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According to this blog from Disqus, “The top two reasons for subscribing was to learn more about a topic that interests you (36.2%), followed closely by a desire to stay up-to-date on the latest content from a website (35.8%).” Why should I subscribe to newsletters? Newsletters give online businesses an opportunity to demonstrate authority and expertise on the subject of their products. Tell subscribers why certain materials are better, some styles are popular, or a story about your brand.

Well, as the NoCode community is growing and still it is really exciting to learn because it is helpful for many of us especially if you have a development  problem these NoCode tools are here to help you solve it.

So, if you are hungry for NoCode knowledge, here’s a list of newsletters that provides you daily or weekly information. 

  1. Markerpad by Ben Tossell

Get email that consists of 5 latest tutorials, 4 stories, new features, maker stories, news and community shoutouts, all about no-code. Don’t worry if you don’t want to get spam emails because Markerpad sends email per week and it is sent every Sunday. As of January 2020, there are almost 10,000 subscribers. Automated weekly newsletter consists of interesting and relevant stories.

  1. by Michael Gill 

It provides daily updates and discussion about NoCode, it features makers and shares how they become successful in launching their tool. It also provides a fresh NoCode tools to explore. If you want to get daily updates, join the 3,000+ active subscribers. It is one of must-reads because it also gives motivation to NoCoders.  

  1. 100 Days of No Code by Haining Max

#100DaysofNoCode started as a challenge trend on Twitter. It aims for NoCoders to learn in a span of 100 days, whether you are a beginner or just want to expand your knowledge and skills in NoCode you can join this challenge. After the success of Expert AMA, last March 29, 2020 they were able to release a newsletter, #100DaysOfNoCode Roundup 1. The newsletter indicates what are the progress and accomplishments of this challenge. Gladly, most of the NoCoders share their insights about the tools that they’re exploring. It also provides key insights from the AMA speakers.

  1. NoCode List by Drew Thomas

NoCode List is a list of NoCode software, by category and with  examples. It lets you submit projects that you build with NoCodeTools. Drew’s goal is to help people identify the perfect no-code software for their project. So, expect four new NoCode tools in your inbox every Friday!

  1. No-Code Report by Parker Thompson

No-Code Reports deliver high-level summary of NoCode news throughout the week. You don’t have to worry if you are missing out because it provides launches, product updates, challenges, and new episodes of podcasts. Gives resources such as new articles, collections etc. Newsletter by NoCode Report is published every Saturday. 

  1. Nocode Essentials by Quentin Villard 

NoCode Essentials is a curated directory of ‘only the best’ resources about NoCode. It helps your way in the NoCode world to build and launch your NoCode projects in no time. The 267 subscribers of NoCode Essentials get the best resources, latest news and discover the best no-code tutorials, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, communities, templates and more. Subscribe to get exclusive NoCode stuff delivered to your inbox.

  1. No Code Founders by Joshua Tiernan

NoCode Founders is a NoCode community of 2000 and more founders. It aims to help each other to build products and businesses without code. They run a monthly AMA (ask me anything) in NoCode Founder’s Slack where they talk to interesting people in the NoCode community. Aside from getting newsletters from NoCode Founders, every Friday they share a Perk with the NCF community. Access NCF Slack community now and get weekly perks and posts delivered straight to your inbox! 

  1. NoCodeDevs 

NoCodeDevs is a community platform for makers to connect, learn, share and discover everything. It lets you follow, ask questions, start discussions, like, comment and share content. It provides a daily round-up for NoCode makers. Currently they have 823 subscribers and tackled 115 issues.

  1. Automate All the Things by Aron Korenblit

Aron writes about NoCode news, thoughts and tips. He also releases videos about reviewing NoCode tools and livestream. As he is constantly learning and sharing new tools, currently it has 533 subscribers and tackled 24 issues. Every week, he shares his thoughts on the NoCode space, and an exclusive tutorial.

  1. Side project stack by Michael Novotny

Michael started Side Project Stack to save you time and frustration. He successfully made and launched three NoCode projects such as No Code WikiTool Generator, and Maker Tech Stacks. His mission is to “Makers helping other Makers, make. That’s it.”. Join the 1,442 and counting Makers who receive the Side Project Stack Newsletter full pack of NoCode product management insights to help turn your idea into a reality.

If you are in the process of jumping to use NoCode, this is your first step to get awareness of how NoCode can be useful to you. Don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest update of our growing NoCode community!


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