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Building an app for your business might sound like an attractive way to expand, but the truth is that many companies start without a detailed plan and end up over-spending or settling for less. 

Most businesses are not all fired up about creating internal, proprietary apps to handle everything. When your loyal customers are using online communities, e-learning and digital onboarding tools every day, you want to be in the mix so they can connect with you using the tools that make the most sense in your industry. Now, there is a way you can take advantage of these tools without code on your own; it’s called GroundControl.

Are you wondering whether you need GroundControl in your alley? This post clarifies that!

What Is GroundControl?

Difficulty in connecting with customers, suppliers, event attendees, or team members. It can be challenging to spread ideas, content and updates. 

Connecting with your customers, suppliers, event participants, and team members can be difficult, and you need to install complex systems and premium tools that can suck up time and money. With so many communication channels, it’s hard to keep up with all the what’s, whys, and when vital for your business.

GroundControl is a business communication channel builder that helps you connect with your audiences. It eases the inter and intra-communication systems within an organization, agency, event organizers, or anyone who needs to give a seamless experience to everyone who connects with their business. GroundControl’s easy drag-and-drop interface lets you set up the app quickly and easily.

GroundControl helps you build a community around your company’s mission. Make your employees, fans and event visitors feel connected to each other and with your company’s mission. You don’t need any code skills or servers to do so! GroundControl creates customized socialcommunity apps that help you interact with customers.

GroundControl makes it easy to create a community around you and get people to come together around the things they love. With GroundControl creating a community is as easy as creating a post! This AI-powered app can help you engage your audience with tailored content and gamification.

The Brain Behind GroundControl

GroundControl started with a small project to connect 150 managers through an app. Being an avid app developer, the founder of GroundControl, Joost Lubach, took up the challenge and created a medium that could be used by each one of them. The first step was not easy because there was no automation. That summit was successful, however. And that’s when the evolution of GroundControl started.

When Joost realized something was missing in the app regarding automation, he partnered with another co-founder Jelle Ages. Together they developed a way to make the app work automatically. Later, Laurens from Hague and Leon from Budapest also partnered with them, and the result is – GroundControl, which helps thousands of people to connect effortlessly.

How Does GroundControl Work?

According to the co-founder, GroundControl is an interactive environment where all the participants of an event or an organization can be given specific tasks, challenges, and a lot more. Do you work with events, learning programs or other kinds of social experiences? Are you tired of being part of the machine that makes it all happen?

GroundControl is for you.

You’re a Jedi Master of events. A Yoda of learning to program. A Luke Skywalker of social gatherings. But the Force isn’talways strong with you when organizing them. What if there was a way to automate yourevents, learning programs, or social experiences? What if you could create the min a few clicks and then spend all that time you save on creating even moreincredible experiences?

GroundControl lets you do just that.

Triggers are things that cause an action. An example is when someone fills in some data on your website or leaves feedback on an event they attended. The trigger could be that somebody answers “yes” to a particular question on a form.

Actions are things that happen when the trigger occurs. An example of this is sending an email to someone or deleting an item from your database. What you do with the information you get from your user is up to you.

How about having your business branding? Yes! GroundControl offers that too!

 The mother of all to-do lists

Have you ever struggled with a to-do list? Is something always forgotten or added at the last minute? Do you send reminders, yet people forget to check their mail? Are you trying to organize events andlearning programs and find it hard to coordinate the different parts and people involved? Well, struggle no more.

GroundControl lets you create a graphical layout of your event or program by dragging and dropping elements. Add reminders that are sent automatically. Connect elements so that a change in one element leads to an automatic change in another element (and you don’t need any programming skills for this). And then sit back and relax while GroundControl takes care of everything else.

The world runs on software, and the software runs on code, and programmers write the code. But in our version of the world, we believe NoCode is the way forward and GroundControl allows the same.

GroundControl is a tool for creating social experiences (like events) where the participants can interact with each other and the environment in a completely unpredictable way.

You can think of GroundControl as a social operating system: it lets you create your own virtual world, set up triggers and actions, and connect them with each other to start an experience that every participant will enjoy.

With GroundControl, you don’t need a Ph.D. in computer science to make better bots. You just point and click your way to higher conversions and greater engagement.

GroundControl is also a LowCode chatbot that offers Advanced targeting. GroundControl allows you to create engaging and automating conversational experiences for your website without the need for coding knowledge. Customize the experience for each visitor by creating rules and conditions that deliver different responses based on their specific needs. With advanced analytics, you will have visibility into how visitors engage with your chatbot.

