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As many NoCoders know, feeling stuck is acommon pain point when using NoCode tools. Oftentimes this results in spendinghours online searching for solutions that can involve rewriting code; however,if none are found, one must opt to sacrifice certain features and accept aninferior product.

Now, you can supercharge your NoCode projectswith Supersparks’ mini apps (“sparks”) that transform Webflow,Airtable, and Bubble!

Their easy-to-use setup process makes it quickto give those tools the features normally only accessible through coding inminutes.

At Supersparks, they firmly believe that theseplatforms are game changers and they can’t wait for you to experience the powerthey have – so get started now!

Supersparks’ goal is to simplify the lives ofnon-coders and let them accomplish more through providing apps, extensions, orplugins that can effectively extend their tools. Their team focuses onapplications for problems they have personally encountered so these solutionsthey provide are highly effective, as they experienced things first hand.

Supersparks’ Founder

Ian Ruta, the founder of Supersparks, waspreviously part of a successful startup as the first hired employee. This iswhere his eyes were opened to how efficient no-code can be.

They’ve built multiple internal processes withWebflow, Airtableand Zapierthat helped them evaluate their early ideas effectively while avoiding wastingvaluable resources.

Through this, their development team was ableto strategically prioritize tasks on the roadmap that posed less risk withgreater potential impact. Prior, he also worked as a Product Manager, offeredno-code freelance services and built various side projects with NoCode.

Ian started the ideation process earlySeptember of 2022, and decided to pursue Supersparks full time by earlyOctober. It took him around three weeks to come up with the branding, name etc.and officially launch Supersparks by early November.

The Idea Behind the Creation of Supersparks

The story behind the creation of Supersparks started during his work at his previous company, which is a startup. They aimed and considered pursuing a certain project, however, this project has a lot of risk and requires them to allocate developers from their roadmap, a little bitless risky, higher potential. Building this project/application will take them around two to three months, so they decided to push for a NoCode route for thisproject.

The application was then built with Webflow, MemberStack, Zapier and Airtable

Supersparks Roadmap. However, despite all of these things, this MVP didn’t end up working out. As a result of unpleasant experiences, he felt the anguish and frustration of becoming stuck while searching for solutions online or struggling to create his desired product due to restrictions and limitations of NoCode platforms.

 Well, not only him, but a lot of peoplenowadays, many developers have been dealing with these issues, as other NoCoders face similar predicaments on a daily basis. Ian realized that there’s a lot of potential to fill some gaps, address limitations through a third-party application.

This inspired Ian to launch Supersparks: aninnovative way to facilitate problem solving for individuals who don’t codewhile also maximizing popular NoCodetools.

Supersparks currently focuses on Webflow and Airtable.

Supersparks’ AppLibrary

Supersparks’ “sparks” are a selection of applications, plug-ins, and extensions that allow you to unlock new features on no-code platforms like Webflow, Airtable, and Bubble. With this comprehensive collection of tools at your fingertips the opportunities for success are infinite!

Here are some of the apps you can find in their sparks/app library:

●     Interactive map with Webflow CMSdata

Transform your website with a dynamic and interactive map featuring personalized markers that show CMS-related data.

This app offers the ability to create aninteractive map with multiple pins in no time. Simply add coordinates into yourCMS, and it’s done! When visitors click or hover over a pin on the map, theywill be able to view dynamic data from your CMS right away. This is perfect forsites that provide directories of locations like retail stores, SEO companiesor other services.

This effortless step-by-step tool offers you acreative and interactive map in minutes! Different from other embeddablesolutions, our application grants you the flexibility to add new locations onyour map conveniently through the CMS. Setting up is as easy as addingcoordinates and essential CMS data.

●     Edit existing records via Airtableform

Give users the ability to modify pre-specifiedrecords without granting them unrestricted control over your Airtable base.

If you’re looking for a way to quickly updateAirtable records after users submit an Airtable form, this extension is theperfect solution. It generates a link that allows people to edit specificfields in their submissions with ease and convenience. All data will be alreadypopulated when they open the form; once they press ‘submit’, their record willbe updated right away! Not only does it simplify updating records, but it alsomakes sure your team can keep track of changes easily and efficiently.

