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Cloud Computing has many of us wondering if we’re living in a real-life version of The Matrix. Software applications and data storage seemingly come out of thin air. But before you run out and buy your Virtual Private Cloud, take a step back so we can talk about “InHouzCloud” — a NoCode platform that lets anyone quickly, easily, and cost-effectively build web and mobile applications without learning how Cloud Computing and coding.

Why InHouzCloud Was Created

Hand-drawn plans, lengthy meetings, and lots of paperwork – if you’ve ever worked in construction. That’s probably how the job goes. The process is repetitive and never really fun. Just like any other industry, it’s not that innovative either. However, the founder of InHouzCloud couldn’t stand it anymore. They wanted to disrupt their industry by introducing a form builder platform that allowed anyone to build an app without knowing any code.

InHouzCloud was a thought; that one day the construction industry can have its own cloud system. Ranging from a web app and more, InHouzCloud is the idea of putting complicated business data on the cloud as well as providing communication/collaboration for all project team members.

Major Features

InHouzCloud app builder has many features such as

Layout – Use CSS grids and create stunning layouts

Interactions – Helps you create animations in minutes.

Logic – Let’s you convert websites into web apps.

Advanced responsive design – Customize the UX by creating apps that fit any device.

Style guide – This feature helps in boosting speed by 100%.

Save elements – Save every element in a library and get rid of the clutter.

Reference elements – Create references and use them anywhere.

Connect to any data source – End-to-end data encrypted connection with any data source.

Secure file uploads – Easily upload files from AWS, Google Cloud, etc. to InHouzCloud.

Unlimited free form submissions – Native HTML form element helps in executing this feature

Static SEO – Yes! You can even change SEO tags including meta title, description, etc.

Dynamic SEO – Perfect for complex eCommerce web apps where you need to create separate SEO tags for different product pages.

Lifecycle functions – Functions to load, run, load, or do other things in an app.

Version control – Save and revisit that version.

Remote network request – Your API keys are always protected.

Team collaboration – Keep your team updated with the latest updates in real-time.

Multi-organization collaboration – Add freelancers, third-party agencies, and contractors to your team.

Visual app data – Debug and monitor app data.

Launch approval workflows – Apply approval rules to the app just the way you would do in GitHub.

Multiple environments – There are different environments for development, testing, and production.

Scheduled launches – Schedule the launch according to your wish.

User simulation – This allows to give different permissions to different users and their versions can also be viewed.

Security / Gated content – Set a password and secure the app.

Custom code – By using this feature, you can also add Google analytics to the app.

Monetization – InHouzCloud subscription service allows you to monetize the app.

And much more!

Features of InHouzCloud API

Multi-regional cloud – Use your NoCode app-like cloud infrastructure.

Serverless and Fileless – Think of it as AWS but without coding or files.

Logic – Advanced logic made easy.

Standards – API standards are available.

Connect to any data source

Unlimited endpoints within an API

IP Whitelist & IP Blocklist – Custom IP rules to allow or restrict certain IP addresses.

Request Host Whitelist – Only allowed hosts will be able to access the API.

Request Host Blocklist – Restrict domains that are not allowed to access the API.

Private APIs – APIs are private by default.

System users – Assign machine users with different API keys and environments.

Multiple environments – Environments are divided into development, test, and production mode.

Version control – Save and revisit that version.

Scale – Scale InHouzCloud infrastructure at an unlimited scale.

Monetization – Monetize the API with an InHouzCloud subscription.

And many more

Use Cases

IT teams

InHouzCloud works flawlessly for IT teams. The IT sector can leverage this NoCode tool in many ways such as:

Automate daily tasks of a department – From updating or archiving files to assigning tasks. InHouzCloud offers various features which can help in automating the tasks and make the work easy for IT teams.

Efficiently manage the data – InHouzCloud allows you to automate, store and manage all your data in one platform. You don’t need to worry about losing the data or wasting time in finding it. It is easy to access, use and share with others.

Enhance communication within the team –  InHouzCloud has a feature of ChatBot through which you can easily communicate with your team members in real-time no matter where they are located across the globe. This helps you to collaborate efficiently with your team members, clients and vendors anytime, anywhere.


SaaS businesses are increasingly recognizing the need for a robust API layer to cater to a variety of use cases – building internal tools, custom integrations for valuable customers, and external tool marketplace among others.

For instance, you might want to build internal tools to help your customer success team be more proactive. Or you might want to build a custom integration for a customer who is seeking an enterprise licence.

SaaS businesses can now transfer licences, build internal, or external tools and do a lot more. Today, APIs are a part of pretty much every SaaS product. However, businesses haven’t been able to monetize them beyond the obvious. InHouzCloud is one company that has been working in this space for some time now and we have been able to help SaaS businesses find new ways to monetize their APIs and web apps.

Transferring licences using the API

If you are a SaaS business, you might have some customers who would like to transfer their licences to someone else without having to go through your support channels. It’s a hassle for them and it’s also a hassle for you. You can use InHouzCloud API to transfer licence between users with just a couple of clicks. It also provides you with an analytics dashboard so that you can see how many transfers have taken place over time and even drill down into the details.


InHouzCloud helps enterprises create apps in a few clicks. Run your business easily while this NoCode platform takes care of some of the most important things of your business. 

They have an ever-growing list of ready-to-use templates that are designed with different industries in mind, so you’ll always find something perfect for your business needs. And they’ve made sure that the templates are easy to customize and change around until they’re exactly what you want them to be.

Individual Users

Are you a small business owner in need of a new landing page? Or maybe you want to try your hand at creating a NoCode app, but you don’t know how to code? You’re in luck, InHouzCloud lets you create marketing websites, landing pages, and SaaS products with its advanced No-Code capability.

InHouzCloud provides all the tools required to build any type of digital presence for your business without writing a single line of code. You can focus on growing your business while InHouzCloud will help you build your online presence.

Being a NoCode platform, InHouzCloud makes it very easy to create and manage your content through an easy and intuitive drag & drop editor. You can create blogs, landing pages, forms, popups, and much more without worrying about anything else.

About InHouzCloud and Team and Founders

“Coding is the way to go. You can become a problem solver with the right skills.” This is what Uchenna Nwankpa, founder of InHouzCloud Technologies says when asked about coding and his journey as a software developer. He worked as a construction field technician before he started learning how to code and solve major problems.

The construction industry has been using pen and paper to fill forms for decades. This was not acceptable to Uchenna, who wanted to do something different, exciting, and meaningful with his life. Uchenna learned the ins and outs of coding from free online resources, then founded InHouzCloud during the pandemic. In just 9 months, he turned his vision into reality with this unique No-Code platform that also allows users to manage their business through the cloud.


InHouzCloud is a 2-in-1 NoCode cloud platform that allows users to get started with the cloud in minutes, built with them in mind. With its one-step setup process and intuitive UI/UX, templates, and more, you can quickly deploy your infrastructure and start saving time, money, and effort.

InHouzCloud removes all the pain points that you’ve been facing while managing the cloud on your own. It’s smart, performs several tasks for you, and makes sure that you’re always in control. Plus, it’s ridiculously easy to use, even for those who are new to cloud infrastructure and coding. And because it’s a NoCode tool, they’ve also made it super affordable for anyone to get started. So there’s no reason to wait—step right into the future with InHouzCloud today.

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