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The mobile app development landscape continues to evolve; smartphones have changed the way we communicate, work, shop, and live. As the mobile app landscape evolves, design and performance also improved. Now, building an application can be possible without the knowledge of coding.With the current State of NoCode, there are a lot of NoCode platforms that help anyone build a mobile app without the knowledge of coding. Thus, even those with no coding experience and limited coding experience can create high-quality, functional apps with ease. 

One such tool that is quickly gaining popularity is Sizze, a NoCode platform that helps simplify and streamline the development process for non-coders and teams of any size and skill level. So far, this platform has been well-received by users and has garnered positive reviews from many satisfied customers. If you’re interested in creating mobile apps but don’t know where to start, then be sure to check out Sizze – it just might be the perfect tool for you!

Founder’s Story of Sizze

NoCodeJournal spoke to Amiko, the Business Manager of Sizze. She shared with us their founding story – Nick Newman, CEO and Sergey Kurakov, CTO met in a university and started to focus on building a NoCode tool. It is worth mentioning another co-founder – Kate Tuhai, CBDO who is also consulting the team on product development, UI/UX design and B2B sales. Sizze was founded a little over half a year ago with the mission of empowering everyone to NoCode mobile app development. It was  set out to create a tool that would allow anyone to create products without having to code. And so far, Sizze has been a success. 

Nick has 8 years experience of UI and UX design while Sergey is responsible for all the Back-End development. The team also has front-end developers from all over the world: Thailand, USA, Kazakhstan. In total, there are 12 people on the team, working remotely.

As the company is getting recognized, they have been selected by 1ST50K and will be relocating to Missouri, US in September. It’s a program that helps boost startups. Currently, they are in the seed stage of raising funds.


If you’re designing with Figma, a NoCode tool that allows you to design and prototype your mobile app without having to write a single line of code. If you love using Figma, designers can hand off their designs to developers with confidence that the end product will look and feel exactly as intended. In addition, React Native code components are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to create rich user experiences. Overall, the ability to easily convert Figma components into React Native code components makes it an extremely valuable tool for designers who want to create native mobile applications. How does it related with Sizze? With Sizze plugin, you can quickly convert your designs into React Native code, making it ten times easier to develop your products. Consolidate multiple development and design solutions to save time and money. 

Some key features of Sizze include:

  • Easy prototyping: With Sizze, you can quickly create prototypes of your app ideas without having to write any code. This makes it easy to test out different ideas and get feedback from users early on in the development process.
  • Source code: Sizze provides you with all the source code for your app, so you can easily make changes and customize it as you need. This makes it easy to keep your app up-to-date and maintain control over its evolution.
  • Auto Layout and Constraints: Sizze automatically generates layout and constraint files for your app, so you don’t have to worry about these details. This makes it easy to create responsive apps that look great on all devices. 
  • Sizze also provides ready-made presets with built-in logic. For both developers and for No-Coders (the team is still working on it. Be sure to be updated!) 
  • Sizze has a Figma Import feature.Users can import the preferred design from Figma and all of the settings will be kept.
  • Sizze also offers features to export code. To learn more about how to get it, contact the team to get more details. 

Basically, Sizze helps users to design the product then customize it according to what you’re building. Users can choose a variety of designs for a product depending on their needs  It is possible for users to add images, GIFs, YouTube accounts, or different types of presets to their application. Sizze creates solutions through designing to code for you, Size Editor or Sizze Plugin.

How does Sizze differs from the major NoCode tools such as Adalo, Bravo, Bubble, and Glide? As part of Sizze’s service, it helps users to publish an application. It is cheaper and has a friendly interface. However, it hasn’t gained much traction yet. They provide constant updates on Sizze’s features, be sure to stay updated!

Who are the users of Sizze?

If you’re a non-coder reading this article, this is a NoCode tool that you must check out! The platform provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to get started. 

Sizze is also ideal for beginners of front-end and back-end developers. And experienced designers, front-end and back-end developers who need to build basic applications and be done very quickly.

The current clients Sizze have are B2B agencies and startups that need MVP who want to improve their workflow by automating their work processes, and of course, can be done quickly. 

As of writing, Sizze have more than 11,000 users and 45 are paying clients. Their services aren’t only focused on the US market. Since they also have major clients in some parts of the world such as India and Brazil. They’re also trying South Korea, and getting more clients in other Spanish speaking countries.

Are you hesitant to try Sizze? As we mentioned above, it is for anyone who wants to build a mobile app. You can check out Sizze Academy, as they provide educational resources to help you get started or if you feel like stuck using it. 


You can now try and sign up to use Sizze. Free  including features are: all prototyping features, 5 Figma imports, upto 3 active projects, and upto 3 active pages. 

If you decided to get further into the platform, these are types of pricing to choose from:

  • With $29 per month, choose all pre-made presets, publish to TestFight, 10 copy code, 5 download zip, 20 Figma imports and 1,000 CMS items.
  • Be a PRO for ONLY $49 per month and get all of the Basic plan, publish to store, unlimited Copy code, download ZIP, Figma imports and 10,000 CMS items. 
  • For Teams, subscribe to 259/month and get all features from Basic and Pro plan PLUS multiplayer canvas, team workspace, unlimited viewers, CMS items, can share your projects and Alpha features.

The founders are confident that this NoCode Platform  will continue to empower people and help them create amazing mobile apps in the future! With Sizze one can build and publish mobile apps fast and easy! Moreover, with Sizze Plugin one can easily transform their Figma designs into React Native code. Sizze provides all of the crucial features in the most accessible way.

The key benefit of using Sizze is its ability to design and build complex mobile apps without a single line of code. Additionally, this NoCode platform integrates seamlessly with Figma, making it even easier for teams to collaborate and get their projects off the ground quickly. The feedback from users was all positive. Users were amazed at how easy it is to use Sizze and how quickly they can create products with it. Whether you’re just getting started in mobile app development or you’re a seasoned pro, Sizze is an excellent tool to consider. You might want to add to your list of NoCode tools to explore.

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