This intuitive tool can help you craft acustom edit form in no time. Simply select the fields that you would like tofeature and make them open for editing. You also have the option of restrictingcertain fields, so they will be visible but not modifiable. After installingour extension, all it takes is one click on your Airtable table’s field link toinstantly gain access to your personalized edit form!

●     Airtable multi-step form

Give your Airtable form a more user-friendlyapproach by splitting it into multiple steps. This is an ideal solution forlengthy forms!

If you’re using Airtable forms, chances areyou’ve experienced user fatigue from having to complete every form field on onepage. This app provides a way for users to breakdown an Airtable form into multiple steps, giving them the benefit of reducedfriction and less overwhelming options when filling out long forms.

Additionally, progress bars encourage peopleto keep going until completion; this is especially true when they have alreadyinvested their time in completing previous steps of the form- even for thosesensitive information pieces.

This tool simplifies the process of creatingmulti-step forms – no coding needed! All that is requiredon your part is to link the base and pick which fields will be included. A stepfor each chosen field will then automatically be created within minutes.

Moreover, you can customize questions orestablish necessary question settings as if you were doing so throughAirtable’s form builder. Furthermore, opting into a progress bar feature allowsusers to visualize their completion status in real time at any given moment!

This platform is designed as a layer overAirtable’s form, allowing for all completed forms to be automaticallysynchronized with your Airtable base. No additional Zapier integration needed!Forms can be easily shared by either embedding it or providing a link.

And to further improve this app’sfunctionality and user experience, they are currently planning on introducingdesign customization and templates as well as the option to have more than onefield per step in the future.

●     Webflow E-Commerce Email Opt-InPopup

Rapidly build your mailing list with uniquelycrafted pop-ups for newsletter subscriptions and promotional discounts.

Acquiring the emails of e-commerce site visitors in return for abargain can be an effective way to create an email list. Not only does it give people motivation to provide their contact information, but also makes them more likely to make a first purchase.

This application allows you to put up Webflow forms as popups on your website and collect details through these form submissions. After they submit the required info, coupon codes from your Webflow project will appear. What’s even better is that you have complete control over how this popup looks by customizing it using the designer in Webflow!

You have the ability to customize your pop up settings, which includes deciding if you want it to be presented on all pages or select ones.

Additionally, you get to choose from three trigger options: exit intent, timer set by yourself, and click based upon user preference.

This amazing app from Supersparks makes creating an option popup for Webflow and customizing its triggers incredibly simple – no coding necessary! In just minutes, you can have everything completely set up so that your site is ready to go.

●     Airtable Sumif, Countif, and Averageif formulas

Leverage criteria range formulas in Airtablejust like you would with Google Sheets or Excel, and experience the same powerfu lresults

This app offers a speedy, hassle-free way toadd Countifs, Sumifs, and Averageif formulas to your Airtable that you wouldnormally find on other spreadsheet tools like Google Sheets or Excel. Insteadof spending hours setting up complex workarounds – which require extra fieldsfor record linking – with this app all you need is the click of a button!

This user-friendly app offers astraightforward method to quickly apply the Countif, Sumif, and Averageifformulas on your Airtable project. Make complicated computations in justminutes with Supersparks’ step-by-step tool!

With Airtable’s criteria range feature, youdon’t need to link records. You can even customize your criteria by comparingan Airtable field or a custom value (e.g., > 30).

Moreover, this formula is automatically addedto each record on the table and its results can be referenced in other fieldswith ease.

Supersparks’ Mission and Vision

Their vision at Supersparks is to become theleading provider of third party apps for some of the most popularNoCode tools in the world. In three years, they aspire to be recognized as thego-to choose for NoCoders when starting new projects; by cutting down time andequipping users with advanced features, their user experience will stand outfrom any other application on the market.

Their mission is to offer assistance and appsto millions of non-programmers across the globe.

Not only do they provide their ownapplications, but also serve as an initial stop for those seeking other NoCodetools that empower their projects without writing code.


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