Women In The NoCode Space – Part 2

As more and more people are working remotely, it’s becoming clear that there is a serious lack of diversity in the tech industry. This is because women are still not being given equal opportunities to learn skills like coding. Previously, we created a list of Women in NoCode. In case you missed it, here’s the link to get to know them. As the LowCode and NoCode community grow and grow, we shouldn’t worry anymore. Women In NoCode aims to empower and recognize more women in the NoCode community, where anyone can build and learn about programming without ever writing a single line of code themselves!

Lisa Dziuba, Head of Marketing of WeLoveNoCode

Lisa is a Forbes 30 Under 30, Product Marketing Leader and maker. She helps 2000 and more startups, agencies, SMBs, and enterprises to release products, MVPs, apps, websites faster and more affordable with the power of NoCode. Also, built and sold her startup, contributing to the creative space since 2015. 

Crystal Camarao, Filipina advocate for NoCode PH

Crystal is a NoCode developer and maker. She provides awareness and empowering the NoCode and LowCode community in the Philippines. Also the founder of Estel, a studio that makes NoCode websites and apps for various clients worldwide. 

Tara Reed, CEO at Apps Without Code.

Tara is an inspiring tech leader with experience running marketing initiatives at Google, Foursquare, and Microsoft. As the CEO and founder of the million-dollar tech startup Apps Without Code, Tara spends her time developing entrepreneurs through coaching and teaching about NoCode software. She’s a great instructor for her students who needed app building support because she’s ultra friendly, positive, and professional on camera.

Jen Kramer, Freelance Web Designer and Instructional Design

Jen creates websites with content management systems, NoCode platforms, and HTML/CSS. And create courses with a variety of platforms (Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, Canvas). Assist other instructors in planning, designing, and creating courses. She  teaches in a fun and accessible way for all skill levels. 

Kelly Claus, a Former Webflow designer turned Bubble developer.

Kelly went from WordPress and Webflow to Bubble after she learned the power of Bubble’s NoCode platform. She is an educator in the community of NoCode. A Freelance Bubble Developer and Coach that builds and prettifies web apps for herself and others.

Madhuri, a NoCode, Design and Product Management Educator

Madhuri helps Indians to get into their tech startup, Xperian and Nocolo.co. Focused on NoCode, design and product management, and enabling makers in these fields. She is a concept-oriented design thinker who can work on crafting digital systems with an eye for detail yet staying cheerfully creative making products aesthetically beautiful.

Sisa Lleses, Founder of Design Off The Boat

Sisa is a Filipina based in Toronto creating an impact through her skills in design sprints and building tech with NoCode. Design Off The Boat is an all women product design studio that helps women-led social impact companies. It’s goal is to accelerate social entrepreneurship by building smarter with design thinking, faster with design sprints, and better with NoCode. 

Camille Blanchod, an Ambassador of Notion

After a year Camille announced that she’s now the Notion’s Community Lead in France. She loves to help people use Notion to create a central tool that works for them, whether they’re a freelancer, teacher, marketing agency or content creator. She is also a co-admin of the French-speaking and Portuguese community, and a founding member of The Notionette, an online lifestyle-zine made with Notion.

Women in On Deck – Zoe Chew, Founder Fellowship of On Deck, Janel Loi, Program Manager and  Carri Craver, also a Fellowship

On Deck is a platform to help ambitious tech talents advance their careers.  It is where top tech talent and ambitious builders go to start or join something new, or accelerate their careers. Zoe is a Product Builder at /build, and the creator of NotionTrackerSuite. Currently, I’m part of On Deck Founder Fellowship 10. And based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She built Venturescale and gained 11 MVPs featured on ProductHunt, Hackernoon and LifeHacker.

Janel is a maker, marketer & community builder based in Barcelona, Spain. Aside from being the Program Manager at On Deck’s No-Code Fellowship, she’s interested in building with NoCode, reading, writing and newsletters and self-development and learning. 

Carri is a NoCode builder and in one of the episodes on VisualDev.FM she shared about her NoCode projects she launched including the Covid Vaccination site powered by NoCode.

Claudia Cafeo is a Web/ Mobile Designer and Webflow Developer

Claudia is a teacher by day, designer by night, who helps others reach their full potential either in school or with a beautiful website for their company. She designs and builds beautiful websites for businesses around the globe. She’s also the founder of Floxies community for women in the UI and UX and Webflow development. 

Sara Du, the CEO and Cofounder of Alloy Automation

Alloy Automation is a  E-commerce automation startup backed by Bain Capital, Abstract Ventures, Y Combinator. Aside from NoCode, Sara is interested in SaaS and E-commerce. Previously she was an engineer before starting her company. 

Frances Odera Mattews is an Official Certified Notion Consultant & Notion Ambassador and Founder of The Notion Bar

Frances helps people, influencers and teams level-up with Notion through her services at The Notion Bar. She became one of Notion’s most popular influencers in under a year and a leading expert at creating aesthetic digital Notion products and efficient workspaces. She is also a seasoned design-thinker, with experience in event/project management, operations, creative agencies, e-commerce and lifestyle brands.

Lily Snyder is a Tech Enthusiast

Lily edits and writes about a variety of technology topics including the metaverse (NFTs, Crypto, Digital Fashion), AR/VR, Futurism, The Future of Marketing and exploring LowCode and NoCode. She uses technology to solve business problems. She’s a software enthusiast who inspires joy and passion in my customers and team to do great work.

Dani Bell, Founder of Scribly.io

Dani is the founder of the NoCode content service Scribly.io. She is 100% non-technical that’s why she decided to launch a productised service in 2018. She needed a solution that was simple, low-cost and would allow me to launch as quickly as possible. Currently she is now running a successful business that’s powered entirely by NoCode!

Samantha Won, Co-Founder of Pory

Pory.io is the NoCode platform that’s on a mission to empower businesses to create custom apps without engineering resources. She’s the rising star of Melbourne for Mobile and Web development.  

Aliya Amershi is a Tech Startup Coach and Founder of Codefree App Launch

Codefree App Launch is the first NoCode app accelerator for ambitious women entrepreneurs breaking into tech and bootstrapping their startup. Aliya’s mission is to help bootstrapped women startup founders build and launch an innovative app idea that gets happy paying customers without all of the unnecessary barriers

Ksenia Goron, Head of Marketing of UIBakery

Ksenia is a full stack marketer with experience over 10 years including 7 years in Digital area. And currently, developing as a product marketer. She has a lot to share but despite all of her experience she still prefers to learn.

In Summary

NoCode Journal recognizes women who want to get involved with LowCode and NoCode. Hand in hand, we will explore the future together because we all have one thing in common: we LOVE NoCode! Let’s encourage making friends within the community, discussing your projects or products and how to improve our skills, as well as the issues that concern us in the tech industry.


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