After all, GroundControl is no run-of-the-mill bot. We offer advanced targeting for your messaging and campaigns so that you can send messages to the right people at the right time. And unlike other bots that are obviously fake, we make sure that our bot-powered conversations look like the real deal.

Purchase, drag and drop, target, add users, and voila!

Yes! That’s how GroundControl works. Imagine creating a chatbot with NoCode and deploying it in seconds. How cool is that! You don’t need to waste your time coding, installing or upgrading your software.

A NoCode chatbot platform that helps a large group communicate better.

GroundControl makes it easy for teams to create custom bots to automate their internal and external workflows. It can manage the entire customer lifecycle from lead generation to on boarding, engagement, and retention without any human intervention.

Use Cases

GroundControl is applicable in many applications, including but not limited to:

Onboarding – Have you ever thought of making the onboarding process easier? Well, GroundControl is a set-it-and-forget-it app that connects with your job aspirants through an app.

This app is not just limited to onboarding processes but also goes beyond and starts with the first interview stage. You can also communicate with your employees directly through this app. GroundControl provides a direct link between the employers/recruiters and the employees/candidates so that there is better communication, transparency and, most importantly, a shorter time to hire!

Training – The future is coming, and it’s bringing many new employees. As your company grows, you have to add more employees and train them up—but what if there was a way that those employees could be trained without the hassle?

We’re here to tell you that there IS a way. And it’s called GroundControl. GroundControl lets you add training material into an app that your new employees can access with their phones. The new employee quickly accesses information, and they can get up to speed right away!

E-learning – GroundControl makes it easy for any online education provider to make its seamless e-learning platform that works for teachers and students. With GroundControl, you’re always in control of your content and your classroom.

Community building – GroundControl is a platform for creating and managing online communities. The app allows users to engage with each other, share their views, and spark conversations on topics that matter to them.

Events – This app lets you manage your entire event from one place—your attendees can get updates, chat with each other, coordinate travel, and so much more! It’s all done via a secure platform that keeps everyone connected.

Real estate – as a realtor by making it easy for clients to find you and communicate with you. You can send important updates to your clients through the app, so they’ll never feel like you’ve lost touch with them.

Managers – GroundControlis making it easier than ever for managers to get the support they need from a community of people who have been there. You’ll get real-time notification of critical organizational updates; access to a chat system that connects you with your peers; and an easy way to join leadership calls so you can be part of the conversation.

Apartments – GroundControlis a platform for apartment managers and their residents to communicate, make service requests, report maintenance issues, and pay rent. It’s the easiest way for everyone in an apartment building to be on the same page.

Enterprises &Businesses – What do you call a group of people who need to stay in close contact and make sure everyone is updated on projects and processes? Businesses!

GroundControl for them. It helps your team stay up to date on what’s happening with the company, facilitates communication between different departments, and makes it easy for everyone to stay on top of what they need to do.

Bakery – When your bakery is taking off, and you have a million things to do, you need inventory management that works with you, not against you. With GroundControl, you can finally manage your product inventory and delivery schedules in one place.

Café –GroundControl is an all-in-one platform for managing all aspects of your business. It includes a mobile ordering system for customers, an inventory management system for employees, and a customer experience management system that helps you create strategies to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Plus, GroundControl provides an easy way for cafes to share their menus with customers.

Supermarkets – With GroundControl, admins can take control of their inventory, employees, customer reviews, and other essential aspects of running their supermarket.

SaaS – Designed with SaaS agencies in mind, GroundControl is a chatbot that helps you focus on your strengths while it takes care of everything else. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s an expert in chatbots but actually listens to what you tell them. And GroundControl is always available, meaning there are never any delays in responding to your clients’ needs.


GroundControl is available in four monthly packages:


For simple projects with few participants


Events and journeys


Build apps with your own branding


For GroundControl-partners

 P.S. A free demo is also available on request.  


Let’s stop with the low-tech approach to customer service. If you’ve ever found yourself on an endless loop of “press 1 for this, press 2 for that,” or have had to wait on hold until your phone battery dies, then you understand how frustrating it can be to deal with an outdated customer service system.

GroundControl is here to fix all of that. A chatbot, a community builder, a 360-degree communication platform for any purpose you may have – event, training, supermarket, whatever! It takes the guesswork out of getting your customers where they need to go, they press one key, and they’re immediately connected with a rep who can help them, no matter their question or concern. Advanced targeting features mean we can get even more granular with GroundControl, so you can make sure each customer or participant precisely receives the help they need when they need it.

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