even those without IT skillset required on site (such as inspectors) can build location aware apps that scan products from any device – anywhere there is internet access.

The Fulcrumapp is a safety and quality inspection system that can transform the way you work. It streamlines project management, protects property from adverse effects of construction activity like soil eroding due to lackadaisical or inadequate use on site protection measures such as stockpiling materials in advance for repairs when needed – this helps avoid costly delays caused by unexpected issues during worksite operations which might have been prevented had these measures already taken place beforehand; it also enhances public confidence about how their tax bucks are being spent by ensuring projects operate efficiently at all times while meeting set deadlines with minimal deviations thus reducing costs associated therewith overall.


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