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Websites are not just a place where you put your products or services. They’re also an opportunity to engage with customers on social media, and give them the information they need without having to pick up the phone. When running a business, products or a brand, it is no secret that creating beautiful website can build a good engagement and interaction with your customers. 

When running a business or brand you know how important it can be for your customers to have an engaging experience with your products and services by visiting your site often. One of the ways this engagement happens on sites. That’s why having great looking pages works so effectively in most businesses–it encourages users not only visit but also actively interact with them which will result in better sales from these interactions and visits! That’s why it pays for business owners to invest in beautiful websites that can encourage consumers into being more engaged and looking out their product line-up even more than before which is something Typedream does extremely well.

We live in an era where many people are more connected with their phones than they are with the outside world. Typedream is a new website builder that helps you create your personalized webpage as easily and quickly as possible, no coding skills required, you can easily build a website and become the owner of your own domain whether you’re just starting out or have been blogging for years, this platform is perfect to highlight all of your thoughts in one place. Typedream is a beautiful website builder with an intuitive user-friendly interface. It’s never been easier to build your own custom designed site that you can promote and share on the internet.

How to Get Started:
Start your day signing up with Typedream. You can click “start now – its free” and register to have an account and once done you will be directed to the main page. Typedream have many options to choose from whether its Landing page, Personal site, Resources or guides, Marketing page, I’m just trying out Type dream and others and then you can pick and choose a template and then you can add pages to your website. You can choose all options or just depending on your type and also you can edit, add, remove pages later if you want changes later on and then build your site.
You can choose and build your page according to your taste, brand or what niche you’re working on. You can change the given words in the templates and replace it. You can also edit colors, headings and text styles. In the free plan, you can add unlimited pages but can only publish one webpage. Once you are already through with the information you needed to input at your website, and done with all the changes then you can simply preview it to check and then click publish. 

Site Settings: In site settings, you can create your own aesthetic that will be consistent across all of the pages on a site. You get to choose what type of logo you want, where it should appear on each page, and how it appears in browser tabs and search results. In-Page Settings for every individual page, you also have the opportunity to customize its title tag by adding dashes for the site link and changing words around as desired. Setting up a custom domain can be changed at the custom domain tab.
Search Engine Optimization & Sharing Set: You can probably set up how your site looks on search engines and when shared. You can add metadata (extra content for search engines), meta title, meta description. You can also add content for the Twitter page, and Facebook page with its information like title page, image, and descriptions, and also with the Launch plan, you’ll have access to all of your content and will be able to edit it without restrictions.
Code Injection & Customization: You can add custom fonts, colors, and even customized code to your site depending on what you want or need. The Code Injector will be added in both the header of a page as well as its body. This service is not available for free plans so if this sounds interesting contact us today. You’ll have access to all sorts of cool features like font customization, color selection tools, and customizable codes with our affordable packages – find out more about them here.
 You can invite teammates to view and edit your site. This is a great way for everyone on the team to be able to stay updated with progress, make edits when necessary, or suggest new ideas! You just have to upgrade to the launch plan.

This documentation describes the core features of Typedream. They will update the content when there are new features to be implemented. Documentation highlights are custom domains to your site and tools and integrations wherein you can integrate a third party to your site.
In the documentation (Cardy), you can manage and check your cash management, wherein Cardy’s features effectively manage your company’s cash. You can also monitor your credit card usage across all team members from the dashboard, and generate reports, make a generated reports and insights about your financial health. 

This is a new updated and improvement for Cardy. 
Automated Reports and Runway Calculations:
 You can now generate financial reports instantly from the dashboard. Our runway calculator will help you project how long your company will survive given your capital and expenses.
 You can explore and learn more about managing your company’s finances, secure user access, and more. Like product resources, tutorials, community, guides, and courses.
Pricing for Cardy: 

Cardy is only available in the US.
Cardy cardholders can use their cards at any merchant across 200 countries where Mastercard and Visa are accepted.
Cardy is easy to set up – you can open your account in less than 15 minutes and get started with your business immediately. We take care of your financial management such as accounting, budgeting, and generating reports.
 There are 31 beautiful websites posted and created by Typedream tools and are expanding more.
There are also more websites rebuilt by Typedream and here are some samples:

Pricing Plans:

There are 2 plans that you can choose from, which are Free, and Launch.
For the Free plan, for building your own dream site you can have unlimited pages and one publishable page.
For the Launch plan, for product launches, landing page, and more, the price is $12 /per month if billed annually or s$15/ per month if billed monthly and it has an unlimited publishable page, custom domain, team collaboration, SEO & metadata, and code injection and takes note if you choose annually, you have 20% off.
If needed help and questions on the features and the offers of Typedream, they will surely be happy to provide the help you need.  You can Join them on Slack or chat with our support team by clicking on support chat in the bottom right corner of the page.
If you are someone who wants to have a good website page for your business, products, or brand and who wants to have your own unique web page then, Typedream is a one-stop solution for all your website needs. If you are overwhelmed by the many different features that Typedream offers, don’t worry because their website will help guide you through every step of the process and even offer useful templates to make things easier. Check out the Typedream website at to explore further.

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