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The modern business landscape is one that increasingly relies on data to make informed decisions. This is especially true for startups, which often have to make quick decisions with limited data. Spreadsheets are one of the most important tools for businesses and startups, as they allow organizations to track and manage data.

Spreadsheets are particularly important for businesses that deal with inventory, manufacturing, field services, or delivery. They can help organizations track progress and identify issues quickly. For businesses with a blue-collar workforce or deskless employees, spreadsheets can be an invaluable way to keep track of employee productivity and performance. But as a business starts to scale, spreadsheets can become difficult to manage and are not easily accessible on mobile devices. 

On the other end, ERP software is expensive and difficult to implement, so startups and small businesses often look for lighter alternatives. In fact, 80% of the world’s workforce is deskless or blue collar but only 1% of the enterprise software is focused on them. is a new player in the market that offers a solution focused on the deskless or blue-collar workforce. From the article of BuildFire, “Why Your Deskless Workforce Needs a Mobile App?”  Workforce mobile apps are designed to accommodate the needs of blue-collar workers and field employees. This is the best way to get them engaged with your company. This could be a good option for startups that need an ERP alternative that is less expensive and easier to implement. Now, a new NoCode tool promises to make it even easier to create complex applications without any coding knowledge.

Founder’s Story of Utilize.App

Jatin is one of 2 co-founders of Utilize. He has been building software for the past 8 years. He has started up once before in the edge computing space. After shutting down his last company, he met Sameer and they started working on Utilize. With Utilize, he wants to build a $100Mn ARR business. is a 3-year-old startup company that was bootstrapped until 4 months ago. Aside from the founders, their team consists of  5 interns. Currently, their target market is small and medium businesses across geographies that have a deskless workforce. 

The idea of the founders was from legacy NoCode platforms AppSheet and Zoho Creator which required a huge learning curve to create custom apps.  They decided to build a better version that startups and small businesses can configure without any coding. As we are aware that many businesses manage their processes through spreadsheets, we thought of building a tool that is simple yet powerful and focused on the deskless or blue collar workforce. It is more useful for blue collar friendly businesses than the other NoCode platforms available out there. 

The use cases that the team of is considering are in the industry of field services, field sales, delivery, manufacturing, and warehousing.

Features and Pricing

The team ensured that the app builder is easy to navigate and has a simple drag and drop interface that can be used by anyone. Of course, by using this platform it’s less time consuming to create custom apps, easy to learn and incorporate in your processes. These are the key features mentioned on the website:

  • Customizable forms and lists – make a list and filter the data
  • Make new and update rows and columns
  • This is available as Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on your desktop and on mobile devices
  • The ability to restrict data based on the logged-in user
  • On the mobile, the team provides an experience for the mobile workforce with functionalities such as barcode scanner, location, address, upload file, videos and all sorts of different components. 
  • You can extend the system’s capability with integrations such as Zapier and Integromat now called Make.  These integrations help your apps talk to other systems like Quickbooks, Xero, PDF generators, and many more.
  • Using users are able to send emails, send SMS and create simple automations. The team worked on this feature to provide you with a simple communication structure to inform your teams about changes For eg., when a new job is assigned to a field agent, they get an email with the job details.

Keep in mind that the pricing may vary depending on the number of users you have. They have a limited free plan for upto 2 users. However, the starting price for the premium plan is $60/monthly. If you’re looking for something more specific and personalized based on your needs, emailing the founders is the best way to get an answer. 

Message to the NoCode community

Desk-less or blue collar workforce constitutes 80% of the world’s workforce but only 1% of the enterprise software is made for them. attempts to solve this with a no-code tool for building simple but powerful apps for your deskless team just from your spreadsheets.” Jatin

Overall, spreadsheets are an essential tool for businesses and startups. They provide a way to track and manage data, which can help organizations make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. is trying to change the way custom apps for the deskless workforce are made. The platform will offer a variety of capabilities for users, including powerful templates, features, easy to use apps and an intuitive app builder. Sign up and use in your business

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