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Website owners and developers, meet your new best friend: UXHack.

In three simple steps, UXHack will significantly improve your user experience skills! First, choose a case study; then test your abilities; and finally, browse the best solutions.

UXHack is a tool that helps you improve website usability without any coding required. This is done through the help of professionals skilled in product management and user experience. Whether you’re looking to revamp an existing website or are just starting out, UXHack can help you create a website that is not only visually appealing but easy to use as well.

Many individuals are immersed in technology with the goal of automating their process as much as possible in order to improve their company’s efficiency, believing that if it may be done automatically, their firm would become more efficient. That is one of the reasons they keep trying to automate as many processes as possible in their business.

The Company and Its Founders

UXHack, with around 5,100 members as of writing, started in 2017 with founders Nishith Gupta and Akshay Kanade. Nishith Gupta began with a programming background and then completed his MBA before moving towards the functional side. He did product management for a startup and that’s when the inception of this tool started. He recognized that there were numerous platforms where we might enhance our skills, professional reputation, and promote what we do while also developing our virtual presence. Then, after that, recruiters would simply check out our profile to see if we were a good fit for their company and technology needs, and we might be hired in this manner. But he discovered that the UX design has remained in its early stages, with people reading through our CV especially when it comes to product management or when it came to UX and they were searching for Behance and dribble types of profiles. So, came the birth of UXHack, a platform on which he thinks there is still much room to explore, such as allowing individuals to improve their skills and/or take part in challenges. There are several use cases for this technology, including digital reputation improvement, which leads to talented individuals being linked to businesses who require them on-demand or full-time.

Nishith and Akhshay are both freelance web developers who operate out of a remote, very lean bootstrap environment.  They both have a strong interest in digital marketing, user experience (UX), and all things NoCode. They are on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. They also have a telegram and WhatsApp group because they feel that these platforms allow people to receive real-time notifications of new job opportunities, events, Hackathon exhibits, and other relevant information on a daily basis.

At the moment, the UXHack NoCode social media management tool is listed on Gumroad.

So, who are the main pool of the UX Hack?

There are two to three persons who get interested in the UXHack and see what it accomplishes. One is individuals learning about UX or products for professional advancement. They set up a lot of real-world problems at the same time while also interacting with businesses as an official capacity to address their issues since this provides them with a quick advantage. For them, this becomes one of the ways to practice or evaluate their skills in a real-world scenario, and they receive a scorecard that details your strengths and shortcomings. They get graded on their problem-solving abilities, communications, and other fundamental criteria for UX competence. So, with this platform, they can actually provide you with that service.

Users may learn about what’s going on in the industry by reading real-world case studies conducted by UXHack. Users may get scores and feedback to improve their real world assessment of different situations thanks to this. Industry professionals, students, and all users can contribute ideas, which are then rated and given feedback so that they may learn a great deal from them.

Another, would be businesses that are seeking to employ individuals for projects either on-demand or long-term, or perhaps they are looking into full-time employees. So UXHack then provides a platform for businesses to look at the ongoing initiatives and their developers, enabling them to make better hiring decisions and increase employee retention rates.

Individuals who are interested in becoming a member can do so for free, but if they want additional services for their company like premium subscriptions for top solutions or permission to submit comments, they must subscribe.

There are three options for UXHack to make money using its services. Hiring is one way; they can help a company find people with the right skills. The second method is to modify their products. Finally, if they simply want to attend a hackathon to promote their business and event. Another new feature in the works, which will be introduced soon, is focused on feedback. Companies may utilize UXHack to obtain clean product feedback on an item that they want to release. Such insight is provided by experts as a detailed analysis.

As of writing, UXHack is more India-centric in terms of their clientele, both community, as well as companies who work with them. But in five years, they look forward to catering the global market.


If your website is not well optimized for UX, you’re losing out on potential customers and revenue. Bad UX can impact your website’s conversion rate, organic search ranking, and even your brand reputation.

There are many factors that contribute to good UX, such as website design, content, user journeys, and microcopy. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a UX expert to improve your website’s UX. There are plenty of tools and resources available that can help you make informed decisions about how to improve your website’s UX.

This is a tool that has been created with the user in mind – whether you’re a company who wants to improve their product or an individual who wants to participate and learn from professionals in the field of UX/UI design. If you have an interest in digital design and want to be a part of something bigger, then UXHack might just be perfect for you. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve UX on your website or mobile app, then Nishith and Akhshay recommend giving UXHack a try. It’s helped people land jobs, get projects done faster, and improve company workflow. And they think their tool can do the same for you.

If you are interested in learning more about UXHack or becoming a member, you can visit their website or contact them through their website. They will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

UXHack is a great platform that will allow you to improve your skills and take part in challenges. You can also use it to improve your digital reputation by linking yourself to businesses who require talented individuals on-demand or full-time. So what are you waiting for? Go check out UXHack today!


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