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Project management has always been essential for businesses, but as times change, so does the way project management is executed. Companies are now beginning to see that not only are project managers important for achieving successful results, but they also play a role in employee happiness. These trends aren’t just random; they’re direct consequences of effective project management.

Projects without good project management are actually a waste of money. Many people believe that project management is unnecessarily expensive, but it can actually save you money in the long run. Project managers can help you avoid costly mistakes and keep your project on track.

Project management is more than just making sure time, budget, and scope are in check; it’s about bringing clients and teams together, envisioning a successful project, and keeping everyone aligned on what needs to be done to achieve success. When projects are managed effectively, the benefits extend far beyond simply completing the project.

It’s essential that you consider choosing the best project management tool for your team when you start planning. Project management software, at its core, helps teams plan and optimize resources so they can be used in the most effective way possible.

Shaped by its users, Hive is a perfect project management platform to move your team faster, despite having a hybrid or remote work environment. It has a wide range of features including different project views such as Gantt, table or portfolio view. Hive also has analytics, project tracking and many other tools that can be a big help to manage your business workflows. 

About Hive

Hive is an excellent project management tool used not only by Google and Starbucks teams, but also by those at Comcast, Toyota, Anheuser Busch, and more. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from this versatile tool – from startups and nonprofits to massive companies with 100,000 employees. Project management tools are a dime-a-dozen, but this one is top-of-the-line because it’s customizable and integrates with over 1,000 other programs.

Hive’s mission is to ensure that people are more productive in their jobs and workplace. People are more productive and happier if they can work in the way that suits them best. Whether it’s being able to work from home or in the office, communicate with coworkers effectively, or having the right tools to get their job done, Hive believes that only you will know what works for you.

Hive values its users’ requests and experience. In the company’s words, they are “customer obsessed”, as they always seek to improve and provide the best service for their users. Hive is totally a one-stop place for all your team and organization works, where everyone can feel welcome and comfortable working together.

Features of Hive

Project Management

Having a tough time getting your team to coordinate their tasks, projects, and campaigns? Bring them together with this easy-to-use platform. Hive can be the perfect hub for your team to connect and collaborate on projects. With Hive, you can keep your organization on track by managing key initiatives and giving all members visibility into the process.

Yes, collaboration can be tough, especially if you have a lot of people and projects to handle but by using this tool in your project management processes, you will be more efficient, and you can reduce the complexity of collaboration. You’ll also be able to increase transparency and ensure accountability when working with other teams or departments.

If you have multiple initiatives, you create a separate project for each. If you only have one initiative, create a parent project with child projects underneath. For every project, include individual tasks and sub actions. With this tool, you can manage projects such that you never again drop the ball. You can quickly communicate with teammates about specific projects or tasks using comments, attachments, and tags. It’s convenience at its finest!

To understand your workflow, link cards and visualize them in a Gantt chart. This will demonstrate the relationship between two dependent actions. From there, you can customize your Gantt settings and format according to your preferences. Hive also enables you to have more efficient feedback sessions by bringing all your documents, images, videos and more into one place. You can markup these items and request approvals from teammates, clients and others.

Team Collaboration

With its team-orientated tools, Hive allows you to stay in touch with your team members, whether you are working from home, the office, or a combination of both. With Hive, you can easily chat with teammates- whether it’s one-on-one, in a group, or in a project message. You can also change your status so that your team knows if you’re away or busy.

Hive has its team collaboration feature that allows you to easily collaborate with your team

You can also keep everything organized by using Forms to help with intake. By centralizing all client, product, or other intake in Hive via Forms, you can easily add form fills into projects and tasks later on, or assign them to teammates if needed.

Hive is the perfect way to bring your hybrid team together for video meetings. You can enter a meeting from a chat, take notes, and assign next steps within minutes. Plus, you have the option to open a video meeting in Hive or use our Zoom and Google Meet shortcuts.

