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When running a business or a brand, it is no secret that creating interactive content to build engagement with your customers is important. Getting to know your customers’ opinion about your product is also prime for the continued success of your business. That is where Faraday comes into the picture to maximize it.

Faraday was co-founded by Matt Alcock and Josh Sebastian earlier this year.  What is Faraday? Faraday is a NoCode tool that creates interactive flows to help a business or brand build engagements with their customers. Approximately 96% of ad spend was wasted because the moment the user clicks on an advertisement, it does not go to the next step. Here is where Faraday came into picture. They will design a platform to help brands and businesses boost conversion with post-click interactive flows. They can also be used for many things, such as validate your business idea, get feedback from your customers, and conduct a survey.

How to get started

Start experiencing Faraday by signing up. You have to type in your email address above the “try free” button then it will redirect you to sign up with your minor details. It Is that easy. Once you have signed up, you will be able to create your own interactive flows. Faraday provides several templates which you can choose depending on your purpose. There are templates for Product Quiz, Product Story, Qualified Lead Gen, Newsletter Growth, Audience Info Promo, Brand Purpose Promo, Business Idea Validation, Product Guide, New Product Sign-up, After-sale Feedback, Product Showcase, Interactive ads and Survey. Other than these templates, you can have a blank canvas and start from scratch, as well.

Then on your canvas, you will find a set of tools which you can add to your flows, which are background color, text, image, emoji, sticker, image picker, slider, poll, emoji-o-meter, poll, open questions, and email capture forms. It is convenient since the designs and pictures in the template is already provided. On a project, you can create up to 8 slides. If you use the Pro or Business Plans, you can add Smart Result Frames in the end of your slides. It will enable your visitors to see different results based on the answers they gave in the main story flow.

Once you finished editing your desired output, you can look through the final project by clicking the preview button. It will redirect you to another link of only your output.


When everything goes smooth on the preview page, the next step is to click the Publish button and choose your own URL handle. The URL would look like this one, Then you can connect your web stories anywhere, like social media ads, or embed it across websites and apps. The flow created in Faraday is designed and optimized for mobile, so even though you visit the link through desktop, the format will be look the same as if you open it through a mobile phone.

After you published your link and the visitors have interacted with your flows, you can check the project analytic report in your dashboard. You will be able to track visits, drop off and completion rates, and gather data from your visitors’ responses. Interestingly, the report can also be downloaded. For the users with Pro and Business Plans, you can view the raw data responses, too.

Storage and usage of assets

Faraday also offers a place to keep all your images for your ideas. You can also stock images that you want to use in the present or for the future endeavors. You can upload images and videos that you have on your own under the Account button. If you do not have photos that you like to upload, you can start searching images or videos that best showcase your ideas on the stock photos that is powered by Unsplash. The endearing part of Faraday is, they offer handy tips for you to read and get a clue from. Go check out their handy tips on the website under the Assets link.

Customer Interaction

Faraday also helps you interact with customers’ who sign-up live. It is easily done since you can just email the customer by clicking the button for mail on the side. Aside from that awesome feature, you can download the excel of the customers who have signed in so that you can have your own copy.

Pricing Plans

There are 3 plans that you can choose, which are Free, Pro, Business, and Premium Plans.

For the Free Plan, you can create up to 5 projects, 1000 views, and 100 leads.

For the Pro Plan, the price is $48 per month for the monthly payment or $36 for the yearly payment. You can avail all the free features, plus additional features like smart result frames, raw data views, remove the Faraday branding, 20k projects,100k views and a thousand leads, and interrogations.

For the Business Plan, the price is $120 per month for the monthly payment or $96 for the yearly payment. In using business plan, you can save 20% yearly. The additional advantages you can get are unlimited projects, unlimited views, unlimited leads, and custom domain hosting.

For the Premium plans, you can message to claim the most exciting plan and offer. You can avail all the pro features with an additional of allowable use of 10+users, teams and permissions, coaching and account management, Audience builder, Unlimited subdomains, three custom domains. For further clarifications and questions regarding this plan, you can message the link mentioned above.


If needed help and questions on the features and the offers of Faraday, they will surely be happy to provide the help you need.  There is a help button wherein they will help you start up by giving ideas and instructions on the possible ideas you can create.

Check the examples of the flows made with Faraday so that you can get a peek on what Faraday can offer.

–     Bad Norwegian

–      Little Cooks

–      Glossier

Either you are someone who wants to validate new business idea or a brand who wants to boost sales and get feedback, Faraday will be useful and easy to use for you. If you get curious on every feature that was mentioned, go check out the Faraday website at to explore further.

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