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Processica is a platform specifically designed to automate business processes of various complexity, and they do it in the most efficient, easy to its user’s way. User-facing simplicity is never easily achieved. It requires sophisticated product management, architectural and implementational efforts to enable users to model complex business processes and data analysis in the most straightforward, intuitive way. Making complex processes easy to model and manage – is a fundamental paradigm of their approach. 

Having worked with many enterprises, they quickly realized that they needed a much simpler NoCode based micro tool to cater to the non-technical audience within the clients they serve. These NoCode micro apps are built on the backbone of Microsoft Logic Apps and Microsoft Power Automate systems. When looking across the NoCode landscape, there are many apps within web development, mobile app development, data handling, and even AI. Still, there are not many within the Enterprise layer who use Microsoft  (whose license is already present in many enterprises) as a base.

What is the USP to using the Processica NoCode Micro App Platform?

Processica Apps micro automation suite is an entirely visual, 100% no-code approach for customers that need fast implementation of their process automation. The idea is to help people build automation with the tools that they already have within their enterprise. Most companies do have some Microsoft Licences, but they are not aware of Microsoft automation and its power and the pre-integrated applications due to it being a part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

The goal is to help companies use Microsoft automation’s power, which they already have, and provide Processica’s templates for NoCode application to be used as blocks.  These blocks can then be used by the administrators or business analytics in specific workflows without knowing to code and extract data for their business or operational needs. Citizen developers can create their blocks, duplicate existing workflows, use a template or start from scratch; the intent is to provide a powerful yet heavily integrated tool to create a vast array of micro-apps for specific needs within the organization.

Company and Background

Processica is a US-based company, with its head office in Wilmington, Delaware, with a product development team is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. With a team size of around 60 folks supporting the platform and their clients. Processica primarily focuses on platform-based sales, but they do perform custom software development as well as customization. With the existing platform being more tailor-made for the Enterprise customer, the new NoCode based micro apps platform attempts to support the SMB and mid-sized companies. 


The team at Processica plans to make the new micro-app NoCode platform free to use. If customers need customization on top of the base platform, Processica can help out for a nominal charge. They eventually hope to come out with more advanced features that will have a paid component to it.

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