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In the business world, especially in today’s digital-first world, technology leaders and business leaders have a similar problem: understanding their customers or users better. This quest usually leads to these teams scouring the market for an Analytics tool, a Data Science platform, or, exceedingly nowadays, an Artificial Intelligence implementation. But as we all have heard, more often than not, getting these solutions into your product or business roadmap isn’t easy, it’s time consuming, and the chances of failure are high. This is where our today’s tool, Qualetics, comes in.

Qualetics provides a revolutionary AI platform that allows you to leverage Data Science for your business without the barriers of resources and infrastructure. Companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, can use the Qualetics platform to solve complex business problems and drive growth. It helps the technology team embed intelligence that informs you of errors/defects, latency, and user friction. No waiting around to see what problems customers report; you know everything, the good, the bad, and everything in between. As a Business leader, Qualetics can look across your client landscape and see not only what clients have been using your product and how but within your clients, who the power users are, and what they are doing to be so successful.

Features and Why Qualetics?

Qualetics, in a nutshell, is the developing LowCode, and NoCode approaches to deploying AI algorithms and an AI management system at scale and embedding them in organizations and products.

Qualetics is on a mission to productize things, finding ways to deploy something repetitively and successfully, and is scalable across the organization. Qualetics created a Software Quality Analytics set, which contains 40 different kinds of analytics algorithms. If you are dealing with a WordPress website, then it is a NoCode solution. Anything other than WordPress, whether a mobile application, a SaaS, or a website, can be implemented in a LowCode manner.

You can connect Qualetics Software Quality Analytic solution and analyze every user’s click to analyze all of the activity that occurs in your customer experience, looking for patterns, studying any anomalies, and identifying where errors and defects may occur. Qualetics also importantly helps prioritize them. Based on how many users are affected and in what context is that error or defect occurring?

Over and beyond the above example, Qualetics helps us understand user engagement and improve Performance & Quality Insights, as well as provide real-time remediation using the features below:

Monitor your Product Quality

Identify paths of friction for users, such as bugs, crashes and performance issues. 

Track Software Quality across Versions or Releases

Track software quality across versions or releases by analyzing user engagement in detail using Qualetics’ analytics platform (QA platform). Monitor user activity on your platform and identify areas where users are having trouble using your application; this is useful when you need to troubleshoot problems with functionality or functionality not working as expected by users of your system in order to improve its performance or user experience.

Monitor your Product Performance

Monitor user engagement in detail so that you can identify which products are doing well, and where improvements are needed most urgently (e.g., new features). Identify paths of friction for users by analyzing their behavior on an individual basis—for example, if users consistently upgrade their devices but then drop off after a few months once they get used to using them again; or if they churn out after discovering another option available online that works better than yours does—and use this information to help guide future decisions about how best to serve your customers’ needs over time!

Analyze Product Performance at the Client Level

The key to success is to understand your customer, and the best way to do that is with data. With Qualetics, you can now analyze product performance at the B2B client level. This allows you to see how well a product performs in terms of revenue generation or user engagement, as well as identify any areas for improvement through analytics and insights derived from it.

Validate & Optimize your QA Efforts

Qualetics helps you identify errors in the code early, even before the release. Which simply means, no more errors in the software after the release.

Analyze User Engagement in Detail

User engagement is one of the most important metrics for every product. Qualetics helps you understand user engagement in detail, providing real-time insights into your user behavior and allowing you to monitor their behavior over time. You can use Qualetics’ data platform to analyze both internal applications (such as CRM) and external sites that use Qualetics’ features. Qualetics offers the ability to monitor user engagement across multiple platforms and devices including desktop, mobile phones and tablets so that you can gain a complete picture of how your customers are interacting with your product at any given moment in time. This gives businesses insight into what drives conversion rates, which allows them better understand why certain actions result in sales or leads for example – enabling them make informed decisions based on this information rather than just making guesses based on intuition alone.

Know which products are doing well

A good product manager should be able to tell which products are doing well, and why. They should know what products are getting the most engagement, revenue and downloads. They should also know which customers are giving them positive reviews on their products or services.

This knowledge will help you make better decisions about your business:

  • How much money do I want to spend on advertising?
  • Which features should we add next?
  • Should I focus more on marketing or software development?

Identify Paths of Friction for Users

  • Identify the user journey
  • Identify the problem
  • Identify the solution, and how it solves that problem. This is where you should be able to see if there are any issues with your current solution or not.

Help your Users in Real-Time

This is the most helpful feature for a NoCode app. This feature helps a business save time while helping the users instantly.

Custom Subscriptions

You can also create custom subscriptions for AI-based Insights, collaborating and seamlessly embedding AI-based insights and analytics into your solutions. Integrate Analytics and AI outcomes using an API-based integration. Subscriptions allow subscribers (users) access to all functions available in the system; this includes building dashboards, creating custom reports etc., as well as using them offline via mobile phones or tablets. Collaborative Insights allows multiple users at different stages within an organization access simultaneously on one device without having any impact on each other’s work flow. API Based Integration enables seamless integration between internal processes such as ERP systems and external partners such as CRM vendors etc.

About the Founders

Sumanth Vakada and Mike Fowler founded Qualetics. Sumanth is the Founder and CEO and launched Qualetics in Jan 2019 on a mission to help technology leaders and teams build their intelligence frameworks to help enhance their systems and processes and empower their teams with knowledge using data. Mike joined Sumanth in July 2019, coming in as the Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer and arriving at the same problem from a business and operations lens. 

Before launching Qualetics, Sumanth held leadership positions at Kaplan professional and MedAvante-ProPhasion. Sumanth has been a technologist for more than 20 years. Before Qualetics, Mike held leadership positions at Kaplan Professionals, SmartPros, and Thomson Reuters and has a history as a business professional of over 35 years.

Qualteics currently has a staff of 8 resources spread across the globe.

Use Cases for Qualetics

Qualetics is the data intelligence platform for software applications. It enables business owners to make better decisions by providing them with data-driven insights. Qualetics is easy to use and helps you save time and money. It is a powerful tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes to improve their decision-making processes and save money.

Here are some examples of how Qualetics can help businesses:

1. Businesses can use Qualetics to better understand customer behavior and preferences. For example, a business could use Qualetics data to determine which products are selling well and which ones need improvement, or identify new marketing opportunities based on customer feedback.

2. Startups can reduce costs by implementing a single tool instead of multiple analytics tools. For example, if a startup is developing two different types of products – one for consumers and one for businesses – they could use Qualetics data to optimize both products simultaneously using the same data set.

3. B2B businesses can implement Qualetics to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. For example, if a company is promoting a new product to businesses, they can use Qualetics data to measure how many leads were generated and how long it took for those leads to convert into customers.

4. SaaS based companies can utilize it for analytics based products. Qualetics provides a comprehensive suite of analytics tools that can be used by startups, businesses, and SaaS based companies.


Qualetics is available to an individual as well a team of 25 team members. A growth plan costs $99 per month for 10 users. On the other hand, 25 users can utilize this NoCode tool at $199 per month. The tool can also be customized according to the business’ needs.


Overall, Qualetics is a great product for anyone in the industry who wants to understand their customers and their needs better. By using Qualetics, you’ll be able to track users’ behaviors and provide them with instant feedback on how they can improve their experience. The platform has a wide range of features that enable businesses to perform analysis tasks quickly and effectively while also providing insights into users’ actions within your products.


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