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Online forms are a crucial element for any business. You can acquire data from customers by using contact forms, registration forms, and surveys. Back in the day, if you wanted to collect data, you had to use paper forms. The process was time-consuming and anxiety-inducing. Luckily, technology has come a long way since then!

With online form builders, you can easily construct digital forms that will be accessible from any internet-connected device. These days, with so many available options, it can be tough to select the correct form builder for your needs. However, if your business is depending on it, choosing astutely is key.

Built with Next.js, React, Tailwind and Prisma, snoopForms allows you to make the quickest forms available for your data collection. You can use code to create multi-page forms, or you can go without code and still get the same results. Pipe your data exactly where you need it, and then maximize your results with their analytics tools. Stay productive by empowering operators and marketers to no-code their own forms whilst keeping your engineers satisfied with quick tech and a frictionless developer experience. 

Idea behind snoopForms and its Mission

The idea behind the creation of this form builder, snoopForms, started with the founders, Matti and Johannes, perception of the significance of forms, that every application has one or more forms– making them an essential part of web infrastructure.

Secondly, forms are the beginning of numerous deeper interactions. Forms such as lead generation, application, and immigration collect a great deal of valuable data. This data is processed and often used to create a lasting customer relationship. Owning the starting point means having control over how this information is used and collected which inherently has value.

Third and last reason was that forms are sticky and viral. People are more likely to keep using the same forms and surveys unless there is an extremely good reason to switch (like gaining full data ownership or cheaper prices). 

All of these and more, gave birth to the last form tool humanity needs, snoopForms, a tool that works in a way that you take what you like, build on top of what you need – and contribute it back so everyone can use it.

Code and NoCode Form Builder

Why choose from NoCode and Code when you can have both? With snoopForms, whether you want to use either of these two, you can definitely do so! Thus making it the perfect tool for your team, having flexibility by offering options for every member of your team in creating forms!

Opting for a ‘NoCode’ form builder is an easy decision. snoopForms’ NoCode form builder offers you a chance to create forms that are visually appealing and easy to understand, so those with no technical background or coding experience can still use them without any problems.

Aside from its NoCode form builder, you can also try their React form builder and get that smooth experience in developing your forms!

Granular Data Piping

A data pipeline is, in its most basic form, a series of steps that takes raw data from one place and moves it to another. In the world of business intelligence, this source is often a transactional database while the destination is commonly a data lake or warehouse. It’s at the destination where analysts comb through the info looking for actionable insights. 

snoopForms uses granular data piping. It utilizes conditional forwarding to send subsets of submission data to other destinations, making it easier to analyze data, extract richer and more valuable data and insights. 

snoopForms’ granular data piping feature is the key to unlocking quick and reliable business insights. By consolidating data from all your disparate sources into one common destination, it enables you to quickly get the answers you need without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Compliance with Privacy Regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, YMCA)

Data privacy is essential for any type of sensitive information that an organization deals with on a daily basis. This includes data from customers, shareholders, and employees. snoopForms allows you to self-host and comply with all these privacy regulations with ease.

Composable and Modular

There are many benefits to using this online form builder, but two of the most important are being able to easily distribute your forms and simple to use, so you don’t spend hours building a form from scratch. 

snoopForms offers a simplified way of  creating your form, so you can build a beautiful form in minutes – even without any design experience. Also, with a good form builder like snoopForms, you will be able to share your forms in a variety of ways and get detailed insights into how people are interacting with your forms.

Get your submissions in the snoopHub and manage them easily!

The snoopHub is a submission data platform that allows you to receive submissions from both coded and no-coded forms in one dashboard. You can forward the data to where it’s needed on a granular level, making it easy to manage your submissions.

Quickly build versatile forms with snoopForms lightweight libraries

With their built-in analytics, validation and pagination with state management, you can now spend your time building the fun parts of your form. Style it how you want with Tailwind or individually to make it match the rest of your website perfectly.

snoopForms currently available features include:

  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Free text questions
  • Custom “ThankYou” Page
  • Webhooks
  • Basic Analytics

While snoopForms have many features currently available, more are being developed and will be released soon. Big plans for this product are on its way, including 20+ new question types, granular data piping and form analytics, to give you the best online form builder experience!

You can also contribute and help in improving snoopForms by adding features you want to their roadmap. Just send them an email about it and soon snoopForms will deliver your expectations! Some of the features that are added to their roadmap and can be available soon includes: email notifications, form logic, hidden fields, A/B Test of wording, Vue.js library. All these and many more to come!


snoopForms has this what you call “pay less than you use” Pricing. All plans allow you to utilize both Code and NoCode builder so check them out. They offer three plans and details are as follows:

  • Open-Source

This plan allows you to self-host your data and all other upcoming enterprise features. It offers a wide array of features including unlimited submissions, form analytics, webhooks, ability to custom domain, remove branding, and community support. All these and all you have to do is join their community! Yes, you can have these amazing features all for FREE and FOREVER!

  • Enterprise

Just like open-source, this plan allows you to self-host your forms, and all other features that are also available in the open-source plan. However, what makes it better is that aside from community support, you can also have an email support feature! Amazing, right? And, things don’t just end there. Compared to the other two plans, the enterprise plan gives you exclusive features such as: integration support, enterprise SAML SSO, and enterprise SCIM. For more details for this plan, check it here.

  • Cloud 

You can start with this plan for FREE! You can use up to 500 free submissions every month, and pay $0.1 per submissions after using up your free ones. Also, with Cloud plan, you can avail all those upcoming enterprise features. However, unlike the enterprise plan, you cannot use features like integration support, enterprise SAML SSO, and enterprise SCIM.


snoopForms can revolutionize the way your business generates data, information, and leads. It’s a valuable tool that can make a world of difference to your marketing campaigns, and it can also be used by other departments in your company, like IT, Sales, Customer support, CRM, and human resources. By creating easy-to-use and insightful forms in snoopForms, your customers, audience or those people you want to reach out to can provide crucial input data that will help you achieve business growth without putting stress on your company budget.


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