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With so many databases editing tools to choose from, it’s important to find the one that best meets your desired objectives.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a straight forward and uncomplicated tool or something with advanced features; there is an option out there. You must take time to consider what features will be most beneficial as you select the right tool or platform to help you with this task of yours.

Imagine being able to have an admin panel that can do both and is no-code too.

With StationDB, an instant online admin panel, you will be set up and ready to go in a matter of moments! This NoCode solutiongives you the power to easily manage your business without having any codingskills. Get started now with fast setup times thanks to StationDB’s innovativetechnology – making sure your success remains as stress-free as possible.

About StationDB

StationDB offers a seamless and effortless way to manage your database right from your computer, phone, or tablet. Its intuitive admin panel provides quick access so you can confidently edit records without any prior coding knowledge. Cut down on time wasted while editing data with StationDB’s instant platform that is designed for maximum efficiency.

Even if you lack coding knowledge, there is still no need to worry! With a database at your fingertips, anyone can now easily create and manage it.

With StationDB, you can make the most of your time and save energy by having direct access to update your database quickly – no need for constant back and forth with IT teams!

This platform is designed with the user in mind, displaying your data concisely through an easy-to-navigate table format that’s sure to be familiar 

Also, StationDB’s turnkey solution is the perfect answer to all of your requirements, from trivial display functionality to advanced team collaboration. With this platform, you have access to a host of features that make it easier than ever for you and your colleagues to work together efficiently.

With the rights and permissions, by giving users different levels of access, you can ensure that only those who need to make changes can do so, while keeping the rest of your database safe from accidental or unauthorized changes.

To make it even better, StationDB has a white label feature that permits you to present your own custom branding – logo and colors – on the tool. This will create an appearance of professionalism and reliability to those who use it!

The Founders and Inspiration behind the Creation of StationDB

Nesrine Amrani, one of the founders and CEO of StationDB, is an engineer and former Product Owner with five years of experience crafting turn-key solutions. He is a staunch proponent of no-code products. His role encompasses over seeing every stage of their product’s development for the ultimate customer convenience and satisfaction.

Talal El Hamraoui, one of the founders ofStationDB, along with Nesrine, the Chief Technology Officer, is an experienced programmer with a great track record in tech startups. Talal’s expertise lies in the technical side of product development and he steers to make sure thatthe company stays at the forefront of technological advancements. With his knowledge and enthusiasm for technology and innovation, Talal guides the team on setting up sound technical direction for future success.

With great enthusiasm, both Nesrine and Talalshare a passion for no code tools and believe in their capability to revolutionize how software and digital products are created. That’s why they decided to create StationDB; joining the crusade that is opening up technology access to everyone from all walks of life regardless of whether they have technical expertise or not.

Their goal is to democratize technology with their platform, StationDB, so that anyone can tap into its power. This breakthrough will then allow entrepreneurs and businesses, no matter their resources or technical proficiencies, to design the tech solutions of their dreams, so anyone can experience the power of modern development projects.

Start of the Project and it’sLaunch Journey

The founders, Nesrine and Talal, started thisproject last September 2021. By April 2022, StationDB was launched on ProductHunt.

After this, StationDB was then selected toparticipate in AppSumo’s Select Campaign. During this, they added a lot of newfeatures which includes: white label features, import and export options, filters and manymore.

Their participation with AppSumo’s SelectCampaign started September of this year and ended just last November, andenabled them to acquire at least 250 lifetime customers. Not only this, theywere able to gain feedback from customers they acquired, which confirmed theirgoal and mission for their tool. They were also able to beta test their productbefore they started the campaign. AppSumo’s Campaign is also a big help interms of marketing because it enables them to reach a lot of people andincrease their product/brand awareness.  


StationDB’s targets both Code and NoCodecommunity. For the Code community, using StationDB will result ina time saving tasks and activities, because you already have a ready and easyto use admin panel. On the other hand, for the NoCode community, StationDB offers them acomplete solution regarding their database.


With StationDB, you can:

●      View

Simplify the way you view your data byeffortlessly connecting to any major SQL database. StationDB’s user-friendlyinterface allows for a clear visualization of all tables and fields in yourdata source, making it easier than ever before to understand and analyze storedinformation.

●      Edit

With StationDB, you can instantly create,revise, or remove fields in your tables without any queries. All of these CRUDactions are simple and available with only a few clicks!

●      Collaborate

Tailor specific permissions to fit the requirements of each profile. Decide which rights should be granted that will best accommodate each member’s department. Not only are these privileges applied to data tables, but also for particular fields for added security and accuracy.

●      Search

Are you searching for specific information? Let StationDB’s powerful search field help! It has a comprehensive database that will fulfill all your needs. StationDB’s thorough search feature can sift through each table and every single field, making it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly.

StationDB Integrations

Currently,StationDB has the following integrations:

–       Zapier

–       Airtable

–       Stripe

–       Make (formerly Integromat)

–       Pabbly

These integrations now enable you to set up automated actions with the best-known programs, making your life easier!

Plans and Pricings

●      Free Plan

This plan is perfect for developers because they can take advantage of StationDB’s incredible offer. Developers can subscribe and discover more about the platform, and experience its features first hand. They will have access to unlimited sources and records with no upfront fees plus 5 integration credits.

With StationDB’s free plan, you can start experiencing the power that comes from having real-time data at your fingertips!

With their free plan, you’ll be able to have access to all features, though limited, but enough to explore and experience the power of the platform.

If things worked well for you, you can always subscribe and upgrade your free plan to a premium plan for a greater experience. However, if you think that this is not what you’re looking for, you can cancel your subscription without any restrictions.

●      PremiumPlan

If you’re a startup, this is the perfect planfor you! Enjoy unlimited sources and records alongside no expiration date withour incredible $17/month per member pricing. Plus, get 100 integration creditsto make sure your data stays up-to-date – all while having an unlimited numberof members on board.

Get started today and take advantage of thisamazing offer before it’s too late!

●      Agency

This plan is perfect for agencies as they can enjoy unlimited sources, records, members and integration credits for just $29a month per member. Plus, there’s no expiry date or extra costs – it’s all included!

And to top it off you even get branded White Label options so that your agency looks professional at all times.

StationDB’s Future

The ultimate goal of StationDB and its team is to be the preferred platform for no-code admin panels, as well as to expand the company by providing a suite of robust tools that can bring limitless opportunities for users with their data.

StationDB’s future product roadmap includes adding new integrations, automate emails directly to the platform, and to also have a consistent design check-up for the platform, to enable users to have a smooth and hassle-free experience navigating through and using StationDB.

Message to the NoCode Community

StationDB was created with early-stagestartups in mind, because the founders wanted to give these startups time. Thefounders acknowledge that at the beginning of every startup’s journey, it isimportant to have a defined stack that can help them and enables them to pushand move forward. Building everything internally is not the way to go. So, ifone wants to focus on the product, they have to find a tool that is already outin the market, that suits them and their needs.

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