Time Management

Hive has time tracking feature to manage your time easily

Hive is a great tool to manage and track your time working on projects! By utilizing this project management system you can plan upcoming projects, track the amount of time each task takes, and distribute manpower efficiently in order to avoid delays or missed deadlines.

You can track your time by action, automatically or manually. Enable the timer in your action card to track time for you, or add it at the end of the day, week, or month.

With its timesheet feature, you can easily submit and record your work hours on a weekly basis. If you forget or don’t have time, Hive will autofill the information for you. Plus, this makes it easy to streamline client work and keep track of all submissions!

You can also use project baselines as a reference point to ensure your project is on track and get an understanding of which team members are available for upcoming projects by allocating resources to specific projects. Hive enables you to improve your productivity by working more efficiently as a team. You can schedule and coordinate meetings, track projects, and view workspace activity all in one place.


Hive lets you customize your workplace the way you want it to be

Feel free to get creative and make Hive your own personal workspace. Your tools should work for you, not the other way around. By customizing your workspace with productive (and fun) additions, you’ll be able to get more done in less time!

You and your team can repeat layouts and formats for future projects by customizing templates. Save these project or task-level models in your workspace for easy access. You can also keep better tabs on your to-do list by customizing each task with a status, color, and level of urgency.

And customization doesn’t end there! By adding your company logo into your Hive workspace, you’re not only personalizing your team’s experience but also spicing up all of the Hive Forms. You can also select when, where, and how you want to be notified from Hive. And if you love emojis, you will definitely love Hive as well! With their pre-existing catalog or custom emojis, you can add some fun and personality to your workspace and chat.


Hive has an awesome automation feature for its users

By automating the monotonous everyday tasks, you will be able to utilize your time more efficiently and get more done. With Hive’s automation feature, you can assign owners or change status with ease – endless possibilities!

With Hive, you can easily connect to over 1,000 external apps to make working with others more efficient. Build multiple-step workflows quickly and effortlessly across different applications- this will expedite your routine processes. With their growing library of workflow recipes, you can take advantage of ones already created and shared by other clients. Or, if you prefer, build your own in a matter of minutes. Hive’s standard recipe workflows are easily customizable without any coding knowledge—simply use the drag-and-drop workflow builder.

Reporting and Analytics

Hive eases your tasks in reporting through this feature

Let Hive do the work for you by condensing your task and project information into manageable learnings. 

With this tool, you can access existing workspace dashboards that give an overview of a project’s completion status, what still needs to be done, who is responsible for each task, and more. Get a bird’s eye view of all the progress being made in your workspace. 

In addition, Hive also allows you to export info with just a few clicks, and keep track of changes that have been made to projects and tasks over time. With its dashboard, you can easily filter projects by assignee and more. You can also set trackable goals for your team or organization and monitor progress so that everyone is aware of the current status.


Quickly transfer information between apps for a streamlined workflow.

With Hive, you can integrate all the other tools you use for work

In addition to all these features, you can also contribute to improving Hive! You can message them your suggestions, or feature requests, through their product forum and they’ll work for it to come to reality! 

Pricing & Plans

Hive’s plan and pricing is also perfect for every team!

If you’re an individual working on projects, you can get started with their FREE PLAN! This plan includes: unlimited storage, projects, tasks, and collaborative notes, as well as Gantt, Kanban, calendar and table view. You also have access to cloud storage integrations, cute emojis and native & email messaging.

For their TEAM PLAN, being the most popular, you can run multiple projects and collaborate with colleagues, for only $12 per user, per month! Aside from the things included on the free plan, you can also have seven flexible add-ons, external guest access, shareable forms, time tracking, in-app calendar, and Zoom and Slack in Hive

For enterprises, you can avail their ENTERPRISE PLAN. Just contact their Sales team and enjoy that full suite of add-ons, extra support, and enterprise security.


If you’re serious about your business, then you must know that good project management is key to success. Hive is truly a game changer in your project management activity, as it is the perfect project management software for businesses of any size. It helps teams work together more effectively, plan projects, assign tasks, and automate workflow processes.

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