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Pulpstream is a digital transformation platform that enables you to manage and automate your business processes. It gives you the power to dynamically manage your business processes on the cloud, in real-time and from anywhere, anytime. Empower your employees by making every employee a part of your process automation effort. 

Give mobile users an opportunity to be part of decision making processes too by letting them vote for exceptions before they become major problems for customers. Integrate customer facing applications with back end systems of record and automate them as one connected process so that customers are always happy with their interactions with your company. And do a lot more!

About Pulpstream And Its Team

Pulpstream is a software company that was founded in 2003 by serial entrepreneur Romi. It is ideal for medium and large size businesses with complex business process management needs. Pulpstream’s easy-to-use interface makes it simple for users to manage their businesses from one location. Pulpstream also offers a variety of features that make it an essential tool for managing your enterprise.

One of the most important features of Pulpstream is its ability to automate tasks and processes. This saves time and money, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations instead of spending hours manually completing tasks. Additionally, Pulpstream provides users with reports that help them track progress and identify areas where they can improve efficiency.

Pulpstream’s mission is to streamline the business processes of enterprises without writing a single line of code or hiring a consultant. Their NoCode tool helps medium and large size businesses achieve this goal. They have a team of 42 employees working throughout the globe.

Features that helps to overcome your digital transformation challenges

Pulpstream is a comprehensive workflow automation platform that allows you to integrate, automate and improve your business processes. It gives you the power to dynamically manage your business processes on the cloud, in real-time and from anywhere, anytime.

PulpStream’s unique architecture allows you to easily add new workflows using our intuitive drag and drop interface or by uploading your existing Excel spreadsheets. You can also use Pulpstream’s REST API or our JavaScript SDKs (which are preconfigured for popular platforms like NodeJS) so that anyone within your organization can create custom workflows without coding knowledge or expertise.

Pulpstream allows you to:

  • Put data in motion
  • Tap into the power of portals
  • Empower and engage people
  • Take the fast lane to digital transformation
  • Use processes to illuminate impact
  • Keep data reliable, secure, and accessible
  • Access content offline

Empower your employees

Pulpstream is a powerful process automation platform that allows you to empower your employees. With Pulpstream, you can give them the tools they need to do their job. They’ll have access to all of the software and technology necessary to get their work done from any device or location at any time of day or night.

Pulpstream also provides your team with an additional layer of collaboration between projects as well as across departments within your organization. This means that even if there are multiple teams working on different parts of a project at once, everyone will be able to work together in real time without needing separate accounts or passwords for each person’s account (or app).

Make every employee a part of your business process automation effort

You’re already thinking about how to make your business process automation effort more effective. You want all employees engaged in the process, and you want them to be able to use their mobile devices to perform tasks in real time. The Pulpstream platform provides a way for employees who aren’t technical experts to contribute and provide feedback on ideas or suggestions for improvement.

Employees can also work together collaboratively on projects by creating their own workspace, where they can share files with each other and collaborate with other individuals across different teams within the company who have access rights via their Adobe Connect accounts (e-mail addresses).

Give mobile users, who are often left out of process automation, a voice in the process

Mobile users are often left out of process automation. They can’t access the systems they need to be involved with and they don’t have a voice in the process. Pulpstream gives mobile users a voice by giving them access to all of your processes, including those that aren’t available on other platforms or apps.

Enable real-time collaboration between all employees

  • Real-time collaboration is key to making the most of your business processes.
  • Real-time collaboration is important for quick decision making and problem solving.
  • Real-time collaboration is critical in learning, so you can keep up with changes in your industry or market place, as well as stay informed about new opportunities that may arise from those changes.

Give decision makers all the context they need to make informed decisions

Decision makers need to know what is happening in their business at any time, from any device. Without this information, they cannot make informed decisions about how best to manage resources and achieve goals. They also need access to accurate data so they can make more accurate predictions about future events or trends that may impact their business.

React to adverse events in time to mitigate their impact

If a customer complains about the quality of their products, for example, you should be able to automatically generate a new version of your product that fixes the issue and send it out at once.

You can also use data and analytics tools like Pulpstream’s Zapier integration or Zapier’s Segmentation toolkit to improve key metrics like MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Engage customers more effectively

Pulpstream allows you to engage customers more effectively by providing a seamless experience. With Pulpstream, your customers will feel valued and like they are the most important part of your business. This can be achieved through:

  • Providing an excellent customer service experience.
  • Creating an environment where employees want to work and feel supported in their job roles by management.

Integrate your customer facing applications

Pulpstream is a powerful process automation platform that integrates with your customer facing applications, such as CRM and ERP systems. It provides the ability to create automated workflows, processes and workflows that can be integrated with back-end systems of record like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

This gives you the ability to automate as a single connected process so that all relevant data is available at all times in one place for your business users. There are several other integrations available including Salesforce, Workday, ADP, DocuSign, Ceridian Dayforce, and more!

Pulpstream also allows for exception management as well as pre-filling data from an external source such as Salesforce or Xero when creating new opportunities or contracts – this means less time spent filling out important information on each opportunity/contract which reduces errors significantly over time!

Create a more pleasant customer experience by managing exceptions before they become major problems

Customer experience is an important part of any business. It can be improved by reducing MTTR, which stands for “mean time to repair.” MTTR is the amount of time it takes for a customer to get their order processed after they’ve placed it—and it’s usually measured in days or weeks.

Improve key metrics like MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) using data and analytics.

You can use data and analytics to improve key metrics like MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and NPS (Net Promoter Score). MTTR can be reduced using data and analytics by identifying problems before they become major problems and taking action on them sooner rather than later.

For example, if a customer is experiencing an outage every other day, it’s likely because they’re not getting support when they need it. The solution might be to add more staff or train them in how to resolve issues faster. If your team has been trained on how best to handle these situations but still can’t solve them quickly enough, you could schedule training sessions at the end of each workday so that everyone is prepared for any issues that arise during their shift.

Use Cases

Pulpstream is ideal for agile businesses. Agile teams are always looking for ways to improve their processes, and Pulpstream helps you do just that.

Pulpstream can be used to automate any process in your company, including:

  • Creating new products
  • Experiments (A/B testing)
  • Customer support and billing systems

And if you have a cloud-based solution, it’s easy enough to add Pulpstream into the mix!

Some of the most common use cases are:

  • Absence management
  • Employee relationship processes
  • Personnel improvement plan
  • Safety management
  • Claims management
  • Audit 


Pulpstream is available to medium and large size businesses according to their needs. You can request a demo by clicking here!


Pulpstream gives you the power to dynamically manage your business processes on the cloud. Pulpstream is an effective solution for companies who want to transform their digital transformation efforts and overcome their challenges in a cost effective way. The Pulpstream platform can be used by any organization, irrespective of size or complexity of its workflows, and it has been proven to be extremely scalable.

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