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March of every year is Women’s History Month. This year with the entire world in lockdown due to the global pandemic, the attention was on other more pressing needs. But we don’t need a specific month to celebrate Women. In terms of numbers, we have heard of the negative data points on inclusion and diversity.  Only 5% of Tech startups are women-owned, and women also have only 5% of the Leadership positions in Technology, roles as stated by Adevait. The low numbers also transcend similarly to women-owned companies in general.

We at NoCodeJournal believe that as the maturity of NoCode increases, it will provide a significant impetus to seed more Women Founders and Makers. NoCode levels the playing field within the industry as technical education/knowledge is not a pre-requisite to creating a successful company, which either is a technology company or uses Technology significantly to run its operations. 

In celebration of Women, we wanted to shout out to the few of the amazing makers and builders we have had the pleasure of interacting with or are known faces of NoCode companies. The list is in no way comprehensive, so if anyone else needs to be here, do let us know. 

Anita Kirkovska is the Co-Founder and Growth Engineer of Ampstor. Ampstor is a NoCode digital storytelling tool for fearless brands that started in February 2019. Anita is a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Central Florida. She volunteers as a Co-Organizer, and WomenTechmaker Ambassador in Google Developers Group Skopje, Co-Organizer in Google Developers Group Central Florida, and Marketing Tech Volunteer in We Talk IT. She loves organizing and managing people and projects. 

Mariam Hakobyan is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Softr. Mariam is a hands-on leader with 11 years of technical expertise in designing and developing highly scalable distributed systems with event-driven architectures to support the delivery of high-quality products. She has a Master’s Degree in Faculty Science from Yerevan State University. Her specialties include Java, Scala, Akka, Kafka, Elastic Search, and many other technologies. Softr creates building blocks that are unique to each business, with only a fraction of the cost compared to hiring engineers. It is a NoCode technology company based in Berlin and founded in 2019 together with a team of veterans from the software engineering from companies like Paypal, Zalando, Awin and ImmobilienScout24. It is a platform that let’s non-tech entrepreneurs and startups visually build marketplaces and SaaS applications, without a single line of code. Its mission is to free startups from reinventing the wheel.

‍Samantha Lloyd is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Metaranx. She is a graduate of Digital Marketing Management from the University of Toronto. Her skills include Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and writing on topics such as Web Content, Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization. She also has a background in Wedding and Event Planning. Metaranx is a drag and drop platform that allows you to build Artificial Intelligence tools, applications, without having any coding skills. 

Joyeeta Das is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gyana. Joyeeta is an innovative UK based entrepreneur, an innovation campaign ambassador, and mentor to young female entrepreneurs. Gyana is the creator of the NoCode tool VAYU that allows anyone to do anything a data scientist can do without writing code and become a citizen-data scientist. Joyeeta had a career as an engineer in Silicon Valley, after which she moved to England. She pursued a Master of Business Administration at Oxford University and was awarded the Said Scholarship in 2014. She received a Fellowship from the Entrepreneurship Centre and holds a degree in Electronics Engineering and a degree in Physics. Aside from the excellence in her education, she is in FT top 100 BAME leader, top 100 in UK tech, ambassador for Innovate United Kingdom’s’ Women in Innovation“. Also a volunteer with numerous charitable- spiritual organizations such as Anahata Life, The Akshaya Patra Foundation, and the World Health Organization. Joyeeta got the idea for Gyana while managing the startup incubator program at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford.

Lacey Kesler is the Co-Founder of Visual Dev School and co-host of Visual Dev FM, a NoCode Podcast. Lacey has a background in web and software development, mobile app development, product management, and education. Visual Dev School is a place where you will learn how to build without code. Whether its a website, mobile app, or web app, they cover all. Lacey is also the co-host of Visual Dev FM. This podcast covers all things from maker interviews to tutorials and more, in short, everything under the umbrella of visual development or NoCode. Aside from being a technology enthusiast. Lacey is also a cool mom. 

Paula Selvidge is the Chief Executive Officer of PerfectForms. Paula has an extensive background in Information Technology and User-Centered Design. She is also passionate and driven to ensure the culture remains focused on delivering the features and on customer service. Paula began in PerfectForms as a User Researcher and Product Manager in 2008 and has been with the company for 11 years. Paula has been the CEO of the company since mid-2013. The PerfectForms is a web-based application development platform that enables both IT professionals and business users to create an online form or workflow application, without writing a single line of code.

Grace Schroeder is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Slingr. Grace has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. According to her interview in Women Who Startup, she was always interested in Technology and Data Science. With her experience over the years in large corporations and startups, she was motivated to build an application from scratch.  Slingr is a LowCode solution for Entrepreneurs, and enterprises and enables the rapid development of new applications and workflows.  Slingr integrates with multiple third-party services and data sources. Currently, in its 10th year, it is building integrated business solutions that orchestrate over 50 best of breed technologies including Slack, Twilio, Sparkpost, AWS Connect, Lex, Lambda, Kinesis, SNS and Ethereum to produce highly scalable automation.

Claudia Sin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of ChatCampaign. She has a  Master of Science in Engineering Enterprise from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  ChatCampaign provides loyalty programs to messaging apps, provides online-to-offline customer engagements through chat loyalty programs, bringing a transformative experience to traditional digital marketing through a proprietary SaaS platform. ChatCampaign was a Winner at Hong Kong Techathon in 2018 and Top 5 Global Startups sponsored by StartupLeague on RiseHK in 2017.

Derya Sousa is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Kianda. Derya started her career as a web developer and continued as an Information Technology consultant. She closely worked with executive management and Technology departments to advise and help them to build custom technical solutions to support their businesses across industries. Along with her husband Osvaldo Sousa, they decided to make use of their skills and develop a solution that consigned this constant reinvention to history. They set up the company Kianda Technologies 4 years ago with the vision to become NoCode automation technology that brings agility to businesses. Kianda provides a cloud-based Enterprise Process Automation Platform for organizations to transform business tasks automate digital forms, workflows, and dashboards.

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