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There are many different tools that can help you grow your business. But which one is right for you? And how do you know if it will be worth the investment? In this blog post, we will introduce you to Ninox- a tool that can help you manage your business effectively and efficiently.

Ninox, a NoCode app, is one of the most successful German software providers  and is quickly gaining popularity in the tech world. It bears fully customizable products for any of your need. Ninox can run on all your devices, just simply open your browser and start collaborating.

Ninox offers a wide range of features that can help you automate your business processes. With Ninox, you can easily create forms, databases, and workflows without any coding knowledge. Ninox also offers a wide variety of integrations with other tools and services.



Create a balance sheet, income statement, and handle your cash flow.

When you have a company, your investors or other interested parties want to know how it’s going. Accounting or bookkeeping is the language of business since it allows your firm to communicate through financial reports.

You can develop and customize your own accounting software with Ninox, powered by simple templates that are tailored to your organization’s demands. With the app, you may calculate financial ratios and get a sense of your firm’s flexibility and liquidity, so making the next business decision is a breeze.


Organize your enthusiasm for art, stamps, books, movies, and other things you like.

You can use Ninox to keep track of your personal collections. If you enjoy reading and collecting books, your guilty pleasure is rare and vintage whisky and wine, or modern art with its own lengthy and fascinating history, or you’ve decided to build an all-in-one collection of movies you want to see, Ninox Cloud software could be useful for you!


Make your own CRM! For clients, partners, suppliers, pupils, members, and employees.

This template may be used to manage your contacts in an online program on your own. Add categories relating to the type of business or personal contact (supplier, customer, employee, partners), sector, firm, and even a personalized touch on their birthday with a custom email directly from the database or a call from Ninox. This template has comprehensive address history for both residential and business addresses. You can add different phone numbers, emails, and postal addresses for each contact to help you organize your contacts in the cloud. You can also import your contacts from a Mac or iOS address book if needed.

Custom CRM

Create your own customer relationship management software to help you save time and streamline your operations.

Start optimizing your workflow and save dozens of hours to focus on what really matters: your clients.


Create events and invite people. Keep track of attendees.

The Ninox software can also be used for event management and planning, as well as online and offline event planning. With the Ninox app, you may make a masterlist of members or people to be invited, track invitation status, and calculate the number of attendees. The Ninox event planning template is ideal for Event Managers, Receptionists, and even party planners who need an easy-to-use tool to stay organized. All of your records will be tidy and secure within the system, regardless of how you’re organizing your events. There are options for connection across platforms so that all of your Events appear on the calendar.


Make a list of everything you own. Keep track of your orders and sales. Stay informed.

The Ninox inventory template is simple to use and can be tailored to your company’s preferences. With this template, you can quickly create the best ERP (enterprise resource planning) system for your business. The calculation of the present stock is made by adding up all orders from suppliers and subtracting all client orders per article, which is a nice feature for intermediate users.


Create and send bills. Manage clients, packages, and services.

You may have a firm that is on the right track, but you’ll need to convert your labor into business language – invoicing. This is the first step toward providing your firm with financial nutrients that keep it going. This simple invoice template allows you to centralize all of your client and billing data. You can include VAT, multiple currencies, and items in addition to keeping track of outstanding invoices; hence, it’s yours to make yours . You can even generate receipts for each transaction.

Now you can use this template to create sales reports and graphs for your small company or freelance work. Create a flourishing business or freelance job with the aid of these features: graph your sales and expand your existing small firm or freelancing effort.


Organize your meetings and appointments. Sync the “to-do” list with your clients.

Ninox software can help you organize your appointments and meetings as well as schedule them. Furthermore, they will all be listed in the calendar. You’ll be able to generate meeting reports, establish to-do lists for follow-up, and more.

Keeping track of past interactions with your clients and potential consumers is easier when you have a system in place. You may use this app to manage your customer relationship management and sales process using this template. For office managers and personal assistants, this template may be used to organize and plan their schedules, but it can also be used by attorneys or doctors to keep track of their appointments.


Manage projects and tasks. Calculate effort, time and expenses.

This template was created to assist you get your project management software up and running quickly. It has three levels: Projects, Sub Projects, and Tasks, as well as pre-configured aggregations that provide an overall picture of the current project status. For a successful collaboration, invite your team to design a project management software that fits your working style.

Real Estate

The solution for real estate brokers and property management companies.

Whether you work in real estate, brokerage, or property management, you need the most efficient information management. With Ninox, you can create records for real estate with addresses and descriptions, add pictures, build a CRM database, organize events, print PDF files, and so on.


Track your working hours.

If you’re a freelancer or an employer, you’ll want to know how productive your working hours are. Get this template to track time and cost quickly. Organize your team, sign in and sign out. Calculate pay using the hourly wages supplied. Mark holidays and weekends on the calendar. Ninox provides for advanced filtering capabilities . Monthly reports and costs per employee are included. Simple data representation is possible with this software.

To-Do List

Keep tract of your tasks.

The Ninox To-Do list is straightforward and keeps things simple. You can have different perspectives on the same data by making numerous printable checklists. Cross out items from your daily or weekly to-do lists for added pleasure. Make your day more efficient by adding working time, scheduling events based on times when you’re most productive, and marking down tasks that you can focus on at various hours of the day.



Professionally and dependably develop and distribute your own tiny-scale common apps.

$12.00 (billed annually)


As your firm develops, so do your demands – you’ll want more alternatives and flexibility.

$24.00 (billed annually)


This is for companies who require exceptional features or need enhanced security.

(on request)

Create custom applications without coding experiences with Ninox!  It’s easy to use and you can be productive in just a few minutes. With the Starter plan, you can develop and distribute your own apps on a small scale. If you need more options and flexibility as your company grows, the Professional plan gives you access to additional features. For companies that require enhanced security or exceptional features, we offer an Enterprise plan (pricing available upon request). Get started today and see how Ninox can help you take your business to the next level!

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