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Are you scared that your company’s data could get in the wrong hands? Did you know there are security breaches, fraud, and money laundering happening all over the world? Our toolset for non-technical risk professionals will help identify suspicious activity so it can be reported immediately throughout any of our modules. Enterprises need to have robust cybersecurity infrastructure which includes staff training programs as well as continuously monitoring risks with tools that detect malware and suspicious activity – but how can you know if your company has been hacked without outside help?

Unit21 is a company that provides protection against cyber-attacks and fraud for businesses. The team of security experts at Unit21 have the know-how to help with just about any problem, protecting users from all types of sophisticated risks across multiple industries through simple API’s (Application Programming Interface) and dashboards or maps which provide visualizations not only on what needs to be done but also how it can be accomplished and it helps protect business owners by assessing their network environment in order to identify potential threats before they happen. They’ve got an easy interface anyone could use so you’ll never feel lost when navigating their dashboard where everything is visible in one map view showing every possible angle without having more than 2 clicks needed.

Unit21 is an analytics company that helps businesses detect and manage sophisticated risks, like money laundering. The team at Unit21 has developed a simple API that allows for access to the dashboard with indicators of these risks across multiple industries in order to avoid abuse by adversaries or fraudsters and makes sure your business stays safe from scams through their easy-to-use data-gathering technology. Unit21 is a San Francisco-based company that was founded in 2018 by Trisha Kothari, a Led Identity and Risk Product at Affirm building core infrastructure systems.

Unit21 has 5 featured products.
You can choose one of the five featured products you needed and when you’re done finalizing it, just fill up the information needed for us to send right over a specially-provided guide. It’s that easy!

Identity Verification – Increase revenue by approving more good customers and also provide leverage leading KYC data providers, approve good users faster and increase top-line revenue.
Transaction Monitoring
 – Improve alert performance with the most customizable product on the market and reduce false-positive alerts by 30%, deploy hundreds of out-of-the-box scenarios, and apply unique monitoring logic.
Case Management
 – Operating System Guide, Built-in SAR e-filing to FinCEN, saving hours of manual work per week, preserve an immutable and auditable trail for all data and actions within your system, customize investigation workflows and actions, enabling you to tailor the case management system to your needs, Export your own alerts and cases to the case management system, Export data in real-time back to your system.
Operations Management
 – Identify process bottlenecks to find out where analysts are inefficient or identify teams that need retraining, manage case distribution geographically, by product line, customer segment, or suspicious activity type, manage an analyst workforce as small as two or as large as thousands.
Analytics & Reporting 
– Automated reporting on multiple aspects of your risk and compliance programs, regular reports on rule effectiveness, customer risk, and overall program health, and customizable dashboards and charts tailored to your needs.
You can choose one of the five featured products you need and when you’re done finalizing it, just fill up the information needed for us to send right over a specially-provided guide. It’s that easy!


Unit21 is a company that protects businesses against risks like fraud and money laundering with its software. The no-code toolset they have helps customers detect suspicious activity, model it to understand the risk factors involved, then remediate any issues found through monitoring tools. Customers of Unit21 range from Fortune 500 companies all the way down to new startups looking for ways to ensure security in this digital world we live in today. In 2020 alone $80 million was laundered using our technology.
We are an early-stage startup, well-funded by Google and other leading VCs. Our team believes deeply in fostering individual ownership, iterative product development – all while staying true to our innovative roots! We’re on the verge of something big with great potential for revolutionizing how companies deal with suspicious activity on their platforms.
Unit21 recognizes and celebrates diversity in all its forms, so we welcome people of different backgrounds. A diverse workforce helps Unit21 grow stronger as a company by broadening our perspectives on the market and delivering excellent customer service to everyone who needs it.

System of Action:
21Unit is the best company to go with for your data security needs. 21Unit’s robust data encryption, network security, and privacy controls provide the highest protection against potential attacks. Their wide range of systems of action includes secure authentication along with a comprehensive audit log that provides your insight into any changes made on your account. They also offer internal access which is perfect if you’re looking only need to work in one part of our database without having full permission over all parts or are just trying out their services before committing yourself for a longer period. 

We are all about customer success and pride ourselves on being a company that listens to its customers. We have many ways for our customers to reach out if they need help, including answering questions in real-time via chat or phone as well as having access to the members of our product and customer teams who can answer any question you may be thinking.

Pricing and Schedule:

If you want how you can transform your risk & fraud challenges in your company and the pricing, you may schedule and book a meeting with them for a demo schedule. You can find a book meeting bubble image and click enter. Fill up that needed information and submit it for you to have a schedule.

Case Study:

LINE Automates False Positive Resolution by 60% in First 90 Days using Unit21. It’s been said that Jerry Chou is the Chief Compliance Officer for the cryptocurrency arm of LINE, one of the largest messaging applications in Japan and throughout Asia-Pacific. He’s been leading a team of highly skilled compliance analysts who are tasked with meeting the demands of their product’s growing user base. The team had been handcuffed to an antiquated operating model, which had them performing manual and tedious spreadsheet updates. Jerry realized that he needed a solution that could integrate quickly, provide a high degree of customizability for changing needs, and increase operational efficiency and why he decided to choose Unit21 is that Unit21’s API integration makes it easy to stream and/or batch data directly to the unified platform. Unit21 was designed to produce minimal disruptions to the customer’s business and engineering workflows and the result is upskilled the compliance and fraud operators which means LINE’s analysts can create and test rules, analyze alerts, and create workflows without having to wait for engineers or data scientists to execute necessary actions. Unit21’s no-code solutions are upskilling LINE’s analysts to execute tasks that would otherwise need an engineer or data scientist. Analysts can move fast without needing to document their actions since Unit21 captures every change for each rule in an audit trail. It means using Unit21 you can really pinpoint the problem from its major roots and can be traced up where it all began. With all the features it can be now easy to locate and where to have such improvements.

Either you or someone who wants to secure your company’s suspicious activity in other types against like money laundering, fraud and other such then Unit21 will be useful and is the right tool for you. If you get curious about every feature that was provided above, go check out the Unit21 website at  to explore further.

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