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Genbu is an AI startup founded in2020 that simplifies on-device AI for all mobile apps. Founders Rima Al Shikh and Shaima Ghafoor aim to democratize AI by making data easily accessible by providing no-code solutions to all users.

Genbu is an all-in-one platform that automates your ML for a few clicks. Say goodbye to costly data centralization and lengthy AI production, because with Genbu smart algorithms are at hand. Youcan launch apps without ML code. The solution automates the entire ML lifecycle in just few clicks and does not require any coding knowledge from their end users which saves time and money on training costs as well.

Genbu is an AI startup, aiming to solve mobile AI challenges by simplifying AI for mobile apps. Genbu provides mobile apps a no-code platform that accelerates AI production by automating the entire machine learning cycle. With Genbu, mobile apps can now go into production without preparing data. The self-service platform, packed with iOS and Android apps solutions, includes project management tools, ready-made algorithms, an orchestration, and deployment software. Product managers and developers interested in AI but lack ML experience can launch AI instantly onto their app through Genbu’s no-code platform. Subscription plans start at zero cost for up to 100,000 devices for one project.

The dominance of smartphones opened up a new opportunity for data and machine learning. Smartphones’ powerful processing capabilities make it possible to run AI-enabled tasks directly on the device. With training taking place directly where the data is generated, the dependency on traditional methods of data migration and cloud hosting can be replaced for the quicker and cheaper deployment of AI.

Genbu’s proprietary technology is built for AI to run directly on devices, making it an appealing solution for all app developers who want to include AI in their product development. Genbu’s affordable solutions make it possible for all app developers to add AI to their product pipelines.

Designed to tackle the most challenging tasks of AI, Genbu’s software development kit (SDK)automates the entire machine learning cycle, using a proprietary technology that decentralizes the data preparation directly onto the device. The technique of sending micro algorithms to each device where an SDK is installed is more efficient and safer as this technique is quicker to deploy and more secure, consequently protecting users’ privacy. The aggregated learnings from the micro algorithms optimize the baseline of the machine learning model and improve the efficacy.

“Deliver value in a day, not months.”

91% Cost Reduction – to hiring ML experts and cloud storage.

1 Day Deployment – eliminates the task of cleaning& migrating data to the cloud.

Private & Secure Training – on user’s device reduces risks of data breaches and increases trust.

Ready Made Algorithms – to be deployed on your mobile app’s raw data.

“Genbu automates your entire ML lifecycle.”

·        Data Preparation

Genbu works immediately off of your raw data on your mobile app. This means you don’t have to clean and migrate your data to the server.

·        Server-less training

With trainings taking place directly on your mobile app, you eliminate the need for servers.

·        Algorithm Development

Genbu provides you with a library of ready-made algorithms that is created to run on your data in raw format on devices.

·        Optimize

The algorithms are built to auto optimize trainings in the background, so you don’t have to manually fine tune the parameters on a daily basis.

“Designed with simplicity to accelerate your AI production.”

With just a few clicks, launch intelligent algorithms on your mobile app and drive immediate value and user centric experiences.

No more data pipelines.

With Genbu, your data is ready and prepared for training in just a few clicks. Stop wasting months or resources cleaning up your data and focus on what matters the most – driving innovation and meeting business goals.

Library of ready-made algorithms.

You don’t have to worry about developing your ML model. We built our algorithms so that they can immediately put raw data into training, making it quicker and cost-effective for you to launch personalized and user centric experiences.

Automated model optimization.

You will never have to worry about optimizing your models because Genbu’s algorithms are packed with automated optimizations that will continuously train your data to improve performance.

Take your model live.

Once you reach the desired outcome for your model’s training, you can take your model live in one click.


BASIC is Free

Up to 100,000 devices

1 Project

1 Genbu algorithm

Unlimited model training

Up to 100,000 participating devices*

Up to 1,000 calls to live model for inference

STANDARD costs $0.01 per device/month

Unlimited devices

Unlimited projects

Unlimited Genbu algorithms

Unlimited model training

Pay as you go per participating device*

Unlimited calls for inference

ADVANCED (no exact price disclosed yet)

Volume & Committed Discounts

Unlimited projects

Unlimited Genbu algorithms

Unlimited external algorithms

Unlimited model training

Unlimited calls for inference

Volume & committed discount


Unique & Dynamic Algorithms.

Bespoke and dynamic algorithms based on your objectives.

Seamless Deployment & Inference.

Automate the deployment and inference through Genbu’s SDK.

Live Training.

Train and optimize in real time as data is generated on device.

Server-less & GPU-less training.

Training environments occur directly on device, eliminating the need for additional costs on servers and GPUs.

Orchestration Platform.

Orchestrate algorithms to learn from data distributed across devices while enhancing the model’s performance

Look-a-like and Cohort Training.

Improve model’s accuracy by learning from similar behaviors of users through dynamic segmentation.

Automate Data Preparation.

Eliminates the need to structure, label and migrate your data and start training on data in raw format.

Complementary Cloud Training.

Improve your model as the data is generated in real time provides you with higher relevance.


Rima Al Shikh, CEO

·        Built open-source federated learning for Open Mind & Facebook AI.

·        Launched2 successful startups in the technical talent space.

·        Deployed AI for Fortune 500 companies including Tesla, Luftansa, and Nestle.

Shaima Ghafoor, CCO

·        10years of experience in B2B sales & marketing in big tech.

·        Managed international expansion for Yahoo! & across EMEA

·        Tedx Speaker

After ten years working with large companies such as Tesla, Ford,, Deep mind, on AI projects, they recognized a gap in the market for data accessibility. 80% of the world’s data is monopolized by a few players, an unfair competitive advantage. As the rest of the companies try to compete, factors such as cost, expertise, and time hinder their attempt to innovate and scale.

Today Genbu offers the most in-demand algorithms for e-commerce, social, dating, loyalty, and gaming apps. Ready-made algorithms such as fake profile detection, user matching, and product and content recommendations are some of the examples found in the library, with more additions in the pipeline.

Genbu’s affordable solutions democratize AI for all mobile app developers and allow them to add AI to their product pipelines to innovate, experiment with use cases, and create better user experiences.


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