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Podcast awareness is surprisingly increasing day to day! Very similar to Social Media a decade back, when it had started gaining importance amongst the public. Podcast’s have outgrown the traditional radio channels that were the foremost medium of communication during the good old days. Now is the time to relax, sit back and enjoy a cup of hot coffee with the lively podcast sessions that are updated on a weekly basis!

Talking about NoCode, a similar upcoming trend these days. People are curious to explore the abundant options available to them, right in front of them on the screen, just at the click of a button. NoCode Podcast as the term explains, yes here too we have many competitors joining this space in the past one year. Podcast are very easy to create as well as listen. They are a digital audio file that is available on the web for downloading or listening to the livestream, logged in from any laptop, mobile or desktop. It has usually started trending in series for any relevant topic or tutorial for that matter. You can easily subscribe to the channels that captivate your interests. Using headphone to avoid background disturbances, listening to them in your car or playing it on your home theatre are several ways to enjoy the podcast.

NoCode Movement and its various NoCode platforms have been witnessing a very fast forward move in the industry. With millions of minds trying to mould their ideas with the help NoCode, the curve has only been moving upwards every time.Podcasts on NoCode have gained a lot of popularity among people who want to learn more about it on their move. Reading required tremendous concentration for an individual, at times straining the eyes easily. Podcasts on the other hand are a boom for individuals since they only have to listen, at the ease of rewinding, pausing and fast forward as many as times they wish. At NoCodeJournal, we are happy to throw some light on some of the best NoCode podcast.

Makerpad podcast by Ben Tossell

Talking about the Makerpad podcast, they usually have an interaction with the founders of NoCode tools. They even have podcasts with other company founders who are presently using their own company tools. Makerpad podcast are very supportive of individuals and teams who provide a very realistic response in terms of NoCode solutions to automate workflows, set up processes, and boost their productivity to enable them to be more creative at work since they have used their services. The host of Makerpad podcast is Ben Tossell,who is the founder of the company.

At NoCodeJournal, we are lifetime members use Markerpad to learn about new tools and to explore maker tutorials.

The NoCode Hustle

NoCode Hustle podcast was launch in April 2020, by Erik Israni. It’s a Bubble Team’s effort that showcases their community’s most celebrated creators and most exciting innovators within podcast series. Grab the opportunity to listen to what the founders have to say about their journey, makers who share a walkthrough of their apps and what they learnt from their NoCode journey.

As long-term Bubble users inside NoCodeJournal and our sister organization, we are happy to listen and learn from Bubble experts.

Visual Developers by Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parke

Hosted by Matt Varughese,Lacey Kesler, & Ben Parker. Coming from a diverse background within the NoCode space, they all bring their individualistic qualities and experiences in front of the audience. Visual Developers podcast is a good source of information because of the kind of guests they usually welcome in every podcast. Their podcast focuses on the weekly updates with all the latest resources and activities conducted within NoCode space. Further on they even share their own understanding and using of some of the NoCode tools.

With fifty-five episodes from half an hour to over an hour, if you wish to grasp anything within the NoCode space, this NoCode podcast is just meant for you!

No Code No Problem by Ryan Myher

Connect right in to No Code No Problem and you will be able to hear all the potential co-founders, discover tools, meet investors within the NoCode Space. Networking with other like minded members who may have similar thoughts shall help and get you to understand the NoCode space better. Ryan covers latest NoCode news and interesting tools, interviews with some great founders and helps you in your #NoCodejourney.

Indie Hackers Podcast by Courtland Allen

Planning to quit your regular job and dreaming of your running your own revenue-generating ideas? Courtland Allen, has personally spoken to numerable such enthusiasts who have not only turned their dreams into reality but also converted their side projects into profitable online businesses. Wish to explore more about their stories, challenges, and the smart tactics behind these Indie Hackers. Log on and listen to the on-demand podcast by The Indie Hackers.

NoCode Wealth Podcast by Abdulaziz M Alhamdan

NoCodeWealth is the home of the NoCode makers and founders who wish to obtain the right answers from the experts in terms of Money, Marketing, and Mindsets. Itis where the makers become the earners. And similarly, the earners become the founders and finally the founders get their freedom and create wealth and profits. Listen to more than 100 such interesting podcast from the house of NoCode Wealth!

Get your daily dose of inspiration from these podcasts to get motivated and moving to explore all about the much talked about NoCode.

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