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For an exceptionally long time, the Achilles Heel for digital marketing has been the abundance of tools and platforms helping marketers combined with a lack of data conversations and 360-degree insights from these tools. Brands and companies have always had a hard time having a single source of truth for all your revenue generation activities. This problem has specific front running solutions like Adobe Marketing Cloud and Salesforce among enterprises. Still, it has very few lean tools for small and mid-sized companies, as well as SaaS startups. That is where Unstack helps.

 Problems in the current marketing landscape

Currently, small and mid sized companies primarily rely on open source options like WordPress to build their front end footprint.These platforms, as the moniker goes, are more CMS’s (Content Management Systems) to manage content and are lack any sophisticated tools for growth and customer acquisition. As a result, companies stitch together many different digital marketing tools along with the CMS to understand their marketingdata.  

Many companies must move the data to excel and/or similar reporting and analytics tools to understand what their marketing efforts are telling them about their customer. In other cases, you need the help of the IT teams to research the tool’s APIs, create data funnels, and create IT projects every time new marketing insights about the customers is needed.  

Unstack and its founders

Unstack is a NoCode Unified Marketing Platform which enables brands and companies to focus on aspects of their marketing, which drive real and measurable growth. Unstack, founded in 2018 and launched theplatform in the spring of 2019 by Grant Deken (CEO) and Steve Moseley (CTO). Before Unstack Grant was the Co-Founder and CEO of Grapevine, a global influencer marketing platform acquired in 2018, before Grapevine, Grant worked at MIT and co-founded an affiliate marketing platform in the financial services industry. Before Unstack Steve was the Head of Engineering at Insurify, one of the top Insurtech disruptors in the U.S. Before Insurify, Steve was a lead software engineer for Flip Key (acquired by Trip Advisor) and led one of Miami’s top digital agencies before that.

How does Unstack help businesses

Digital teams need marketing software that allows them to rapidly build, test, and scale the content and marketing programs that work without relying on developer support. For most teams, this is a significant struggle and bottleneck. Think of Unstack as a no-code marketing CMS that also has a full analytics suite, CRM, collaboration, and a lot more to help you grow your business. We joke that “our engineers built unstack, soyours don’t have to.” 

Unstack is impressive for all types of businesses.If you are a business looking to drive more traffic and leads and measure what’s working, they are probably a great fit. Most of the their client’s companies are SaaS, B2B, Digital agencies, and web publishers. 

 Features of the Unstack Platform to help businesses

Website and Blogs

Unstack has a library of pre-built templates for from startups to scaleups, professional services such as medical, financial,legal firms, contractors, and entrepreneurs. 

Landing Pages

Unstack helps you deliver better customer experience for your clients with conversion-optimized landing pages and post-click personalization. It enables you to manage and execute Account-Based Marketing(ABM) by using pre-built templates without using any code to accelerate high prospect targeting. 


Unstack’s mission is to help you grow your business faster by building the best possible tools as well as connecting you with the other platforms already in your stack. Explore the growing list of 24 and more integrations such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Stripe, Hubspot, Salesforce,Klaviyo, and many more.

A/B testing

Unstack made it easier for the business to use A/B Testing to identify the best copy and design for their marketing creatives.Just setting up a test is as simple as clicking the launch and measuring the results of the integrated A/B testing.

Forms and Unlimited Contacts

Unstack helps you build beautiful lead capture forms and contacts CRM making it an all-in-one platform to help you convert traffic into qualified leads. It includes a contacts database with search, sync your data with third party systems in real-time and record custom events and actions.

Future Roadmap for Unstack

Unstack approaches everything in terms of “how can we drive growth for our customers.” They recently released revenue analytics where you can connect Stripe and map your revenue upstream to your SEO and other marketing channels to understand what works – in two clicks. They are also dropping a full-featured CRM for managing leads and closing more deals.They have more integrations coming in like Zapier and Segment and will be adding more automation, design, and customer communication tooling in the future. They are regularly shipping new features and battle testing them on their website. If the tests work, they immediately release them to all their users. 

NoCode Journals Take on Unstack

We at NoCode Journal do believe what Unstack has created here is something that many SaaS startups and small and medium-sized companies will greatly benefit. One of the unique things about Unstack is the plethora of Webinars from product demos, to partnering with industry experts or playbooks on how to use Unstack. Also, when some of their client websites golive with new features or updates, they are showcased by the Unstack team,which allows prospective clients to visualize how they can also benefit from using Unstack.

 We hope the readers of NoCode Journal will give Unstack, a NoCode unified marketing platform a try and let us know their feedback as well.

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