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Genially is essentially a NoCode design tool, and its specialty is interactivity and animation. Genially is often used by businesses or marketers looking to publicize their work by creating interactive images, pitches, infographics, website sliders, etc. Those are some of the everyday use cases but Genially is such a versatile tool. They have also been used to make microsites, escape games, and any other content that requires interactivity, making the tool pretty flexible.

Company Story

Genially was founded in 2015 by a group of 3 friends in Spain. They have come a long way since their early days and have grown to more than 100 employees as of this writing.  In terms of users, they have around 12 Million worldwide and proudly state that as of this moment, in every country in the world, someone is using Genially.

Genially has raised around 6.3 M USD from investors, with their last raise being in Feb 2020, which was their Series A from a group of investors including Market One CapitalJME Ventures,  GP BullhoundFJ LabsAthos Capital, and Felix Luiz Hernandez. They are currently in the process of raising another round of funding.

For this interview, NoCodeJournal spoke with Ali Olichney, who has the title of Content Manager at Genially. Aili has been at Genially for more than five years, and she works in outreach in reaching out to Genially’s creative users. Aili works with marketers, designers, and enterprise clients. In short, anyone looking to grow their business can use Genially for the same.

Genially was launched by three founders and friends: Juan Rubio, CEO (TwitterLinkedIn), Chema Roldán, CTO (TwitterLinkedIn), and Luis García, CMO (TwitterLinkedIn). Before founding Genially, the three worked in different sectors. Chema Roldán was a technology consultant at the firm Avanade. Juan and Luis each ran their own business and were successful CEOs. They combined their international work experience after having lived in different places around the globe, including Madrid, Holland, Barcelona, and Australia, working for companies such as BBVA, RTVE, DKV, Y&R, and Telefónica.

Genially usage across industries

Genially has been used by many companies and organizations across the globe and headquartered in Spain. They have a large base of Spanish and French-speaking clientele. In terms of industries, they do have a Business/ Enterprise client, a focus on the learning and education sector, and, finally, generic designs which can be used in any small business and agency across the industry spectrum.

Within Business/Enterprise clients, the focus is on providing the platform and tools necessary to the organization and designing and creating the creatives. Their focus here is for Genially to be the tool to help the company communicate visually and interactively. They have various team plans and offer customer support and specialized work to teach them how to use it for onboarding.

In the Learning and Education sector, Genially is the tool schools use to teach and learn through interactive learning materials. Even universities use Genially worldwide to intuitively create interactive and animated digital content to spur learning among its students. 

When it comes to small businesses or marketing agencies, they use all facets of Genially’s robust platform, all the way from creating presentations and infographics to interactive guides and Video presentations to creating virtual stands to showcase their portfolio.

A question is how Genially compares, if at all, with something like Canva, which is widely used. The way to look at Genially is that most of their interactive and animated options are more advanced than Canva, making the end product look a lot more professional. Canva is great for certain essential items like they do social media well and Genially is more focused on elaborate final products showcasing interactivity of the creatives. You will use Genially if you are making your dossier for your company. You’re making a part of your website that needs to look professional and have many interactive effects.

What can you create with Genially?

In Genially, you can do a lot, but here are some of the most common artifacts created by Genially’s more than 12 million users. The best part to note about this is that this is entirely NoCode, and you don’t need a technology background to create any of these creatives.

The stable and the old way to get information across most organizations as well to the clients. Changing the old way to the new, you can now design an interactive presentation that gets your audience’s attention Genially. With thousands of templates to fit any theme and animation, a user can have the most effective design in no time at all.

You’ve probably seen infographics all over the internet. They make data or processes memorable and easy to understand, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Genially is an interactive infographic tool having a ton of features to fit every need and use case.

Did you know that any activity is more memorable if it’s through using it as a game? Genially makes gamifying activities so simple, and with the power of their interactive interface, players can create quizzes and escape rooms with animations to make them even more engaging.

Interactive Images
Genially is the tool you need for adding interactivity to static images. You can enrich your image by inserting text, audio, videos, and more in other layers of information all within the NoCode framework.

Video Presentation
A great story is told visually and can take on many forms with the video presentation you can create with Genially. Capturing everyone’s attention with dynamic content without complicating your life or downloading anything is as easy as ever.

With Genially, you can create an interactive and animated microsite or guide to help people more easily navigate your business. The site’s main menu is intuitively designed so users can find content quickly and efficiently without too much trouble.

Training Materials
You can reach the widest audience and make your training materials more engaging with Genially. It creates exciting visuals that are all kinds of resources, filled with interactivity and animation. Their products will keep students engrossed for hours at a time

Some of the Case Studies where clients have used Genially

Ecovantis, is a marketing firm that specializes in environmental causes. Is it a communication firm that specializes in digital tools and creative style for corporate social responsibility and sustainable development? It was used Genially to create a Microsite which is a clickable and interactive informational publication on switching to green and supporting the circular economy.

Fugazzz, publishing, marketing, and advertising agency specializing in strategy, design, and content creation. Fugazi used Genially for its dossiers, client pitches, briefs, infographics, and interactive components of web pages (maps, images, even virtual fair stands) and created microsites. The infographic found here was made with Genially for a client of Fugazzz.

AON is a professional services firm that turns risks into opportunities and helps navigate its clients through problems. They started using Genially primarily for presentations as they were sick of PowerPoint and were looking for an alternative to differentiate AON in that aspect. The best part about Genially is that it’s very visual, you can have a slide with three ideas on it that sticks with the client, and you can click around and interact with the ideas, and the information seamlessly unfolds.  


There are four plans that you can choose from, which are Free, Pro, Master, and Team. There is a different pricing plan for the Education sector, which is more if we use it  Genially to teach or study.

For Free Plan includes unlimited creations, unlimited views, and free templates and resources

For Pro Plan (get premium benefits), the price is $7.49USD/month billed annually and includes all offers for free with additional features like privacy control, import PowerPoint files, insert audio from your computer.

For the Master plan (access all premium benefits), the price is $20.82USD/month billed annually, includes all offers from pro features like managing corporate resources, removing the genial watermark, and integrating with google analytics.

For Team Plan (teams), the price is $79.15USD/month billed annually, including all offers from master plan features with additional features like 5 Master accounts and a dedicated account manager.


There are many use cases for which we feel Genially is a great product to use, especially where interactivity is the key to the final creative being produced. We at NoCodeJournal will be trying out Genially for an Infographic we plan to create. We will update the article once we have had a firsthand experience of using the product. 

If any of our readers already have experience working with Genially, we would love to hear about it.


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