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Choosing the right application software for business use can vastly improve the functionality and efficiency of your organization. Today, living in a world of technology, we have a multitude of options to make our business life easier. Software as we all know is one of the greatest inventions of mankind helping businesses scale and succeed in this competitive world. The problem often faced with software is that building one is time-consuming and the output is far from the outcome desired. Choosing a NoCode solution you must understand the options in detail and how to fit them for your specific use case, and how to best use them. Thetool chosen can benefit your business or, worse, may even hurt your productivity, costing you time and resources. Now and then, you may come across a NoCode or LowCode tool that can make your business step up. But how do you know if the tool is right for your business? This article will explore a newNoCode tool Logiak, that creates and maintains sophisticated cross-platform data and decision-making systems. 

Where did Logiak Start

Logiak empowers your organization to realize its goals without any programming knowledge or reliance on external developers.Logiak was conceptually started by Tom Routen more than 10 years ago, as a robust tool to support non-technical Doctors to create logical applications and decision support-based systems to support their needs.

 The journey started in Africa. Back in those days, smartphone usage was on the rise and computer usage was minimal. During those times, this platform was meant to help health care workers (Clinical Health Workers) with applications on smartphones. Two of the earliest clients were MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières), Doctors Without Borders,and the University of Maryland, which was creating Delphicare for Zambia related to HIV pediatric care

 In the example of Delphicare,they wanted to create a system where the knowledge Doctors had for treating children with HIV could be imparted to the nurses across the country using a simple phone-based application. It was difficult for the doctors to tell the programmers what they wanted, what the logic is, and then for the coders to translate that into the app as functionalities. So, Logiak helped create the decision support and sequence of care system where doctors could enter the logic themselves,with no programming involved. This app helps nurses and support staff to provide the same level of care to children with HIV in far-flung areas of the country without the need to always have experienced pediatric HIV specialist present in that location.

What Domains are a good fit for Logiak?

You must be thinking if this tool is only for the healthcare industry? No, it can be used anywhere, where there is a need to implement a complex logic or decision support system. That is why it is called “Logiak”. Logiak has clients in Architecture, Construction,and Logistics space. An example of how it is being used in the Logistics space is if you are in the business of delivering vehicles then Logiak can be the backend data intake and support system. For example, when handing over a vehicle you can take photographs of the vehicle to show that it’s in order, and confirm the delivery of the same. Same with an architectural firm they can inspect building sites, capture the data through the photographs taken and send it to the decision-making system. For the NGOs, they have supported a lot of data collection projects, that focused on decision support. 

The tool is also really applicable for lawyers as its is one of the domains where you take multiple decisions based on complex logic. Logiak got selected to be a part of Slaughter and May’s first accelerator program. So like healthcare law is similar industry and need in that they have complex logic, and getting things wrong, is just critically bad in both domains. So the law is a big potential for Logiak in the coming years.

Another example is the Covid Contact Tracing application which was built using Logiak and is spread out in workflow format in the below image. Logiak components are not the usual low-level UI widgets, but rich functional templates which can be configured. By doing what you would normally do to plan out an App – sketching out the flow of the App – with Logiak you actually create it! Adding to that another of the Logiak components that can be configured to do amazing things – the Process component which enables you to create complex programming logic without doing any programming. The final component is the deployment piece where Apps created with Logiak can be delivered natively on various platforms, mobile, web and desktop

A Message to the NoCode Audience

Logiak has a very specific niche in that it is primarily built to work with industries of all types which are dealing with complex logic to make a decision. It is a pure NoCode tool in that there is absolutely no coding experience required to create or customize. Logiak is not aimed at the consumers in its current avatar, it’s currently aimed at commercial organizations, non-profits, and NGOs who are global and have a need to capture data seamlessly and make a decision based on the data available. Logiak can go further than most other NoCode andLowCode tools in the market currently in terms of Logic processing and be industry-agnostic its variety of use cases are innumerable. Currently, Logiakis looking for partners to collaborate within growing its presence.

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