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‍Form builder is a web application that makes it easy to create and manage forms. It’s an essential tool for collecting the information you need.

By using form building software, businesses can easily create forms that look great and help them collect valuable information about their visitors. This ultimately leads to more conversions as potential customers are nurtured properly.

However, don’t you hate it when you’re using a form builder and it doesn’t quite do what you need?

Although the website says it does conditional logic, it can’t do the uncomplicated conditions you need. The site also advertises that it offers calculations; however,it can’t do multi step operations or conditions related to calculated results. There is no method to determine which operation occurs first.

Even something as vital as lead scoring, in order to comprehend the value of each submission, is a struggle. This process shouldn’t be so complicated.

Having all these complicated experiences with different form builders led to the creation of Keenforms: a form builder that uses a NoCode rules engine.

About Keenforms

Keenforms is a powerful form builder that comes with a NoCode rules engine.

With Keenforms, you can do things like conditional calculations and validations, as well as control the order of operations – something that other B2C form builders can’t do. By using this powerful form builder, you get the same advantages custom forms offer without needing to hire a programmer or write code.

Although lesser-known, Keenforms possess an ability that even the more popular form builders don’t have – being able to create dynamic interactions on the fly, with no code necessary.

If you’re a professional who has ever been annoyed by your form builder’s limitations, Keenforms is the solution for you. With features that other form builders don’t have, Keenforms was created specifically with professionals in mind. And the best part? You can try it out absolutely free. In simple words, Keenforms is the smarter way to do forms.

The Founder and Creator

Jared Toporek, the founder and creator of Keenforms, is a full-time solutions architect at Slalom, a purpose-led, global business and technology consulting company. He has been a programmer for the past 15 years, who has written a lot of javascript, Ruby, PHP, Java, etc.

He used to work in the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) space, a sales tool/software designed to help sales teams generate quotes quickly and accurately, and has been strongly interested in making CPQ applications more accessible to the general public. 

While he hasn’t tried all of 225 form builders currently on the market, as according to G2 reports, he did try the top 20 with a free plan. Unfortunately, none of them were able to provide a form that could generate a quote or estimate for a service or product.

The interest and experience Jared had in the CPQ space led to the creation of a powerful form builder, with unique and exceptional features, something similar, simplified and less expensive version of the CPQ. He started working on this project, Keenforms, in 2017 whilst working his full-time job. 

Why Choose KeenForms?

Keenforms is not your ordinary form builder, it is something more powerful because it allows you to create forms with a drag and drop interface, as well as letting you experience a NoCode Rules Engine.

Many form builders have a field called a calculated field. However, you can only set the value of that input once. And very few form builders allow for conditional calculations and validations. JotForm is one of the very few that can do conditional input value setting.

However, if you want to get an estimate for a price or apply a discount/upcharge conditionally, you can only set that value once–which poses a problem. Furthermore, it’s difficult to control the order of operations.

Although other form builders might have a feature where you can do calculations, very few of them can do conditional calculations. Order of operations is often non-existent or isn’t customizable. You can’t set the value of an input more than once with any of them, so if you need to offer a discount or an upcharge, it’s either difficult and time-consuming, or impossible. They also can’t do dynamic HTML.

Are you familiar with Rules Engine?

Rules Engines are powerful tools that remove the need to modify source code in order to create application logic. This is done by giving users the ability to control the sequence of operations, which becomes increasingly important when doing math that requires more than one calculation. 

With a rules engine, users can create rules that have two parts: CONDITIONS (true or false) and ACTIONS (like setting a value, hiding an input, or marking something as invalid). Keenforms’ NoCode admin interface is easy for people who don’t know how to code to use so they can make their own application logic.

Even though there are a few form builders that can do conditional calculations, it still requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the administrator. Rather than a one-dimensional list, it would be incredibly beneficial to create a drop down menu with select tags or checkboxes. This way, the data would be much more organized and easier to sift through. It would be a game changer if you could create multiple columns for your selectable options and then use those option values in other columns.

That’s why Keenforms is different–and better. It’s a form builder with an embedded No Code Rules Engine. The rules engine allows you to establish greater control over the order of operations and set complex conditions to determine if those rules run. The rules engine gives you control over elements, including but not limited to the order of operations, conditional calculations, dynamic text and HTML. You can also set values more than once with our multi-step operation feature.

It also has a feature called metadata. This feature allows you to create more values to be associated with your form options (drop downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc). This makes it possible for users to build the same kinds of forms that would normally require programming knowledge.


  • Calculate & validate conditionally

As you add more complex conditional logic into forms, mobile users’ workflow becomes simpler. However, there are also more chances to make errors while building it. With KeenForms, you can create conditions for setting values and validations that change based on user input.

  • Control over order of operations

The rules engine feature allows you to control the order of operations for setting values dynamically. This gives you more control over your data and how it is used.

  • Multi Step operations

The KeenForms’ rules engine allows you to set the value of your inputs more than once, giving you complete control.

  • Generate Dynamic HTML

This function will create rules that generate dynamic HTML based on the values of different inputs.

  • Data driven logic with metadata

You can use data to create table-like datasets for your input, which can then be used for dynamic calculations.

  • Lead scoring

User-submitted data can be very valuable, but it can be hard to know how to put a price on it. By creating your own scoring system, you can easily determine the value of any user-submitted data.

  • Event driven logic with conditions

With Keenforms, you can set predetermined outputs to automatically update based on changes to specific inputs.

  • Webhooks and API integration

Take the data that was submitted and send it to other compatible services or platforms.

  • Hide options dynamically

Utilize metadata and conditional logic to hide options as needed

Built on Keenforms

Chicago Butcher Block countertop estimation form

The form above allows you to generate an estimate for a custom butcher block top. This form would be difficult to generate with a regular form builder, if not impossible.

Keenform Subscription Plans


For only $19 per month, or $199 annually, you can avail this package which includes: 

  • Up to 10 Keenforms per month 
  • 100 attributes and 100 rules per form  
  • 1,000 monthly submissions 
  • 10,000 monthly views


For only $49 per month, or $499 annually, you can have:

  • Up to 40 Keenforms.
  • Each form can include up to 250 attributes and 250 rules. 
  • 5,000 Monthly Submissions 
  • No limits on views!              
  • Extra users? Available soon!


  • Up to 200 Keenforms per subscription
  • Each form is allowed up to 250 attributes and rules total
  • 20,000 submissions every month  
  • There are no limits on views 
  • Additional users Coming soon

Free plan

By signing up for their free plan, you can have 5 Keenforms with a maximum of 20 attributes and 20 rules, 40 Monthly submissions and 1,000 Monthly views!

The Future of Keenforms

With how impressive this tool is, Keenforms will definitely have a bright future and establish itself as a niche form builder, catering to those people who have been frustrated by other options on the market. Not everyone needs Keenforms – but for those who do, it will be the perfect solution.If you have used a form builder in the past and understand how frustrating the limitations can be, then you’ll see Keenforms as extremely powerful. This is because it provides users with what they need to create effective forms without any limits.


Keenforms is a web-based form builder that promises to revolutionize the way you build forms. If you’ve ever been disappointed or frustrated with other form builders, KeenForms wants to hear about your problems so that they can provide the best possible solution for you. That is one of the goals of this tool, to have everything you need from a form builder.

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