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Chatbots have been on the rise for a couple of years and have already faced a wide adoption. It is a new way for businesses to communicate with the world, and most importantly with customers with the help of exploding popularity of messaging apps through the accelerated development of the rise of emerging technologies, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To deliver and scale your customer relationship, No code Journal found another tool for a chatbot is Joonbot. It is a NoCode user-friendly chatbot builder to get more qualified leads, make sales, and speed up customer resolutions. Now, let us know the opportunity to engage with your customer using this NoCode tool. 

Founder’s Story

At first, Camille Franceschi didn’t know about NoCode and wasn’t even familiar with using WordPress. Camille thought that it needed a lot of code for that, but after discovering Webflow, you can do everything without code. It gave her a better understanding of why it is a revolution in a similar space. She was before working in the finance industry and is also attracted to startups. She went through a coding boot camp where she learned how to code, then became a back end developer for a year and built JoonBot. She co-founded Joonbot 2 years ago together with the other founders that are focused on software development, and she handles the marketing and customer relations. Joonbot was able to release its beta a month ago and gained traction to 100 users online.


Aside from chatbot, Joonbot is also a way for users to guide, collect and provide information to your audience in no time. The founders’ target audience of this tool is small and medium businesses, customer service, and recruitment teams. They want people from Product Hunt, and the NoCode community is looking for this kind of product. The user can start to choose templates to build their chatbot. It has a two format widget such as widget to style it on your website and a full badge format to share it with everyone in your network. It is best to build surveys and quizzes, automate verification for the recruitment process, create FAQ bots to provide automatic answers for inquiries, and to collect contact details whoever visits your website. An example she gave is a startup specifically in London wherein visitors of their website ask, “Which city to open?”.  You can personalize your form, build specific conversations depending on previous answers, so when somebody asks a question, there will be a ready-made answer. It depends on which buttons the user clicks on to create different conversational paths. In your account, there is a result tab that indicates the completed and previous conversation from your website. You can also integrate your favorite apps using Zapier, Joonbot’s webhook, or other native integrations. 

After launching its beta, many users are asking why they are not a LiveChat, Camille specified two reasons, first is that they still want to gain more traction who’s willing to pay and engage to start developing it. Another reason is they are not in favor of LiveChat, because you need a human behind the screen to answer and what people expect is for someone who answers quickly. That is one of the cons of it. The founders’ goal for this year is to monetize this tool from subscriptions. As of the moment, part of their plan is to provide a program for agencies wherein the owner can have a team then share the account with the members. Also, her team is working on a lifetime deal subscription offer for its users.


Joonbot’s pricing is similar to its main competitor,, but its system of pricing is unlimited in directions. The prices are different depending on the directions. Joonbot offers a free trial, and other price plans are:

  1. Free 
  2. Essential 

Monthly: 29€/ mo 

Yearly: 24€/ mo plus free 2 months to use

  1. Plus 

Monthly: 99€/mo

Yearly: 83€/mo plus free 2 months to use

See additional pricing details. 

Joonbot helps every stage of your customer journey and your digital assistant for a natural sound conversation with your customers. Camille would like to know how the NoCode community launches a product successfully. If you would like to share your tips on how your product reaches its audience, let us know by tweeting and using the hashtag #NoCodeJournal.


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